Best sex slave ever 5

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Once Derek had been released from his bondage and sent to his room for the day, Mistress Samantha regarded Marcie more closely as she knelt submissively before her.

“You are indeed very lovely,” Sam complimented as she reached down and held the slave’s leash so she was forced to look up at her. “Those breasts are stupendous!”

Marcie blushed. “Thank you Mistress.”

“I don’t know how much Hans told you about why you are here, but let me explain it to you so it’s clear.”

“Yes Mistress.”

“First of all, I am the CEO of an IT company.”

“Yes, Master had told me that.”

“And there’s going to be a convention in town next week. In fact the delegates are arriving at the convention hotel today.”

Marcie nodded. “Master told me that too.”

“Ah I’ve always been fond of your Master. I hope you realize how lucky you are.”

Marcie’s eyes brightened. “I do Mistress.”

A knowing smile crossed Sam’s face, thinking about the party she was at once where she actually submitted to Hans. There were few men in the world capable of that.

“Hans tells me that you have progressed quite nicely as his sex-slave.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“But you know, I must find out first hand about your progress. This is extremely important because the reason you are here, is that I want you to be available to any delegate I choose who I think needs some persuasion agreeing with my proposals.”

“Yes Mistress, Master explained that too.”

“That means your body will be used in any manner he or she sees fit. You could be spanked, whipped or fucked.”

Those words penetrated Marcie’s brain meaningfully and she swallowed hard. “Yes Mistress.”

“In addition you will go down on anyone, male or female, who I think would benefit me... but you won’t be intolerably harmed. I will see to that!”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Now,” Mistress Samantha announced as she looked over to the wall where her many implements hung. She pointed. “Go over there slave and retrieve that wooden paddle from the pegboard.”

Marcie looked around to where her mistress was indicating and walked on her knees across the room. Once she had reached the wall, the mistress gave her permission to stand up to take it off the hook. Then returning to her submissive status, it wasn’t long before Marcie presented the shiny wooden paddle to Sam.

“Thank you slave, now get your ass across my lap!”

Having received a number of over-the-knee spankings from Hilda, Marcie thought nothing of it when she immediately obeyed the command. She had to suppress a pleasurable sigh when she felt Sam’s hand touch her soft bottom that was now pointed toward the ceiling. In addition she felt a wetness buildup from coming in contact with her Mistress’s soft thighs. Then Marcie felt the solid piece of wood that had no give to it move round and round on her buttocks. “I must find out for myself how much of a spanking you can take,” Samantha said as she raised her arm. The hard “thwack” landed stiffly and Marcie was suddenly grateful for
all the sessions her Master had conducted recently in his dungeon.

Such spankings like the one she was about to endure had become commonplace. Indeed, Mistress Samantha was quite impressed by the how much the sex-slave could undergo. By the time Marcie’s butt looked as red as Derek’s bow tie, Sam ceased and had her kneel in front of her once again.

The Mistress smiled pleasingly down at her. “Looks like Hans is quite correct with your assessment.”

“Thank you Mistress.”

“But I’m not done testing you yet.”

Marcie replied with resignation. “Yes Mistress.”

Sam then led Marcie by her leash as the submissive put one knee in front of the other and negotiated the distance to the same chains where Derek had received his punishment. Her Mistress told her to stand and like the male slave, Marcie was placed in exactly the same position. Her arms were stretched over her head
and her legs were spread as she hung suspended by her wrists.

“Now my pretty slave girl, let’s see how much you can take.”

Marcie remained silent as she watched her Mistress walk around her gaping form. Then Sam came around front and stopped. Slowly she began manipulating Marcie’s mammoth breasts, concentrating on the sensitive nipples. The slave sighed as she felt the other woman’s palms...Then the sigh turned to a shriek as Marcie
suddenly felt her sensitive nubs being squeezed viciously. She threw her head back and wailed as the steady pain being shot though her being. Mistress Samantha very stealthily had placed a pair of nipple clamps where they were intended. Marcie had indeed experienced these devastating devices before but the sheer suddenness of it startled her.

