Evolution of a Brother and Sister Love - Chapter 2

(Part 3 from 4)

As she opened her eyes, she saw me smiling at her, “Oh, that was nice,” Jill said. “Just a little orgasm, I like those, too”

“Well if you like the small ones, you are going to love all the big ones you will get tonight. Tonight you are the most important woman in my life. My mission, ” I informed her, “is to give you many more orgasms, each one more intense than the last one, until you can not take anymore and you fall asleep in my arms with a smile on you lips and the most contented look on your face. So lay back and relax, the love doctor is at work.”

Jill looked at me and laughed, “the love doctor?”

“It is an honorary title,” I added.

We both laughed.

“You are so beautiful when you laugh,” I told Jill. “Stan and I are the luckiest men on Earth, we have two beautiful women who love us,” and I gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips.

I began to kiss her neck, all over. I gave her little love bites, while I was kissing her. I kept moving down her neck, kissing and sucking until I reached her generous cleavage. I kissed only the exposed part of her breasts, first one, then the skin of her cleavage and then the other breast. Jill’s breathing was becoming more rapid and her eyes were closed again.

My lips left her breast to follow the strap of the negligee up to her shoulder. I gently slid the strap off her and kissed her shoulder. I then moved to the other shoulder and slid that strap off and kissed that shoulder also. I now had a strap in each hand and I slid them downward exposing more and more of her breasts. Soon, the dark pink auroras began to appear. I quickly kissed one and then the other. This brought a big contented sigh from Jill. I continued sliding down the straps, slowly pulling down the front of her white negligee. Soon, the whole nipple appeared from beneath the white silk fabric.

It was so beautiful, erect and hard. There is something about the way a woman’s hard nipple looks or for that matter feels; it really turns me on, I had to wrap my lips around it. I sucked and bite one nipple and then the other. As I switched nipples, I increased the force of my sucking and biting. I wrapped my hands around her tits and squeezed and messaged them. This was getting to Jill, her moans were much louder, her breathing rapid and she grabbed the back of my head, pushed it against her tits and rubbed my nose and face in her beautiful breasts.

Jill was not the only one turned on, I had a ragging hard-on. I know Jill could feel it through the thin satin cloth. I wanted to rip off her negligee and shove my hard cock into her waiting pussy, but I had to control myself. I wanted to make this last as long as possible. I was trying to give Jill a night she would remember, so I suppressed my urges, for now at least.

Jill began urging me on as she called out commands, “Oh…. Bite my nipples, oh God yes,….shittt…..harder……..bite and pull it….pull on my nipple……oh pinch the other one…..That’s it….oh…. oh….. yess …..yessSSSS…….YESSSSSSSS……. RIGHT THERE……….OH….DON’T…..DON’TTT….STOPPPP…..OH……HERE….I….COMEEEEEEEEEE. OHHHhhhh…hhhh…..hh….h.”

Here body arched upward and her muscles went into spasms. It was all I could do to hold on to her. I did not want to break the oral contact until she came. When her body relaxed, I rolled off of her, I had to calm down too. I didn’t realize but I was rubbing my dick up and down here satin covered thighs and stomach so hard I almost shot my wad on her negligee.

After a few minutes, I had settled down enough for me to continue without the fear of an orgasm. I glanced at Jill, to see if she needed more time. Her eyes were still closed, but there was a smile on her face. She opened her eyes to see me smiling at her.

“Thank you, darling, that was fantastic,” said Jill. “I may be greedy, but I want more. Years from now, when I think about this night and remember what happened, I want to get wet. I want to be turned on just from the memory of it.”

“That’s exactly what I had planned to happen. I want this night to be special for you.”

Jill interrupted quickly, “I want you to enjoy yourself also. I want this to be a special night for you too.”

“Honey, it will be, if everything goes the way I hope it goes The more you come and the more intense your orgasms are, the more intense mine will be. I plan on coming once, if all goes according to my fantasy. However, it will be a tremendous climax. Now, let me remove your negligee.

I grabbed the hem of the silk gown and pulled it up and over her body. Sally helped by raising her butt off the bed. In a matter of seconds Jill was now as naked as me. I looked at her body; she was absolutely beautiful and so sexy, so very sexy. She looked so enticing; I was sure, at that moment, she could make a gay man go straight.

Jill, seeing me taking in her body, did one of those sexy poses that you see in Playboy. “Well, do you like what you see?” She said in a very sexy whispery voice.

“Jill, you are so beautiful and I am such a lucky man.” Saying that I took her in my arms and kissed her. The feel of her naked breasts and their erect nipples pressing against my chest was unbelievable. I always felt that naked flesh against naked flesh is the most erotic feeling anyone can experience. I broke the embrace and kissed my way down her body. I stopped at her tits and kissed and sucked them for a few minutes. Then, I moved lower until my lips came in contact with her navel. I tongued her belly button then I continued to move lower. Finally I reached my destination, her pussy. I could see the moisture leaking out of her lips and running down her thighs and onto the sheet. I had to taste her, right then. I wanted to find out if she tasted as good as she looked. After running my tongue the length of her slit, I had my answer; her juices tasted better than they had ever had, just like sweet, rich, nectar.

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