Fourth Of July

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My husband has been trying to get me to participate in a threesome with another woman, now I'm not averse to the idea, the problem has been trying to find another girl who turns me on. I've met two so far, one in a restaurant bathroom, she did make my pussy get wet, but she thanked me for the offer and said no thanks. The other I met in a supermarket and when I made the offer to her, she called a fucking pervert and stormed away, so I'm still looking. Our annual Forth of July Bbque was coming up and this year it was being held at Lil and Pete's because they had a swimming pool put in. Lil and I are really good friends, our husbands get along but are not great friends, so Lil and I do a lot of things that doesn't involve our husbands. 

Lil has been thirty or forty pounds overweight ever since I've know her and she has also expressed the desire to fuck my husband and she has told me on a few occasions that she would fuck my husband in a heartbeat if she could. Lil decided to lose some weight over the winter and started going to the gym with me and the results have been spectacular, she has lost forty six pounds and has toned her muscles so much she looks like a model with big tits. She always has had big tits and lucky for her, the diet and gym just firmed them up, without her losing any size, she's a thirty six D with a killer figure now. We were at the gym a few days before the Bbque and when I showered with her it hit me, I'd fuck her in a heart beat now, watching her soap up, I almost came, so I hatched my Forth of July plan.

I came up with a real good plan I thought, try and get Lil close to my husband as much as possible and get her to smoke some weed, as I remembered her telling me she got really amorous when she smoked some weed. I got hold of four joints and was waiting until it got dark and people were leaving to get her to smoke it with me and in the meantime, I put my plan into effect. I let my husband in on my plan and of course he was all for it, he went into the kitchen to help Lil and while helping her, he told her how hot she was, that she made his dick hard looking at her, all things to arouse her. It was working during the day, she kept rubbing her tits against him and one time when he was sitting on the back steps, she was talking to him and damned if she didn't rub her pussy against his leg.

 Twilight came around, Lil's husband Pete was in his usual party state, falling down drunk and Lil wanted to play pool war, a game where a girl gets on a mans shoulders and the couples have a battle to try to knock the other girl off the guys shoulders, or knock the couple off their feet, into the water. I told Lil to use my husband, she jumped on the chance and I watched as she was rubbing the hell out of his neck with her pussy and she never missed the chance to bend over and rub his chest. It got dark, the game ended, everybody was leaving, I got Lil to go to the basement with me and smoke the joints and I knew the weed worked, because after the second one, she hugged me, kissed me on the lips and thanked me for taking her to the gym. We stopped in the kitchen on the way back to the pool, where my husband was waiting without a bathing suit and a hard-on, had a couple shots of tequila, which finished the job the pot started on Lil.

We got in the pool, walked over to my husband and I told Lil my husband was really mad at her, she had a surprised look, asked why he was mad and I grabbed her pussy, telling her that since she rubbed her hot pussy against him all day and left him with a big boner without taking care of him, he was upset. She didn't even flinch when I grabbed her pussy, just opened her legs, so I put my hand inside her bathing suit, grabbed one of her fantastic tits and said that since she was rubbing them against my husband too, it was time to show him the goods. I pulled her suit down around her waist, my husband almost shit when he saw her tits, they are beautiful, he put both hands on her tits, while I kissed her. She kissed me back with a whole lot of passion, so I put her hand on my husbands cock, she wrapped her hand around it, moaned and I pulled her suit off the rest of the way. We were standing in almost waist deep water, so I moved us to knee deep with Lil never letting go of my husbands cock and grabbed hold of her pussy. I was amazed at how good her pussy felt in my hand, I loved feeling her wetness, I loved the feeling of her cunt lips and when I put my finger into her cunt hole, I knew why men went ape shit over pussy, what a feeling. It was really awesome having her her cunt wrapped around my finger and even more so when I started finger fucking her. She had her head back on my shoulder, moaning, I asked her if she would like my husband to put his dick in her and I thought her head was going to fall off, she shook it yes so hard. We moved back into deeper water, I lifted her legs and spread them, my husband put his cock in her, she moaned, “Oh my God, Oh my God, it's big”, then just moaned as my husband stood there fucking her like an animal. 

It wasn't long before Lil moaned she was cumming, my husband moaned and thrust his cock into Lil as far as it would go and emptied his load of hot cum into Lil's pretty little pussy. She moaned again, said, “ Oh it's hot, fucking hot, I'm cumming again” and slumped into my body after she came again. I asked Lil if she enjoyed my husbands prick, she moaned that she did, I know my husband enjoyed her pussy and I told Lil it was time to go to a bedroom and pay me back for fucking my husband. She didn't hesitate to lead us out of the pool up to her guest bedroom, we passed her husband on the way, laying passed out, half on the couch and half off and I knew he wouldn't be a problem as I played with Lil's ass on the way to the bedroom. I took my bathing suit off, got into bed and as I really liked kissing Lil, I kissed her and when I put my tongue in her mouth, she moaned, making my pussy twice as wet. We made out for a few minutes, we were playing with each others pussies and Lil told me to kiss her pussy for her. I didn't even think about doing it, I just got between her legs and kissed my way to her cunt lips. I was on fucking fire, my cunt was leaking like a broken water main and when I kissed her sweet cunt the first time, I came, her pussy was so fucking good, I couldn't get enough of it and I made her cum at least five times. My husband was there filming the whole thing, then he set the camera on a tripod, made Lil get between my legs and he put his cock in her pussy while she ate my boiling cunt. I was already as hot as I had ever been in my life from Lil's sweet pussy and now she was between my legs, eating my cunt while my husband fucked her.

