The Moms and Sons Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

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Ruth Morgan stepped out the shower and toweled herself dry. She slipped on a pair of her skimpiest thong panties and inspected herself in the mirror. At 47 years old she was satisfied with the way she looked. She had shoulder length red hair, and lovely green eyes that betrayed her Irish ancestry. Her breasts were round and full that showed only the slightest hint of sag. Her tummy was still flat and her hips were curvy. She turned around and looked at her ample well-toned ass, which was according to many others, her best feature and her sex asset. Satisfied that she still looked sexy, she playfully slapped her own ass and wiggled sensually. 

It had been six long years since her husband died in an accident. And her grief as well as her worries about her only one son had been too consuming to allow for any possibility of any sexual or romantic contact. Things have settled down now and she felt ready and confident to explore the possibilities. Maybe tonight, when she went out to meet her girlfriends, she might meet someone. She slipped her hand into her panties and felt her freshly shaved lips. At the very least when she got back, she would indulge in another session with her trusty, ever faithful vibrator. Her reverie was suddenly interrupted by the familiar sound of her son entering the house. 

He called for her and announced his presence. Ruth then heard the familiar thud of the bass of the music video channel her son frequently watched. 

Mavion was 24 years old. He had moved back in with her to attend classes at the local college after completing his obligation with the army. Since returning home and starting school Mavion began dating a much older woman. Ruth rarely saw him, but was comforted by his presence and glad that he seemed happy. She was surprised and curious that he was home. He was supposed to be out for the night with his 42-year-old girlfriend.

She slipped on her robe and went downstairs. Mavion was lying on the couch looking very dejected. 

"Honey, what's the matter? I thought you were supposed to be out with Margaleetha tonight."

"Mom, yeah I thought so too. But now, I don't know if I'll ever go out with her again." He barely looked up at her.

"What happened? I thought you and Margaleetha were a hot item."

"Jeez mom we were getting along great, but now damn I just don't know."

"Mavion you can tell me. What's wrong? Did you break up?" Ruth hadnât seen Mavion in this state since the time after her husband's accident. She became very concerned.

"No mom we didn't break up, I ...I just can't figure it out and I don't think I can talk about it. Please don't ask me ok?"

Ruth sat in the lounge chair directly in front of the couch. She reached for the remote and turned the TV off.

"Mavion , I haven't seen you this upset in years," She spoke softly, and willed herself not treat him as a child, "I won't ask you what happened, but I've been curious about your relationship with Margaleetha."

"Are you worried because she's older than me, you know close to your age?" Mavion became very defensive, "I'm an adult mom you don't have to worry anymore!" This was an old point of contention between them.

"Damn it Mavion , I am done worrying. I worried enough about you when you started running around with those thugs after your dad died. And I was certainly terrified when the army sent you into combat in that awful place in Iraq," Tears welled up in Ruth 's eyes, "You're the only family I have now and I care about you and I'm not judging you now so don't shut me out."

"I'm sorry mom," Mavion said with a sigh, "I know you care and I know you're not judging me. I'm just a little confused. As far as I knew Margaleetha and I had good and fun relationship. It's hard to think I may never see her again."

"That's ok honey, I just want to be there for you," Ruth smiled and reached over and gently touched her son's arm, "So tell me about your relationship with Margaleetha."

"Alright, I'll try to tell you as best as I can. As you know she's a bit older than me. And she has an 18-year-old son who goes to college out of state. She's set in her career and I'm still trying to figure all that out for me. So our relationship was really more carefree and not so long term or future focused. I guess what I'm trying to say is that our relationship was based a lot on sex."

"I see," Ruth smiled to reassure her son, "And sex with her was...good?"

"Well actually it was...awesome!"

"Mavion what.â. I mean you're so handsome, and I'm sure girls your age are flocking around you. What made sex with her so awesome?"

"Gosh, um...well for one thing she's really hot looking. She takes care of herself and she's fit. She's really beautiful and you." Mavion flashed his mom a sly smile.

