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The regal lady looked at her guests. “You two may witness how swiftly I punish my slaves for any indiscretion.”

Hans nodded his approval and pulled on Marcie’s leash, forcing her to look up at him. “You pay attention to this!”

She gave him her undivided attention. “Yes Master!”

Reentering the foyer with the ordered implement Derek handed it to his mistress. “Go lie over the arm of the sofa!” She commanded as Sam pointed toward the living room.

Marcie remained on her knees as Hans led her by the leash. By the time they entered the high ceilinged living room, Derek’s alabaster buttocks was pointed upward over the thick arm of the white davenport. Mistress Samantha gripped the wooden board firmly by its handle and stood over him. “You fucking piece of shit!” She berated him. Her straight brown hair waived when she raised her arm and swiftly brought the flat piece of wood down hard smacking it onto her rude butler’s buttocks with repetitive rigid whacks. The abased young man squirmed and bellowed until his bottom went from pale white to crimson.

Then the tall, dark haired madam looked at her captive audience. “This is only the beginning of this asshole’s punishment!” She snarled. “Last night he did something absolutely unacceptable. Tell them what you did worm!” She seethed as her eyes darted back at him.

Through his agony he managed a remorseful reply. “I came... without permission.”

That compelled confession was met by cold silence at first.

Hans then shook his head. “Totally unacceptable indeed!”

“Despicable!” said Sam with a sneer.

Hans held Marcie’s leash up tight coercing her to look up at him. “You’ve never come without permission have you?”

Her eyes locked onto his, “No Master!”

“Commendable indeed,” Sam retorted while looking from one to the other...”But this fucking cretin here is a total disgrace!” She blurted as she glared at Derek’s jack knifed red assed form.

“Get your ass off that couch and go down to the dungeon and wait. I’ll deal with you later!”

Fearing he would further displease his mistress, the debased Derek obeyed quickly and left the room immediately.

Then Samantha smiled sweetly at Hans. “Now let’s have a good look at your prized sex-slave here.”

“Very well Madam,” Hans replied willingly, and quickly removed Marcie’s robe. He then tugged upward on the leash. “Stand up!” was his terse command.

“She’s very lovely indeed Hans. You’ve always had a good eye for outstanding females,” Sam complimented as she ran a teasing finger around one of the sex-slave’s hardened nipples.

“I value your opinion highly Sam, you know that.”

“And I’ll bet Hilda’s having a ball with her if I know my old friend,” Sam continued as she circled the still bound buxom blonde, eyeballing every inch of her form.

“That she is,” Hans answered with a nod.

The tall brunette then stood directly in front of Marcie and placed both hands underneath the blonde’s 36d’s as if she were weighing them. This in fact did remind the slave of when she met Hilda, who boldly examined her body while she was bound to the bed. Like then, Marcie actually reveled in the feel of another woman’s sensuous touch, as Sam’s hands roamed all over the front of her soft pliant body. “Spread your legs,” was the sultry command as Sam’s hand reached the opening to the soft wet grotto, to which the willing sex-slave was only eager to comply. A single digit traced the sensitive lower lips as Marcie sighed wantonly. It entered the sopping tunnel and found her clit. “OH YES!” her mind blurted. Then slowly and steadily the finger penetrated her cunt until it was fully impaled. The dark haired dominatrix then peered at Hans. “I think she will work out nicely,” as she suddenly withdrew her now soaked finger and licked off the pussy juice.

Hans smiled broadly. “I’m so glad you approve, nothing but the best for you Sam.”

“You may pick up your sex-slave here next Saturday at this same time.”

That was Hans’ cue to vamoose. He kissed and hugged them both a he made his exit.

After Marcie’s master left, the submissive blonde got a better look at the person who would be her Mistress for the next week. She was a good four inches taller than Marcie. Shoulder length straight dark brown hair matching eyes, and long eyelashes along with an aristocratic nose and soft lips made Samantha a very attractive woman. Her breasts were not as big as Marcie’s but ample enough to show off some cleavage. Her lithe long legs with toned thighs and calves made her devastatingly appealing. She also carried herself in a dignified manner that commanded respect, which is probably how she attained the position of CEO of a

Mistress Samantha took hold of her newly acquired slave’s leash. With her arms still bound behind her, Marcie had no choice but to follow the dignified lady. The submissive’s feet sunk into the carpet as she was led through a corridor to a solid oak door which opened to a stairway leading down. A sudden chill hit her
mostly nude body when she was led down the carpeted steps. When they’d reached the landing, Sam pushed open a swinging door to her right. She led her charge into the mostly darkened dungeon, which had halogen lights hanging in the ceiling.

Once Marcie’s eyes adjusted to the darkness she could see a spanking horse much like her master’s in the center of the room. She could see chains dangling from the ceiling. She could also see the kneeling form of Derek, the doorman. He was completely naked, waiting patiently by the chains. His hands were clasped behind his back with his thighs spread while he kept his head down. The mistress led Marcie over to one of the corners of the vast room and told her to kneel facing outward. From that vantage point she could get an unimpeded view of the proceedings.