Her mouth felt so good on my blazing hot pussy, that when she put her tongue in my cunt hole, my pussy erupted like a volcano, I shot so much cum into Lil's mouth, she couldn't swallow it fast enough and it was running out of her mouth back onto my pussy. My husband made us change positions after he knew Lil had cum, put me between Lil's legs and fucked my happy little pussy. Men talk about having a raging hard on but that is nothing compared to how my pussy felt filled with a hard cock and my mouth filled with a beautifully hot, tasty pussy at the same time. It really surprised me at how much I loved eating Lil's sweet cunt, but I kept eating her pussy long after my man filled my cunt with his hot cum. I think I made her cum for me at least eleven or twelve times and every time she filled my mouth with her hot cunt juice, I loved it more then the last time she came in my mouth My husband had us do a sixty nine so he could get it on tape, then he fucked Lil missionary style, while I played with her clit, she still had some hot cum left in her, as she came a few more times, then when my husband was about to cum, he put it in Lil's mouth and she swallowed every drop of his cum. 

She was asleep before we even left the room to find our clothes and go home, so I left her a note thanking her for the wonderful time she showed me and my husband. She called around ten in the morning the next day, saying she was coming over and we had to talk. When she got there, she walked in like she always does, I told her that from now on, when she came in she had to take her clothes off and walk around naked. Her mouth fell open, she swallowed, said, “It really happened didn't it, you and your husband fucked me, didn't you”, I smiled and asked her if she would like to see the tape. She yelled, “You fucking taped it, you taped your husband fucking me, Jesus Christ, what the fuck were you thinking”. I smiled again, told her that we now own her and if she doesn't believe me, sit and watch the tape. I put the TV on, sat next to her and of course the first thing to come on was us, naked in bed, kissing and playing with each others pussies, she didn't say a word, was just breathing hard, but when it got to the part where I got between her legs, she moaned and said she thought that's what happened.

I was now rubbing her leg, I put my hand between her legs and she opened them right up, never taking her eyes off the screen. She was making funny little noises as she watched my husband fuck her while she ate my pussy and I took her pants off with a little assist from her. When I got her pants off, I started to rub her soaking wet, hot as a firecracker pussy, but really wanted to taste her cunt again, so I got between her legs and got another taste of pure heaven. She was moaning like a little whore for me, I now had her legs pushed back and in the air, she stiffened up and delivered the sweetness of her hot juice, into my waiting mouth. She was moaning, “Oh God baby, it's so fucking good, eat me baby, fucking eat my pussy baby, eat me” and she came again for me and again. I took her top off, stripped myself, got on my back on the floor and made her sit on my face so I could feel her cum pour down my throat as she filled my mouth with her sweet nectar. I also found out that day that I love to suck on tits with big nipples as my friend Lil loves to nurse as she calls it and made me suck on her heavenly tits for quite a while. We spent the day, naked, in bed and Lil found out she could dominate me very easily, so I spent quite a bit of time, eating her sweet cunt. My husband now fucks her at least once a week, whether I'm there or not, but I sure don't mind as I get her pussy almost daily. Both of our husbands have to travel on occasion, and as it happened they were both going to be gone at the same time, but Lil had to go with Pete because his was for a corporate company dinner thing.

My husband was away for at least four days and being all alone, I did something I had been curious about even before I fucked Lil, going to a lesbian club. I wore a mini, stay up black stockings, silk blouse that showed off my nipples, no bra or panties of course, to see if my husband was right, that I was a cock and pussy magnet when dressed like I was. I wasn't in the place three minutes when a mannish looking, but not ugly dyke asked me to dance. She told me her name was Joann but she just liked Jo, was a few inches taller then me and obviously a bit heavier, so when she took me in her arms, it was kind of like dancing with a man, but she was softer. They played one slow dance after another and after out second dance, she asked if this was my first time there, I shook my head yes, she smiled and said, “You have on a wedding ring, so I take it you are looking for a good time” and before I could answer, she kissed me. It surprised me, but it also made my pussy wet and I kissed her back, she was a great kisser, so good, I almost came. 