Ruth smiled back at him and with tiny giggle she replied, "That's sweet of you to say that. You didn't have to say that. It's ok I'm not Judging you. What else honey?"

"Unlike the girls my age who are so uptight about things and so worried about what's going to happen the next morning, Margaleetha is and relaxed about stuff, kind of wild. You know she really gets into it."

"Really? You mean uninhibited?" Ruth was becoming very intrigued and she was also happy that Mavion was opening up, "Tell me."

"Gosh mom do you really want to hear this?" 

"Of course honey," Ruth got up and headed to the nearby kitchen, "Let me get us a couple of beers and you can tell me all about it."

Mavion couldn't help but notice his mom's ample cleavage as she arose and her toned legs as she walked temporarily out his sight. Moments later, she returned with a couple of glistening bottles. She handed him one and clinked hers to his and she sat back down and sipped.

"Mavion it's been too long since we've had any time together to talk. Now about Margaleetha, what's she really like?"

"Well I'm not exactly sure how to describe her but one the things that I like about her is that she loves to wear sexy clothes and sexy underwear. And sometimes she likes to show them off for me."

"Hmm, sounds like fun. What else?"

"The way she talks about sex and asks me to do things," Mavion sipped his beer and looked over at his mom. Ruth was looking at him and smiling, "You know, for example she doesn't say making love or bottom but uses you know...the F-word or the A-word."

"Mavion we're both adults here, and it's normal for couples to talk dirty, like fuck and ass." Ruth reassured him, "What kind of things does she like to do?"

Emboldened by his mom's frankness, Mavion continued, "She likes it when I take charge...I mean we aren't into whips and chains or anything like that but she likes it if I'm strong and forceful."

"Sounds intriguing, she likes it a bit rough?"

"Don't get me wrong it's not like she's some kind of pain freak but she would encourage me to make her do things and she's certainly turned on by certain things. The more turned on she gets the more excited that makes me."

"Like what honey, I admit I'm more than a bit curious."

"God, mom I hope you don't think I'm some kind of freak." Mavion looked at her and tried to get some read on what she thought of him.

"Mavion what you've described so far is absolutely normal sex-play between two consenting adults. Anything that two consenting adult do with each other is ok...anything! " She smiled and gently stroked his shoulder. "Its oReeta you can tell me."

"She really likes it when I tell her to do certain things. She really gets into it and her um...dirty talk gets more loud and graphic when I do, it really turns me on." Mavion paused not so sure much he should divulge. He was certainly feeling comfortable talking to his mom. He sure appreciated being able to talk to someone about Margaleetha, especially tonight. He too felt that, as of late, he and his mom had not much of a relationship, despite loving her and caring about her immensely.

Additionally, Mavion was enjoying looking at his mom. Her robe clung to her chest and when she leaned over he could see her generous cleavage and the outline of her breasts. He had always appreciated his mom's beauty, but tonight he actually checking her out. Maybe he was turning into some freak he thought.

"What like anal sex?" Ruth broke his reverie with her gentle voice. She crossed her legs and subconsciously took some satisfaction as Mavion 's eyes glanced at her exposed thigh.

"Well yes, she likes anal sex a lot among other things." Mavion replied with a gleam in his eyes. "I mean I hadn't known too many girls that do."

"I guess you haven't been around that much then." Ruth replied playfully, "Plenty of women like it."

"Do you?"

"Actually your dad and I did that frequently. I haven't done much of anything lately though", Ruth replied with a sigh, " What other things does she like?" 

"I hope its ok to tell you this... but she really gets off on getting spanked." Mavion bit his lip as he looked at Ruth , scanning for any sign of revulsion or disapproval.

"It's perfectly ok, Mavion ," Ruth chuckled. Morosely, she added, "You don't know how much you sound like your dad, sometimes I miss him so much." 

"You mean to tell me you and dad were into this kind of stuff too?" Mavion was truly surprised, "I always saw you two as being so uptight, mom."

