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It’s been a month now since Marcie had become Hans’ sex slave and she grew quite settled into her position. Despite the fact that he used the buxom blonde’s body whenever the mood struck him, he was always genteel and he never exceeded her limits, although they were indeed tested. He had an uncanny knack for knowing just how far he could take her and she trusted him immensely. In fact the tall Germanic gentleman was so pleased with her progress that he no longer required that she be bound to her bed during periods of inactivity. 

In addition Marcie had grown equally comfortable with his cousin Hilda. True, the tall lean lady lorded over the willing slave unmercifully at times, but surprisingly the long haired submissive found it all rather exciting. By now Marcie had grown accustomed to the forced cunnilingus as well as the spankings and whippings.

After the last party in which Marcie was formally introduced to the dungeon, trips down there became more frequent, for her master wanted her to become a highly experienced sex-slave. Hans started her off with a simple over the wooden horse spanking, then gradually initiated her to the other as sundry devices and
implements. She endured a full body whipping while suspended from a set of chains rather well. He even stretched her out once on the torture rack. Nevertheless, she had not yet reached Hilda’s status as that of a well seasoned sex-slave who had also risen to the status of a dominatrix.– Hilda was 90% dominant and 10% submissive.

One thing that hadn’t changed, however, was the morning ritual. Daily, just after sun up Hans would purposefully enter her room for some sort of carnal activity before he got ready for work. One day he’d order her to her knees and force her to suck his cock until he shot his whole load into her mouth. Other days he would flip her onto her tummy, order her to raise her butt and after a few well placed hand spanks, hold her hips firmly and ram his hard manhood into her warm, wet cunt just to get his cock lubricated. That was so he could more easily penetrate her anus, which he would pump forcefully until he buried his seed deep in her cavity. Sometimes Hilda would accompany him and they’d “double team” her– she’d suck one off while being butt fucked by the other.

Moreover, on occasion the dominant duo would invite their friends over in the evening for some fun and excitement, which meant the sex slave got fingered, fondled and fucked.. Most recently there was the time when Marcie was blindfolded and tied spreadeagled to the coffee table in the living room. Friendly conversation and laughter filled the room as Marcie’s body was continually poked and prodded. Fingers penetrated her cunt and asshole repeatedly. Her nipples were pinched and twisted. Dildos were jammed up her sopping pussy, but she was not permitted an orgasm. One person after another would sit on her face. By the time the evening ended she’d lost count of how many of how many cocks and pussies she’d sucked off.

Then one morning after his usual routine, Hans sat on the bed and gazed down at her as she laid there contented. He had a strange look on his face; one that she hadn’t seen before. Politely, she awaited his pronouncement although she wasn’t sure she really wanted to hear it. His piercing hazel eyes gave her an eerie feeling.

“Marcie, you know that Hilda and I have become quite fond of you,” he said softly as though he were talking to a cherished relative.

The blonde’s eyes brightened. “Well thank you Sir. I am honored that you feel that way.”

“Your progress as my sex-slave has progressed quite satisfactorily.”

She couldn’t hide the pretty blush as her wide smile creased her face. “Thank you sir.”

“And,” he said as he paused slightly... “I feel that you’re ready for the next phase.”

Her eyes narrowed, “Next phase Sir?”

“Yes Marcie, I want you to listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you.”

Her voice raised an octave, “Yes Sir.”

“A friend of mine needs a favor.”

Her eyes narrowed again inquisitively, “Yes Sir?”

“My friend is a CEO of an IT. company and there’s going to be a convention in town next week.”

“But what does this have to do with me Sir?”

“There will be IT folks coming in from all over the country and my friend says that there might be some delegates there who need, let’s say, some helpful persuasion agreeing on some proposals that my friend will make.”

She peered up at him guardedly as she comprehended his pointed meaning. “And you want me the persuading?”

He nodded. “I’ve decided to lend you out for a week to my friend so you can ‘entertain’ them.”

Marcie’s face paled at the pronouncement and a disappointing frown appeared. Hans read her mind as he reached out and softly held her chin. “Marcie, if I thought this would harm you, I wouldn’t permit it, but I’ve known this person for many years. You will be in no danger, I assure you.”

“But sir!” She replied in a whiney voice, “I only want to be your sex-slave.”

“And so you are,” he responded with authority. “But as your Master, I claim the right to make decisions regarding your activity.”

A tear showed. “Do I have to?...I don’t want to go to some stranger.”

“Sam is no stranger to me and I know she treats her submissives fairly...”

“She!” Marcie blurted. Thoughts of Hilda flooded her mind.

“Yes... She!” he emphasized with a trace of ire in his tone, wondering if punishment should be given for her rudeness.