“Surely you can withstand these metal clamps my dear,” Mistress needled. “For you could experience far worse than this.”

The unrelenting pain had Marcie squirming.

“You know slave, if I find that you can’t take my testing, I will call your Master and inform him that you are unsatisfactory...which I’m sure will not set well with him.”

Only because she wanted to please her Master so much did Marcie steel herself to what was happening.

“If at anytime during our little testing period you feel you can’t go on, just say, ‘I quit’, okay?”

“Yes Mistress,” the sex-slave mouthed agonizingly.

“I will never exceed your limits but we must determine what those limits are, understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“But I have certain standards and you must be able to meet them, otherwise this won’t work. Now your Master expressed confidence in you.”

“Yes Mistress, he told me that as well.”

“Very well then...I presume then that you are not ready to quit.”

“No Mistress.”

The tall brown haired dominatrix smiled lasciviously. “I was hoping you’d say that. Now let’s continue,” she said as she teased a finger down the front of the suspended woman’s body. Between Marcie’s breasts, down to her flat tummy and over her mound to the juncture between her legs, Samantha’s finger moved. She then traced the circumference of the extremely sensitive pussy lips, drawing a pleasurable moan that mixed with the shooting achiness from the tightly clamped nipples. Then pushing her middle finger in, Sam felt for the sensitive clit. Marcie threw her head back again, but this time it was from the pleasant sensation that this dominant lady was giving her.

“You know I have discussed your progress with Mistress Hilda and she described you as one hot little lady,” Mistress Samantha commented as she jammed another finger in the slave’s cunt. “She also told me what a great cunt lapper you are.” Marcie’s breathing became labored. “Don’t come yet bitch, or you’ll get a taste of what my dimwit male slave just got!” Sam warned

Sam then removed her fingers from Marcie’s twat only to jam them in her mouth.

“Here have a taste of your pussy juice.”

“At a girl! Good huh?”

Casually the mistress then walked around to Marcie’s rear and spread the slave’s nether cheeks revealing the puckered anus. Since her finger had already been lubricated by Marcie’s pussy juice it was real simple sliding that digit into her slippery ass. From the way her sphincter gave away so easily, Sam could tell that this part of her slave’s anatomy had been visited many times.

“Looks like Hans and Hilda have been butt fucking you quite regularly, my little slave,” Mistress Samantha commented as she drove her finger all the way in.

“Yes Mistress!” She blurted from the sudden intrusion.

“You might be butt fucked quite often this week my dear. We must make sure you are up to the task.”

Actually Marcie was hoping this test would go on for long for a while, for she rather enjoyed this. Then to her chagrin the finger was removed. But then she felt another bulbous object push against her anus. When the thickness penetrated past her sphincter, she gasped. This dildo was thicker than Hans’ cock, which Marcie had become quite used to. Slowly but steadily Mistress Samantha inched the ten inch plastic dildo in.

“Ahhh!” the blonde gritted.

“Come on slave, you can take it!” Sam urged.

Marcie felt like she was being split in half as the invader slowly but surely filled her rear passage. Then Sam began sliding the dildo in and out, slowly then gradually faster. “That’s it slave, take my cock. Take it all!” Marcie grimaced each time it was pushed farther in, but eventually she became used to it. Then once it was entirely imbedded Mistress Samantha let go of the end and ordered the slave to hold it in and not to drop it out of her ass.

This was an entirely novel experience for Marcie. Neither Hans nor Hilda had made her hold something in her anus before, but she really wanted to please Sam, so she held her sphincter muscles clenched to prevent any slippage. She then walked around front and tugged slightly on the weight that hung between the slave’s breasts, which in turn caused considerable discomfort to her clamped nipples, which drew the expected boisterous response. Then Samantha ambled over to the wall where her row of toys hung. She took down a five foot wiry looking whip. It had six thin strands attached to a smooth wooden handle. Very pliable, the implement’s leather lashes moved with a mere flick of the wrist.