"Hardly son. We had great relationship, loving and sensual." Choking off her grief, Ruth quickly changed the subject, "Tell me about you and Margaleetha, you know about the spanking thing. I find that so interesting."

What I am I doing, Ruth thought to herself. Was this some way of reliving old burning memories? She glanced at her son lying on the couch. He was wearing jeans and a tank top. She looked at his strong arms, his broad chest, and muscular shoulders. He had similar features as his dad. She imagined her son spanking some faceless woman as she screamed for him, seeing her late husband in his actions. How she missed so many things since his death and how horny she'd been feeling lately, she mused.

"Mom, she'd sometimes ask me to spank her while we're doing it. A lot of times she'd play these games, like just doing silly things to irritate me or maybe ask me to pretend to be someone like a cop or her boss. Then I'd make her strip and stand in front of me before I spanked her."

As he talked about Margaleetha, Mavion began to feel excited as he usually does when thinking about such things. This time talking about these things to his mom and seeing her sitting across from him in her revealing robe added a different dimension to his excitement. He really wasn't so sure about this, but yet, he didn't want it to stop.

He continued, "It wasn't all about spanking. She was really wild in many ways."

"It sounds like two really clicked. It's a blessing when you can find someone so compatible. Are you ok with telling me more?" Ruth smiled, "I mean it's been too long since we've spent any time together."

"You're right mom, we haven't been spending time together. We once had a threesome."

"Mavion that sounds exciting. Was it with a man or a woman? Oh, Please tell me." On some level, Ruth knew she shouldn't have asked. She was however, intrigued and yes excited about her son's exploits.

"I came over one afternoon and a friend of hers was visiting. At first I didn't recognize her, but she said she knew you..."

"Mavion ! Who was it?"

"Mom it was Reeta Markes..."

"Why that little slut. I haven't seen her in years. Her husband worked in the same firm as your dad. He was always cheating on her. I guess she's finally getting back at him." Ruth laughed.

"Mom, I'm sorry..."

"No, no, no Mavion . Honey, it's ok. I'm not upset, really. It's actually kind of amusing. Go on tell me what happened."

"We ate dinner and drank some wine. Reeta was really curious about us, you know, the age difference and all. She also complained about her husband's cheating.

"Her questions became bolder and wanted to know more about my feelings about Margaleetha and wanted to know from Margaleetha if younger men were really more enthusiastic lovers. Later in the evening Margaleetha, alone in her hallway, told me that her friend was really turned on by me and asked me if I'd like to fuck her friend. Margaleetha thought it would be great fun if we both showed her friend a good time. Reeta was ok looking, slightly chubby but sexy in her own way. I know of no hetero guy who could say no to an offer like that.

"Later in the evening after dinner Reeta started asking us again about our relationship. Reeta asked me if you knew about all the nasty things Margaleetha and I did together. I told her that you didn't seem to have a problem with our relationship. 

"We'd had a couple of glasses of wine by then and Reeta blurted out that she'd wished she could find some younger guy like me to have an affair with and how 'naughty' that would be. Margaleetha then just walked up me and kissed on the lips passionately. She then asked Reeta if she would like to find out what its like first hand, but that it would have to the three of us together. Reeta muttered that she'd never done anything like that before but willing to try. Margaleetha walked me over to where Reeta was standing and directed me to kiss her. Mom, we spent the rest of the night there in Margaleetha's family room just doing all sorts of wild things."

Ruth was surprised by her own response, "I know this may not the proper thing for a mom to say Mavion , but that sounded like really hot time."

"God it sure was. I'm surprised that this hasn't upset you."

"No way you're dad and I had great relationship. We've even had a threesome when we first started living together."


"Yeah it was with an old roommate of mine, a woman in case you're curious. I guess it shouldn't surprise me, but the way you talk about sex, and the things you like, remind me of him so much. I've grieved enough for him and I think I've finally come to terms with my loss. But god, how I've missed him."

"Mom, I missed him too. And I'm sorry about all the acting out I did after he died. I guess the army straightened me out."

