Wife gets what she has always wanted.

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Then I remembered that the door in our room between the next room was unlatched. I made a quick decision and went to the room next door and knocked. The door opened in a few seconds and as it did, I covered my bare and now very soft cock with both hands. To my surprise, a well built black dude opened the door and when he saw me he said "what the fuck!"

He almost slammed the door in my face but I stopped him, showed him the door hanger and told him what happened, although I didn't tell him that my wife was tied up in the next room with a black vibrator up her pussy.

He agreed to let me in my room through the inner door. As he walked across the room, I couldn't help but admire his body. You could tell he worked out because he was all muscle. He had obviously just got out of the shower and all he had on was a white towel wrapped around his waist. He looked like some kind of stud getting ready to walk on the set of a porn movie. For a moment, I thought again of acting on my fantasy of watching my wife fuck a black stud, but then I knew she would never go through with it.

He unlatched his door and opened ours and as he did, he couldn't help but see my wife lying there on the bed, looking like a slut with the black cock vibe in her pussy, vibrating away. She was really rocking her hips as if she were getting the fuck of her life. Both of us stopped cold, not knowing what to say. And then as if on cue, my wife started to moan "oh god, fuck me with that big black cock, give it to me please, harder, deeper, I love your black meat, fuck me like a white trash whore, give it to me now, I got to have your black cock....please, please fuck me with your black cock now!"

He looked at me and I looked at him and we didn't have to say a word. I knew what he wanted to do and he knew that I wanted him to do it.

Quietly, we walked across the room and he got on the bed on his knees above her and took off the towel. I was shocked. His cock looked exactly like the vibe! It was thick and 10" long with big veins on a shaft that was topped off with a huge, flared mushroom shaped head. For a moment, I was jealous but then I felt my own cock getting hard again and I knew it was now or never.

I said to my wife, "sorry I was gone but I'm back...so you like the black cock"? She said "yes, I love it, I need it, I crave black meat but I need you to fuck me with it!" I said, OK baby and I reached down and pulled out the vibe with one hand and turned it off. I nodded to the black dude and without skipping a beat, he plunged his bare cock deep in her pussy.

My wife started to gasp and said, "oh my god, it feels so real, so good, so fucking good, oh god honey, fuck me with that big black cock!" I said, "yes honey, it feels real cause I got a new black cock for you to fuck". She said, "oh god, thanks, this is the best black cock you have ever got me....so real, so good, god I can't get enough of it....fuck me harder and deeper with that black meat!"

At that moment, I realized that everything they say about well-hung black studs is true. This guy was amazing and for a moment, I felt sorry for my wife. He was pounding her like a jack hammer and I could hear his big, plum sized black balls slapping against her ass with every down stroke. But my wife was taking him to the hilt on every stroke and rocking with him. I could tell that she was having the fuck of her life.

Finally, she started to say, "oh god, don't cum inside of me, don't make me pregnant with your black baby seed"! I knew that she was about to cum and for a moment, I almost told him to stop but I knew that it would ruin her orgasm and his and deep down inside, I wanted him to unload his sperm in her fertile womb. So I just let him fuck away and as she started to cum, I knew her pussy muscles would be contracting and starting the cum milking action that I have come to enjoy so much. He couldn't help himself and as he started to erupt in her, he yelled out, "oh god you have such a tight pussy....that's it baby, milk the sperm out of me".

For a second, my wife froze up but it was too late for her to stop. Her subconscious had already taken over and was doing everything it could to take on his sperm and get her pregnant. She went over the edge anyway and started to scream out "oh god, no, please don't cum in me and make me pregnant with your black baby seed....please", and then she went into a huge orgasm. I could tell by the look on his face that her pussy was contracting and milking all of his sperm into its fertile womb. She rocked and moaned like I have never seen her before.

Our new friend continued to pump her, pushing his seed deeper and deeper in her womb. As he did, I could hear a sloshing sound as some of his massive load, started to ooze out around her very tight opening. I looked down and saw that his black cock looked like it had been covered with vanilla frosting. About this time, my wife said, "take off the fucking blindfold". When I did, she looked down at muscular body and his mammoth cock which had just emptied inside her and she said, " Who the fuck is this ? You let this dirty black bastard bare back my pussy and you know I'm unprotected. fucking untie me now".

As soon as I did, she got up and looked at his massive cock which was starting to get soft, and she looked at me and said, "I hope you like what you saw you bastard, because you have finally turned me into a black cock slut." "From this day forward, you are going to have to find me enough black cock and sperm to satisfy me. But first things first, I need more of this black monster in me." She reached over started to suck and lick his cum and her pussy juice off of his thick cock like it was a chocolate ice cream cone with whipped cream topping. When she had him cleaned up, she told him to roll over on his back. He was rock hard again and his cock looked more like 12" now instead of the 10" before.

She lifted her leg over him and slid down on his pole. I got behind her so could see her take him in. Her pussy opening seemed so tight and small compared to his massive pole. He was so huge, it almost seemed like she was getting fisted.