More tears showed. “But why me?”

“Because I’ve decided that you could handle it,” he replied resolutely. “If I didn’t think you could I wouldn’t even suggest it. I have full confidence in you.”

Her panic seemed to have been assuaged. “Do you really think so Master?”

“Yes Marcie, and besides it’s only for a week, then you’ll be back here,” he said in a softer tone with a slight smile as he held her hand tenderly.

She showed signs of resignation. “Well when do I have to do this?”

“I will take you over to Sam’s on Saturday morning.”

The long haired blonde seemed relieved knowing her master would be there at first. “But I’ll miss you Sir.”

“And I will miss you too,” he replied while leaning over and giving her a tender kiss on the lips.


Saturday morning came too soon for Marcie. Even though she’d agreed to be lent out for a week, she still had reservations about it, but since she wanted to please her Master, she decided that she would tough it out. After all he did open the door for her to refuse.

That morning Hans and Hilda both made their usual appearances. First, her master sat on the bed, ordered her to her knees, grabbed her firmly by the hair with both hands and forced her mouth onto his rigid manhood. What seemed like a minute later he emptied his entire load as she swallowed furiously. Then it was his second cousin’s turn. Marcie’s face was soon buried in Hilda’s crotch and it didn’t take long for the leggy blonde to shriek her song of joy.

With Marcie’s morning ritual completed, Hilda led her to the shower by her leash, removed the shorter woman’s collar, had her step into the stall, soaped her down, rinsed her off and towel dried her. Marcie was then led back to her bedroom, where she found a pair of red bikini panties on the bed –that was it and nothing else. Marcie knew better than to complain and donned the frilly undies. Hilda then put the slave’s collar around her neck, attached the leash to the o-hook in front and led her down the stairs to the main part of the house where Hans was waiting. Marcie was led to the dining room where she was allowed to eat a full breakfast. “She would need her strength,” she was told.

After that Hans put a robe around her shoulders, led her out to his vehicle by her leash and helped her inside. About twenty minutes later the tall blonde haired gentleman drove onto the grounds of his friend Sam’s residence. It was a large house much like his own and he stopped his two-seater in the circular driveway near the front stoop. Politely, he assisted his sex-slave from the vehicle and led her up the concrete steps toward the front door. Five seconds after ringing the doorbell, a dark haired gentleman dressed in a red bow tie and a matching loin cloth opened the door.

“Good morning, I am Derek, Mistress Samantha welcomes you,” he announced with a toothless smile.

Upon hearing this, Marcie looked at Hans with a mixture of anticipation and fear showing on her face.

“I’ve told you that Sam is a dear friend of mine and I trust her immensely!” He said as his eyes locked onto his sex-slave’s.

Marcie’s voice lowered to almost a whisper, “Yes sir.”

Hans then regarded Derek, who stood a couple of inches shorter than he, with an amused look. “The lady of the house is expecting us.”

“Yes she is,” Derek replied in an official tone. “Won’t you please come in,” he invited as he backed up in order that the couple could enter. As the taller gentleman grasped his slave’s leash he gazed about the vast domicile. “Very elegant indeed.”

Just as he finished those words Samantha Burns entered the foyer with a bright smile. “Hans!” She blurted....”Sam!” He retorted cheerfully. The tall brown haired lady, who was dressed in a black leather blouse with matching miniskirt, rushed into his arms. He kissed her deeply on the lips and held her tightly against him.

“It’s always a pleasure to see you,” he said as he beamed into her eyes.

“And you’re the same dashing gentleman I fondly remember,” replied the lady of the house, who stood a couple of inches shorter than he.

Marcie, who had obediently slid to her knees upon seeing Sam enter the room, waited patiently as the two old friends exchanged pleasantries. Then looking down, Hans introduced her to the regal Mistress. Then doing what she was taught she bent over from the waist and kissed the tops of the dominatrix’s shoes.

“Hans I can see you have taught her well and I wouldn’t have expected anything less,” Sam complimented with a warm smile.

The Germanic gentleman nodded. “I cherish your kind words Sam, but I must say... your butler needs some further training.”

The ire in Sam’s face rose immediately as she glared at Derek, whose face now matched his bow tie. Then she looked back at Hans. “What do you mean?”

“He failed to address me as ‘Sir’,” when we entered. Her response was immediate. She closed the distance between her and her butler and slapped him hard across the face.

“You fucking worm! How dare you embarrass me like that! I’ve taught you better!” Sam then glared at Derek. “Go into the kitchen and get the wooden cutting board!”

Her shamefaced humble servant replied reverently, “Yes Mistress!”

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