Evolution of a Brother and Sister Love - Chapter 2

(Part 2 from 4)

Jill and I walked hand in hand, like two lovers, back to our motel. It was a little after six O’clock when we got into our room. Since we were both hungry, we quickly took showers and washed the salt off our skin. We got dressed quickly and left to find a good seafood restaurant. What a great dinner we enjoyed. Jill had crab imperial and I had a two-pound lobster. The food was excellent and Jill was simply radiant. After dinner, we went back to the motel, instead of going out on the town. We both wanted to get back to our room. On the way back to the motel, I stopped at a liquor store and bought a bottle of Moet-Chandon White Star, I wanted to celebrate this evening properly.

Upon entering our room, I took Jill in my arms and gave her a long, passionate, open mouth, tongue-probing kiss. “I wanted to do that ever since we got back from the beach,” I told Jill. “I knew I could not do it before dinner, we would have never left the room.”

Jill laughed, “You are right about that.”

“I wanted to kiss you at dinner, but they would have thrown us out of the restaurant “ We both laughed, knowing it was true. I opened the champagne and poured two glasses. “Jill, I know this sounds corny, but I have to say it, I truly love you.”

“I know you do Ken and I love you too,” replied Jill.

“No, I mean really love you. When we arrived at this idea, it had one purpose, to enable Sally and me as well as, you and Stan to stay together. All we really cared about was to be with our siblings. We wanted to find a couple with which we were compatible. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find someone who I truly love. I mean love as much as I love Sally. So here’s my toast to the woman I love and with whom I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life.”

Jill started to cry. “I am so glad you said that, because I feel the same way as you. Sally and I are so lucky, we have two men that love and adore us, ones that will do anything to make us happy. I love you so much.”

We touched our glasses, intertwined our arms and drank our champagne together while looking into each other’s eyes. I have never been so happy in all my life. I set my glass down and took Jill in my arms and kissed her. My fingers began to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Jill grabbed my hand and pulled it away from her. “Wait, I have something special to wear for this occasion. Get undressed, dim the lights and sit on the bed, I’ll be right out.” She picked up her overnight bag and went into the bathroom. I undressed quickly and sat on the bed waiting for her to emerge from the bathroom.

After what seemed like hours, Jill called from the bathroom, “Close your eyes and don’t open them until I tell you.”

I did as I was told. I heard the bathroom door open and footsteps coming toward the bed, I wondered what Jill had in store for me.

“Alright, open your eyes,” she said.

There stood before me was Jill dressed in the same transparent white negligee Sally had worn the first time we made love. Jill looked beautiful, standing before me. She looked as fantastic as Sally did that night a few years ago.

I looked at Jill, like I had never looked at her before, her eyes were so pretty and she had the cutest expression on her face. The room was so illuminated by light that it made the gown she was wearing almost transparent, just the way the fire did to Sally, when she wore it. I could see the outline of her breasts, with her erect nipples forming two points in the front of her gown. My eyes continued down her body, to her waist and then her hips. They were perfectly proportional to each other, each accenting the others form. Jill saw me staring at her body and did a slow pirouette. This allowed her beautiful, firm butt to visible through her gown.

“Well, what do you think? Jill asked. “Sally wanted me to wear this. She thought you would like it. Do you?”

I did not say a word. I got up from the bed, took Jill in my arms and kissed her. My hands roamed over her body, just the way I caressed Sally’s body that night, over two years ago. I held her close, her breasts mashed against my naked chest, her hard nipples pushing into my chest.

I lead her to the bed and gently laid her down. I kissed her temples and then my lips found her eyelids. I kissed them and hen her cheeks; my lips making a trail as I sought her ears. I sucked and nibbled on her ear lobe. I kissed the flesh below her ear and even behind her ear. The tip of my tongue gently caressed the inside of her ear, started on the outside and working toward the middle until the tip of my tongue was probing the opening to her ear. My lips then moved across her face to seek out her other ear, pausing momentarily to kiss her lips ever so lightly. When I got to her left ear, my lips and tongue made love to it, just the way I did to the right one.

I heard Jill’s breathing become deeper and much more rapid. Her eyes were closed, but her face told me that she was enjoying my attention to her. I continued down from her ear, kissing and nibbling the flesh down to her neck. Then I went kissed her under her chin and finally her lips. When my lips met hers, her mouth opened and her tongue shot out of her mouth and into mine, she was definitely turned on.

As Jill’s tongue probed my mouth my hands cupped her breasts. I felt her nipple getting even harder as I massaged her breasts and rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. Jill’s tongue, suddenly, relaxed and withdrew from my mouth. Her mouth opened wider as she stopped kissing me and her head went backward as her chest rose to push against my fingers.

“Harder,” she moaned. “Harder, pinch my nipples harder. God, that feels soooo good.”

As I did what was demanded of me, I looked at her face. Her eyes were tightly shut, her mouth was open and there was a look of sexual bliss upon her face. The harder I rubbed her tits and pinched her nipples, the more she arched her back and pushed her tits up into my hands. In the next instant her body went rigid and shuttered slightly. Her facial muscles twitched and strained for a few seconds, a loud moan escaped from her throat and then her whole body relaxed.

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