I watched her slowly lower herself and heard her moan as his thick, mushroom shaped head popped in. At that point, her tight pussy lips were wrapped around his cock head almost like a thick rubber band and it looked like it wouldn't come out that easily. She must have sensed that also and so she started a gentle rocking motion. I could tell that she was using this motion to rub his cock head against her clitty and it was having an effect on her pleasure button.

She leaned forward and fed him one of her perfect tits and he sucked hungrily on her hard nipple while he fondled both of her tits. She looked back over her shoulder at me and said "here it goes bud, watch me take all of his hot black meat in my womb." With that, she leaned back and slowly lowered herself down his shaft, inch by inch. On the way down, she moaned with every inch and said, "oh god, I've never been filled and stretched by a cock like this before....I'm such a slut for big black cock...I just got to have more!"

Finally, she bottomed out and for a few minutes, she stayed down and gently rocked on his pole as if she were trying to get him even harder and bigger. I've never seen her so into a cock but then again, I've never seen her fuck a 10" black cock either.

Then she slowly lifted her ass and slowly made her way back up the pole. By this time, my face was about a foot away from her ass and I could hear a sucking sound, as her pussy grudgingly gave up its prize as she slid up, higher and higher until she got to where his flared cock head was once again locked into her by her tight pussy lips. He reached around her and grabbed her creamy white ass cheeks with his big black hands and pulled her back down.

As soon as she bottomed out, he lifted her up again, ready for the next plunge. By this time, his shaft was well coated with her pussy juice and the remnants of his first load of cum. He continued to move her up and down on his cock until she told him that she wanted to take him doggie, while she and I got in a 69.

At this point, I was more than shocked. Here was my conservative, sexually repressed wife acting like a total wanton slut. I had been stroking my cock while I watched her fuck this stud but I still hadn't cum so I was up for anything she wanted at this point.

So I got on my back and she got above me. She took my cock in her mouth and it felt so good to finally get some of her loving for myself. In a minute, our black stud friend got behind her and I had a bird's eye view once again of him entering her now swollen pussy lips. At first, he had trouble getting the head to go in and so she reached down and grabbed his shaft and guided it in. He started slow and got the flared head to spread her lips enough to allow another invasion of his massive pole. Once he got the head in, he started to rock in short, gentle strokes until she got used to the size again. But in a minute, he was buried in her to the hilt and picking up speed.

Soon, he was pounding her again with long hard strokes and his balls were slapping up against her clitty with every stroke. I moved my head up and tongued her clitty and eventually, I was also tonguing his shaft. It was my first bi adventure and I loved it.

All the while, my wife was giving me an amazing sucking. After about ten minutes of taking his cock in and out from behind, I could tell she was getting ready to cum. But this time, her words were very different. She started to moan "come on you bastard, cum inside me, fill me with your sperm, knock up my fertile pussy"!

That was all it took for him and he began to grunt as he shot another huge load of cum in her womb. As her pussy muscles began to contract and start the cum milking action, I could hear her pussy making a slurping, sucking sound, drawing every last drop of his sperm into her womb. All of this was too much for me and I began to shoot my own load into her waiting mouth. She sucked every drop of my cum and kept sucking and licking my shaft.

As soon as our new fuck buddy started to soften up, he pulled his cock out of her tight hole and immediately, his cum and her pussy juice began to ooze out of her swollen lips into my waiting mouth. It was my turn to eat cum and I was surprised at how good it tasted.

For the rest of the weekend, my wife fucked our buddy, taking him in every hole multiple times. He even invited some of his buddies over and they also fucked every hole and filled her fertile womb with their sperm. I'll save the details of her encounters with his buddies for another story.

And by the way, the maintenance guy came back and this time when I opened the door, I was surprised to see that he also was a black stud. I let him in but he never got around to fixing the latch. I'll save that story for later also.

I'd like to say that ever since that weekend, our sex life has taken on new dimensions, but unfortunately, it hasn't happened. On the days of the month when she is not ovulating, it is pretty much sex, or non sex as usual. But when "that time" of the month comes around, she is a slut for black cock and she can't get enough of it. I spend the rest of the month arranging the encounters but recently, she puts on "fuck me" outfits and goes to bars and picks up the black studs on her own.

This has been going on now for almost a year and she is not pregnant. Like I said before, I am her first husband and I have had a vasectomy. She was always on birth control before we met and so she has never had the opportunity to get pregnant. I'm convinced at this point that she really can't conceive for whatever reason. She doesn't seem to care and neither do I. All I know is that she has this insatiable urge every month when she is ovulating, to get her pussy filled with black cock sperm and I'm enjoying the black cock slut side of my wife.

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He eased his hard cock in my pussy and I melted. I couldn’t believe it didn’t hurt as bad as it did yesterday morning. His dick filled the entire capacity of my pussy plus some. In and out my pussy he went with his 12 incher. “Damn it’s good,” I moaned and returned his sloppy kiss. Just as I got into it, all of a sudden I heard the keys in the front door...