Evolution of a Brother and Sister Love - Chapter 2

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I ran my tongue the length of pussy again, but this time I stopped at her clit. I licked and sucked her clit for a few seconds. Then I stuck my tongue inside of her pussy and slowly withdrew it, licking up all the juices on the way out.

Jill’s breathing became more rapid and she began to moan again. “Oh…. That fees …soooooo…gooood,” she half whispered, half moaned. “Don’t ….. stop.”

I licked the length of her pussy and again I stopped at her clit. This time I not only sucked and licked it, I took it in between my teeth and gently nibbled on it. This caused Jill to moan louder and her whole body began to move. When I looked up at her, she had her head back, eyes shut tight, her mouth was open and she was frantically grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples.

After spending a few minutes working on her clit, I started to move my mouth away from her clit. She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled my head tight against here. This caused my lips to mash against her pussy. “Suck my clit,” she shouted. She wrapped her legs around my head “I‘m …sooooo sooooo..…close. Oh,…….. fuccccckkkkk……here …..I……cummmmmmmmm.”

If she had not had such a grip on my hair and my head in a leg lock, I would have never been able to stay on her pussy when she had her orgasm. Her hips were thrashing up and down as well as side-to-side. At her peak of her orgasm, I thought she would pull out my hair or I would suffocate against her pussy. Finally, after a few minutes, her body went limp. I got up and laid a side of her, watching the expressions on her face. She opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. “That was totally awesome.” She said. I do not know if I have ever had a more powerful orgasm.” She rolled on her side and I took her in my arms and held her. We lay like that for a while. It felt great to have Jill in my arms, totally relaxed, her breasts pressing against my chest and her pussy against my thigh.

“Are you ready for the grand finale?” I asked Jill. “I hope you have one more orgasm in you.”

“I’m not sure, that last one drained most of my strength. If I can come one more time,” she answered. “I want you inside of me.”

“That was my thought, too. Since this is your night, why don’t you get on top? You can control everything. I’ll try and last until you cum, I think I can.” Saying that, I rolled on my back and allowed her to mount me. I think this is my favorite position. This one allows the woman to control the tempo and you can lie back and watch. There’s nothing sexier, to me, than watching my dick disappear into a woman’s pussy. That and watching her tits bounce up and down while she fucks you. What a turn on!

“What do you want me to do,” she asked me?

“Anything you want to do, this is your night” I replied.

Jill grabbed the base of my cock, but instead of putting it into her pussy, she rubbed it up and down her wet, moist slit. She was using my cock as a dildo. It felt good. Soon, my cock was bathed in her juices and she was getting heated up again. She positioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her love canal and slowly, she pressed down on me, pushing my dick inside of her. God, what a feeling, she was so moist, my dick slipped in her rather easily. When she had all of me inside of her, she leaned forward and placed her hands on my chest. Then she moved her hips around in small circles, which caused my cock to rub against various places inside of her. A small moan came out of her mouth.

“You feel so good inside of me.” She whispered.

Still leaning on my chest, she quickly raised her hips so that my cock withdrew from her pussy. When my cock was almost free, she lowered her hips, again very slowly. When my cock was totally buried in her pussy, she repeated the action of moving her hips in small circles. This time a longer and louder moan escaped from her throat.

I was really getting hot. Since all of our lovemaking had centered on Jill, I hoped I would be able to last, but the way she was working my cock, I wasn’t sure.

She raised her hips again, but she lowered herself onto my cock much faster. Also, she spent less time rubbing her pussy against the base of my cock. Jill started to really fuck me, she established a steady rhythm and it felt good.

She removed her hands from my chest and sat more upright on my body. “Play with my tits and pinch my nipples,” Jill commanded. I did what she asked of me. The rougher I played with her tits and the harder I pinched her nipples, the more excited she got.

She increased the tempo, her hips were moving much faster. Her eyes were tight shut, her mouth was open and her face had the expression of someone almost in pain. I knew she would not last much longer, which was great because I knew I could not last much longer than a few minutes.

“Pinch …. My…..harder….pinch nipples…. Oh,…. Shittttt…… harder………… twist….. them……. Oh…..Goddddd. ….yesssssss….more….more…………” Jill moaned while bouncing up and down on me.

“That was too much for me. “”Here I come” was all I could say. I shot my first wad of cum deep into her. That seemed to throw her into a frenzy. She was bouncing so hard, that if I was not in the throes of an orgasm, I would have been scared she would damage my equipment. But I was coming so hard that I didn’t feel frightened. I tried to meet her downward thrusts with upward thrusts of my own, but it was too difficult. I shot two or three more hot spunk into her pussy. “Here take this,” I shouted. “Fuck, I’m shooting deep your pussy,” I yelled.

That sent her over the edge. Her hips were bouncing all over the place. I had to hold on for dear life, so my cock wouldn’t slip out of her. “Yesssssss……… yessssssssss. Oooooohhhhhh ……fuuuucccckkkkkk ……yeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss.” And then she collapsed on my chest. Both of us were spent We stayed like that for a few minutes, until Jill rolled off of me, mumbling “hot…too….hot…….can’t….. breathe…..”

I don’t know how long we lay there, like that; hardly moving, each of us recovering from our own orgasm. I was so spent, I could not move. I vaguely remember me moaning and saying how great it was, but nothing else. Finally, I managed to move my head; my arms and legs still were still useless. I looked over at Jill and discovered she was staring at me.

“That was awesome,” she said. “I could see you enjoyed yourself.”

“Jill, honey, that was tremendous. It was a very intense orgasm. I don’t know if I ever came any harder than that. The only time I may have had a more intense orgasm was the first time Sally and I made love.”

“You have never reacted that way with just me. I guess that means you really do love me. I better get something to clean you up.” Jill got off the bed and went into the bathroom. She emerged a few minutes later carrying a washcloth and towel. She wiped my balls and dick with the hot, moist, washcloth; boy did it feel good. She dried me with the towel and then snuggled up next to me.

“That was amazing. Thank you for my evening.” Jill said to me. “Wait until you see what I have planned for you tomorrow. We both better get some sleep, because we are going to need all of our strength to make it through tomorrow. Goodnight my love. I love you so much,” and then Jill kissed me.

“I love you too.” I replied. “I can’t wait until tomorrow. Sleep good my love, pleasant dreams.” We fell a sleep in each other’s arms. I awoke several times during the night only to find Jill was still lying tight against me, it did feel good.

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