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Wife gets what she has always wanted. reviews

Posted by thom269
made me hard and found myself cuming with her and her black stud. even though it is fantasy would love to do the same with my wife
Posted by Hellknocker
I LOVE U ur soooooooo cool and hot next pic of your boobs and pussy pelesad and yh I have bonner over u and always will do cuz ur soo fucking HOT
Posted by Ian
Nice , I liked it I got hard and shot my load . I need this sept to celebrate our 30th anniversary . I would to sit and watch my wife be fucked by a big black cock . How are you fixed mr black guy.
Posted by Paul
Hey Lyn . Great story , made my cock hard . I really need to get my wife to take a black stud , I'm sure she would love it . Paul .
Posted by David Clark
Yes I watched a black guy fuck my wife and in pregnant her
Posted by Stephanie
I love the story, too long though. I have fantasies about being fucked by a huge black dick almost every day.I have it worked out in every detail, what he will look like, what his body will look like, how he talks, walks, what his dick will look like down to the last big vein and his huge balls. One of these days maybe it will be real. I have 3 black dildos and vibrators. Love these stories in the meantime.
Posted by Stephanie
Forgot to say thank you Lyn, love your story, will have to look for more. Are any of your stories from actual experiences ??? Stephie
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Walt looked down at his aunt, and much to his utter surprise and delight, she leaned forward and took the head of his penis into her mouth and began sucking on it!!!...