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"Suck it, Greg!" Barry thrust his cock in the man's face, a perfect combination of shape and size.....and watched as the smooth, Mulatto frat-boy swallowed it's entire length. His mouth was soft and warm, with just the right amount of suction to get him hard. "Now jerk yourself off and save the spunk for your ass." Greg gripped his beef and pumped it like a shotgun; swift, hard strokes while still sucking Barry, until he came in his hand. Barry then pushed him on his back and watched as he raised his legs and smeared the creamy lube between his cheeks. Laying back, he brought his knees to his chest and widened them, giving the larger man easy access to his fuck-hole. "That's it, little boy, raise 'em high. I'm about to pack you so full of meat you're gonna think it was Christmas," Barry knelt, pressing his hands on the smaller man's thighs to hold him steady as he aimed his torpedo and stabbed it home. Moaning, Greg closed his eyes, savoring every inch. He reached down and stretched his ass wider, begging the hairy-chested bear to take him deep Barry fucked him slowly, arching into him with long, even strokes....giving him time to relax and allow the massive organ to slide, unrestricted. He listened to the soft slap of his balls against the smaller man's ass, and smelled the spunk and sweat mingled with the faint scent of cologne. "Fuck me.....fuck me hard..." Greg gasped, already sporting another erection. Barry ploughed into him, "Don't...you....cum....yet...you...little...whore.." He grunted between thrusts. His head fell back as his balls exploded in a heaving spasm...pumping a hot flow of lava deep in the frat-boys asshole. He emptied his load and dismounted, then gorged himself on Greg's cock, deep-throating him until he felt the salty spray of nut-juice in his esophagus.
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This is the third part of the story published earlier. My simple unsuspecting wife was enticed by me and my friend for an unplanned threesome sex and how she enjoyed it...