“This should do quite nicely,” the Mistress mouthed with a smug smile as she walked back over to her suspended slave.

Marcie had been whipped so many times, especially by Hilda, that she had grown used to the lash, but now this woman whom she had just met this morning was standing in front of her with a very menacing looking instrument. Mistress Samantha took a practice slice and the strands whistled through the air sending a shiver down Marcie’s spine. Then without warning she whisked all six lashes right across the slave’s ass cheeks. The long haired blonde stiffened and let out a startled yelp.

“Don’t drop that dildo out of your ass slave!”

Marcie held on and waited for the next cut. She didn’t have to wait long, for Sam delivered it right across her back. Marcie threw her head back and yelped but held onto the dildo. The next set of lashes landed on the back of her right thigh. That drew the loudest shriek yet, but then that was matched by a slash to her left thigh. She felt the plastic cock slip a bit but she kept her sphincter clenched.

Mistress Samantha then walked around front and smiled. “You’re doing well my really are quite lovely.” Sam held Marcie by her lower jaw and looked into her eyes. She then brought her lips closer to the suspended woman’s and kissed her tenderly. Despite having her nipples clamped and a dildo jammed up her ass, Marcie felt her love juices flow.

Then Sam stepped back and held the whip firmly. A mere flick of her wrist flashed the six strands across top of Marcie’s left breast. Her shriek echoed around the room, which was followed by another slash to the other breast and another shriek. Then slowly and methodically the mistress flicked the lashes downward, between the breasts, over the tummy to her mound. Marcie’s sphincter muscles held. Sam then lowered the strands until they laid motionless on the floor between Marcie’s splayed legs. Then in one quick upward movement she flicked the strands. When the ends of the leather strands struck directly on target Marcie’s shriek was so devastating that she shook uncontrollably in her bonds and dropped the dildo on the floor. The excruciating
pain in her pussy knifed through her being as she sagged forward dangling by her wrists.

Tears filled her eyes, not only from the tremendous ache but because she’d let the dildo drop out of her ass. The dominant woman put up the whip, walked back, carefully removed the nipple clamps and released Marcie from her bonds. She then put an arm around Marcie’s shoulders. “Come over here and sit on the couch.” Fearing she would be punished for her mistake, the contrite slave didn’t utter a word as she gingerly padded along. Then sitting her down next to her on the leather couch, Sam spoke softly. “I think you passed the test with flying colors, my dear.”

“You mean you’re not going to punish me?”

“No Marcie, not this time. There aren’t many who could’ve held that dildo in her ass while being pussy whipped.”

Marcie couldn’t believe her ears. Relieved, she smiled through her tears. “Oh thank you Mistress!”

After giving her new slave a knowing hug, Sam looked at her. “You may thank me by getting on your knees in front of me.” Complying instantly, Marcie’s face was introduced to the mistress’s open, neatly trimmed pussy. “I hear you’re a great cunt lapper...let’s find out shall we.”

It didn’t take long for Sam to find out how right Hilda was. “Oh yes!!” she shrieked as Marcie drove her into complete delirium with her talented tongue. Breathing heavily, the brown haired dominatrix gently massaged Marcie’s scalp through her soft hair while the slave’s face was buried in Sam’s crotch. “That’s my slave girl. Lick that clit! Oh yes!!” Sam threw her back in utter ecstacy as Marcie’s tongue lapped that sensitive nub. Once the soaring Samantha had shrieked her song of joy, she held Marcie in a loving embrace.

“I think you will work out perfectly, my little slave. Hans is quite correct, you are indeed worthy.”

Marcie smiled wide. “Thank you Mistress.”

To Be Continued...

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