Samantha then strolled over and looked down at her subservient male slave. “You know why you’re going to be punished, don’t you Derek?”

The brown haired man swallowed hard. “Yes Mistress.”

“You broke one of the cardinal rules here!”

“Yes Mistress, I’m sorry Mistress.”

“Your contrition is admirable slave, but not enough to abort your punishment!”

He kept his eyes lowered. “Yes Mistress.”

“Stand up under the chains slave!”

His semi hard cock indicated that he actually was not all that displeased with his situation as he obeyed her terse instruction. After ordering him to holdout his wrists she encircled each one with a smooth leather cuff. She raised his right arm and hooked the cuff to a link in one of the hanging chains. Raising his other arm she completed his suspension and she stepped back to ogle him up and down. His muscular pecs were too inviting to pass up as she ran her hands sensuously all over the front of his body. Then the tall, brown haired mistress ambled over to her toys, took down a spreader bar, and attached it between his ankles which forced his legs wide.

“Now!” She announced with authority as she glared daggers at him. “It’s time to inflict some appropriate chastisement upon the offending part of your body slave!” She accented her statement by slapping his dangling manhood hard. His face screwed up as another slap found its mark. Impulsively, he tried to relieve
the shooting anguish by closing his legs but of course he couldn’t. She then grabbed a handful of his hair and made him wince as she held his face still. “You will learn slave that you don’t do a fucking thing unless I give you permission! That includes shooting your load!”

“Yes Mistress,” the slave replied remorsefully.

Then releasing her grip on his tresses she walked over to her toys and took down a skinny three foot long black leather strap. She strolled back to her suspended slave and stood in front of him. She looked down at his magnificent male part. Samantha then looked over at Marcie. “Remain on your knees and walk over here. I
have an assignment for you!”

“Yes Mistress,” Marcie replied as she put one knee in front of the other and negotiated the distance.

The dominatrix looked meaningfully at her new submissive and pointed to Derek’s cock “See that slave!” Marcie’s eyes followed Sam’s finger. “I want his cock hard! Hans told me what a good cocksucker you are, let’s find out,” she said with a leer.

The sex-slave had to conceal a private snicker. Then Samantha grabbed Marcie by the hair and held her face upward. The sex-slave winced and peered into her mistress’s eyes.

“But he is not to come!” Mistress Samantha warned.

Marcie swallowed hard. “Yes Mistress.”

“If he does you will be punished as well!”

The slave looked directly into Sam’s steely eyes. “Yes Mistress.”

Relieved that Mistress Samantha had released her hair, Marcie neared her mouth toward the maleness that was hanging an inch from her face. Her lips touched it and she heard the suspended man sigh with pleasure. She stuck out her tongue and ran it around the head which caused an even louder sigh while his male muscle
stood firmly at attention.

“Very good slave, now scoot back a bit!”

Heeding the mistress’s advice, Marcie became a spectator again. She watched wide-eyed as the lady grazed the end of the strap against Derek’s hardness. Once again he sighed pleasurably. That changed rapidly as Samantha raised the leather implement high in the air and snapped it down forcefully directly on the top of
her male slave’s penis. Marcie jumped when she heard his anguished utterance. The female slave was so stunned she didn’t react in time and for her hesitation received a slash across her back. “Get his dick hard!” was the succinct command. Despite the searing sting the eager submissive soon had her mouth around the
other slave’s dick, sliding her soft, wet lips up and down the shaft. That did the trick. In no time flat Derek’s cock was once again at full attention. Marcie knew the drill. Once she released his manhood she backed up a bit and watched. 

The mistress smiled haughtily down at her. “Your Master is right. You are a great cock sucker.”

Marcie smiled proudly. “Thank you Mistress.”

Once again Samantha took careful aim and raised the strap high in the air and whooshed it downward. Once again it struck the suspended man’s already reddened cock. His torturous outcry echoed around the walls of the dungeon which caused Marcie to jump anew. He threw his head back and shook in his bonds as the pain
shot through his being. This time however, Marcie was right on the job at hand. Once he had settled down she once again encircled her lips around his cock head. She then licked the shaft right down to his balls and soon Derek’s limp dick was bobbing up and down straight out in front of him. Then backing up she waited for the next slash to fall.

Mistress Samantha changed her tactic slightly. She lowered the ten strands toward the floor between his legs. She then berated him. “You will never come without permission again slave!” Then swinging the strands upward she caught him directly in the balls. His painful shriek filled the room as he jerked and screwed up his face. His manhood went completely limp once again as he sagged in his bonds merely dangling by his wrists.

The mistress then grabbed a lock of Marcie’s blonde tresses and forced her head up. “Let that be a lesson to you! You don’t do a fucking thing unless I give you permission!”

The wide-eyed submissive swallowed hard. “Yes Mistress.”

Samantha then looked at her freshly whipped male submissive. “If that ever occurs again, you will be dismissed immediately!”

“I’m sorry Mistress!” he mouthed painfully.

“In addition, you will not be allowed an orgasm for five days!”

Those words burned his ears. “Yes Mistress!”

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