Evolution of a Brother and Sister Love - Chapter 2

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Note : This story is completely fictional!!!

All parties agreed, I would marry Jill, Stan’s sister, and he would marry Sally, my sister. We would have a double wedding, go together on our honeymoon and live together in a duplex or adjoining townhouses. With a few secret modifications to the townhouses, we could have secret doors so that I could still live with my sister and Stan could live with his. We also found out that the four of us were very compatible; especially sexually. We enjoyed getting together for a steamy foursome. This was going to be a good life, better than any of us had ever hoped it would be.

Spring break was the first time the four of us were back home together. That is when phase two of my plan would start. The plan was simple; Stan and I would meet, accidentally of course, I’d invite him to my house, where surprise, he would met Sally. He would compliment her on her beauty and then ask her to go to the movies. Sally would explain, she would love to go, but she had promised me, her brother, that she would go out with me. I, being the gentleman, would offer to let her go with Stan and not worry about me. Stan would come up with the idea of his sister Jill, going with me. We would double date. Our parents would be so happy that we had found dates.

It worked like a charm. Before long, both sets of parents were commenting on what nice couples we were. We came home from college more than normal just so that we could be with our new loves. When summer came, Jill and I, as well as Sally and Stan were going at it hot and heavy. We would double date most of the time. Both our parents thought it was wonderful that the four of us got along so well together. As summer ended and school started, Sally and Jill cried to their mothers about leaving their only love and going back to school. Little did our mothers know that we were getting together, almost every weekend for some great sex.

At Christmas time, Stan proposed to Sally and I proposed to Jill. We told our parents we would like a double wedding. Stan and I would be graduating this spring, so we wanted to get married this summer. Since the girls had two years to go until they graduated, we would make sure they got their degrees. Stan and I were getting computer degrees and we told our parents we would go into business together. After all, we were best of friends and so were our sisters. Since money would be scarce the first year or two, we would rent a house together. This would keep our expenses to a minimum. Our parents were concerned that we would be seeing too much of each other and could possibly have a falling out. We assured them it wouldn’t happen, but we would come to them for help, if it did. Both sets of parents were very happy, they liked our choice of mates. They knew that we got a long so well together and were happy for us. So the wedding date was set and phase two was proceeding as planned.

Our parents surprised us with wedding and graduation gifts. They decided to start Stan and me into our computer business. Both our parents decided that the one wedding cost less than two separate weddings; they would put that money toward our business setup. Stan and I had already found the perfect area to locate our business. It was about fifty miles from our hometown that would insure our parents would not be stopping by without calling first. That would help prevent them from discovering our secret relationship.

The four of us spent as much time together as we could. The girls helped us by getting our business setup and also looking presentable to perspective clients. We were also looking for a house to rent for the four of us. All the while, the girls were working on wedding plans. The girls and their mothers were the happiest we had ever seen them. They were simply radiant.

But, the closer it got to the wedding, the more the girls were becoming frazzled, the pressure of the house, our business and the wedding was too much for them. Our mothers saw how the strain was affecting Jill and Sally; they suggested we get away from everything for a week and take a vacation. The wedding planning was almost finished and our parents could tie up any loose ends or problems that may arise. We could not move into our house for another two weeks, so we did not have to worry about that. Finally, our business would not open until after the wedding. Since everything was being handled, we decided to take our parents advice and go on a vacation.

Stan and I began planning where the four of us could go on our vacation. “We could go to the shore,” suggested Stan. “We like the ocean and the weather prediction for the next week is very favorable.”

“I agreed with you,” I said.

The girls did not seem to agree with us and they began talking together. Finally Jill spoke up, “Sally and I have a suggestion. We think,” Jill looked over at Sally for support and got a nod of agreement, “we should go on separate vacations.”

“That is alright with me,” I said. “Where do you want to go, Sally?”

“No, not you and me,” said Sally looking at me. “We think it should be Stan and me and you and Jill. After all, we are getting married to each other in three weeks.”

“We have never been alone with our perspective spouses,” added Jill. “ We have slept together, alone, but the other couple was always in the next room.”

“Either that, or we are all in one big bed,” said Sally. “Don’t get us wrong, we love both of you and we enjoy having sex together. However, don’t you think it is about time we,” Sally pointed to Stan, and then herself, “are alone, with each other, for at least two or three days? “

Jill spoke, “I want to be alone with you too,” Jill pointed to me. After all, you are going to be my husband in less than a month. We need to be alone, as a couple.”

Stan and I looked at each other. “What ever you girls want,” said Stan. “I love both of you and I want you to be happy.”

“I think you girls are right, I have not been alone with Jill for more than a few hours. I think it is a great idea. Let us go to the beach, separately of course, for three days and then why don’t we meet at our cabin up at the lake. That way we can discuss how everything went. Plus, we are so isolated up there, we can do anything we want.”

Everyone thought my suggestion sounded good and we took off for the shore for our separate vacations. Stan and Sally went to Surf City, while Jill and I went to Ocean City. They were fifty miles apart, that way we would not run into each other by accident.

Jill and I arrived at our motel in Ocean City and checked into our room. I felt somewhat strange being with Jill alone, without Stan or Sally. I think Jill felt the same way. We quickly unpacked and headed for the beach. Jill looked fantastic and quite sexy in her bikini. It showed off a lot of her charms. Most of the males and some of the females turned their heads to watch her walk on the beach. I felt full of pride; the pride a man feels when he has a beautiful woman on his arm. We had a great time at the ocean, swimming and jumping the waves. We even rented boogie boards and tried our hand at body surfing. We were having so much fun, we did not notice that the beach was almost deserted; everyone had gone back to their motel or their house to get ready for diner.

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