We stood right on the dance floor, kissing for at least three minutes, then she grabbed my hand and told me we were going to her place a few blocks away. I don't know why, but I went with her, curiosity I guess, we took my car to her place, which was only a few blocks away like she said. We entered the house, she pinned me against the wall, kissed me, while feeling me up, all over, then she told me she wanted me to do a nice slow strip tease for her. I looked at her, asked her if she was serious and the next thing I knew, I was lifted off the ground, carried to her couch, she sat down, put me over her knee, pulled my skirt up to my waist and said, “At least you had the good sense to not wear underwear” and spanked me. I couldn't believe that being over her knee like a little kid and being spanked on my bare ass could turn me on, but it did, my pussy flooded like a fucking dam had broken. She told me that from now on, when she tells me to do something, I had damn well better do it, or she would leave welts on my ass and then she jammed two fingers into my pussy and I came while moaning loud enough to be heard back at the lesbo club.

She put me back on my feet, told me to strip and I did the slowest, sexiest strip tease I knew how and when I finished, the dyke clapped and told me she knew I was going to be a good little cunt. She told me to undress her and when I pulled her panties off, she had the hairiest cunt I ever saw, she hadn't ever shaved her pussy hair in her whole life and it really turned me on, I had to touch it. I ran my hand through her magnificent bush, my pussy got wetter, she told me to get on my knees and she didn't have to tell me twice, I got on my knees, put my face in her bush and inhaled. I t didn't smell anything like Lil's hot cunt, Lil kept her pussy well trimmed and she powered and perfumed it for me, Jo's cunt had an animal like smell to it and I almost came when I smelled her sexy pussy. I put my hands on her hips and sunk my tongue into her pussy, God I loved the taste of her hot pussy and the smell, I kissed her hot cunt all over, then licked it, put my tongue back in her cunt hole and she came for me, only she came like a fire hydrant being turned on. 

Her cum just gushed out of her cunt, it came out so fast and so much, my face, neck and tits were covered in her hot cum and there was so much, it ran down to my belly and wet my pussy hair. She was moaning and groaning like an animal, pushed my head into her pussy, while telling me to keep eating. I was surprised she could stay on her feet, but she did and totally soaked me again before she had to sit down. While she was recovering, she told me I was a great cunt lapper, the best married fucking lady she ever had and we were going to have a great time together and at the time, I didn't know it meant the next four days.

She took me into the bedroom, made me get in the bed on my hands and knees and told me to stay that way until she got back. She was gone about five minutes, came back in, got on the bed behind me, licked my pussy, I got so wet it was dripping out of my cunt, told me I was ready and the next thing I knew, I was impaled on a big cock. She had on a strap-on and in one fast motion, drove that thing all the way into my pussy. That big cock made me crazy with lust, she was pounding me so hard, she was slapping against my ass and I swore that thing was in my belly. She kept pounding away at my cunt like a machine, she brought me to the edge and over a lot of times, I just kept cumming and moaning like an animal as she gave me the best fuck of my life. I don't know how long she fucked me for, but it was a long, long time and she fucked me until I just about passed out from exhaustion. She wasn't finished with me though, she turned me onto my back, got between my legs, put her “cock” back in my pussy, told me to wrap my legs around her and she fucked me real slow, while kissing me and talking to me. As tired as I was, I got new life being fucked like Jo was fucking me, I just loved having my legs wrapped around her, while she had her tongue in my mouth. She fucked me until I came a few more times, then pulled her “cock” out and made me suck it clean. I looked at the clock, told Jo it was time for me to go home and she grabbed a handful of my hair, said, “Listen you little cunt, you're here until I say you can leave”, turned me over and spanked me again for being a bad little girl and this time it was harder then the first time, but it still turned me on. She told me to get my little fucking cunt ass into the bathroom and fill the tub so I could bathe her, I got right off the bed and did as told.

She made me wash every part of her, including her asshole, with my bare hands and when I washed her pussy, she sprayed me with hot cum, making me moan like a little piglet. She asked me if like being sprayed with her hot juice, I said I did, she pulled the plug to drain the bathtub and told me she had a real treat for me. After the tub drained, she made me lay on my back, straddled me so that her cunt was right over my tits, smiled at me, telling me I was going to love what she was going to do. I was curious as to just what she was going to do, when I felt a hot stream from her pussy, cover my tits, Jesus it really felt good on my tits and it took me a minute to realize she was pissing on my tits. There wasn't anything I could do but lay there as she covered my tits with her really hot piss and when she was finished, I realized I really liked having her piss on me. I was starting to think about what the hell I was turning into when Jo made me stand up and her shower head was one of those removable types, so I stood there as she hosed me down like I was her little animal. 

She scrubbed me from top to bottom, wound up having me bent over holding my ankles as she tried to get her whole hand in my raging pussy. She also made me tell her that I loved having her pee all over my tits and she made me beg her to do it again when she had to piss the next time. She took me to bed, curled up against my ass, held my tits and told me that I was her hot little whore for the next few days and when she wakes up, I had better be between her legs with my tongue buried in her pussy and that she also had a surprise for me tomorrow, I fell asleep wondering what the surprise could be and amazed at how much I loved being Jo's little slut and being so subservient to her. Even more so, I wondered just why I had so much enjoyed her standing over me and pissing all over my tits, I made my self cum, thinking about the whole night and was really looking forward to tomorrow. Stay tuned for part two.

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