"It's ok son. I see now you've turned out ok." Ruth giggled and playfully poked him in the ribs; "In fact you've turned into quite the experienced lady's man, just like your dad."

"So mom how come you're still single? Surely, you must get lonely. And with your looks you can have just about anybody you want." Mavion said as he fixed her his penetrating a gaze.

"Mavion you really think so?"

"Absolutely, my friends always talked about how hot you looked."

" I don't know. Up until recently I'd been too grief stricken and with you gone to Iraq I was too worried. Just recently, I've begun to feel my loneliness underneath it all. I guess I'm finally ready to add some spice to my life, if you know what I mean." She winked at him, "Here, let me get us a couple of more beers."

As Ruth got up her robe opened slightly, revealing a bit more of her bosom. As she straightened it out she noticed with some hidden satisfaction that Mavion was looking at her breast. Then his eyes followed her as she disappeared to into the kitchen.

Mavion let out whistle and explained, "You maybe ready mom, but I pity any guy you set your sights on. He won't be able to resist."

Ruth came with another round of beers and handed him one. "Son you're such a charmer. You say the nicest things."

"Its true mom you look awesome and you're terrific person."

"Mavion you are a very handsome man, and I'm sure any lady, regardless of age would be lucky to have you." She paused a bit to sip her beer, "God, listen to us. Do we sound pathetic or what?"

"What do you mean mom?"

"Don't get me wrong Mavion , it's great talking to you and I appreciate your openness. But here we are a mom and son, trading compliments when we should be out doing stuff. You know, you with Margaleetha and me with, one yet."

"Mom its ok. I really like talking with you, its really nice. As far as Margaleetha goes I'm not sure I'll ever see her again." Mavion 's expression turned sullen again.

Ruth got and sat on the edge of sofa where Mavion had been sprawled out on. "Will you tell me what happened?" She leaned over and gave him a hug. Ruth 's breasts were barely contained in her robe. He spied two lovely globes mashed on his firm chest as he hugged her. Gently, she kissed his cheek. "Its ok honey. By now you aught to know you can tell me anything."

"Jeez mom, I don't know. It's so confusing. I guess I can try to tell you. But I'm afraid of what you'll think." He gently stroked her back as she lay over him and hugged him.

"Mavion darling I'm your mom and I'll always support you no matter what. As long as you're honest with me."

"Ok, it's along story and I can't tell you with you laying like this."

Ruth noticed Mavion s eyes as they were fixed on her bosom. She giggled as she got up. "I suppose this is a little to distracting." She positioned herself on the floor beside his head.

"Sorry mom."

"Don't worry son, its only natural to look when opportunity knocks...I guess I'm a bit flattered." She blushed.

"Its long story so just let me tell it starting from last night." Mavion took a deep breath and continued, "As I said before Margaleetha has a son who goes to an out of state college. Last night she told me he was coming back to town in a couple of days and she wanted me to meet him. I guess he'd been screwing off too much and she felt that I'd be a good influence on him.

"Well later that night when we were fooling around. Margaleetha told me she wanted to play a game with me made me promise that I'd play along. Well, I've never been disappointed in any of her games so I promised her. So she started out by teasing me and that prompted me to be more forceful with her, you know yanking her clothes off, pinning her arms down and forcing kisses on her..."

Ruth interrupted him, alarmed, "She's not claiming you raped her, is she?"

"Mom, this is difficult enough as it is, please let me finish. No she's not crying rape. It was obvious that she was enjoying our little game. Every time, I'd force my self on her she'd stop resisting and kiss me back passionately. She was getting more and more excited as we progressed, which of-course turned me on even more. We went at it for quite sometime both of us getting really turned on by the whole thing.

"Finally when I was inside of her from behind and both of moaning like a couple wild animals, she turned to me said, 'pretend you're my son.' I wasn't sure I'd heard correctly and asked what she'd said. She said, 'Call me mommy. Come on fuck mommy's pussy promised remember...give it to mommy.' She was so turned on and I started playing along which drove over her over the edge."

Mavion paused, took a deep breath and took a long swig of his beer. He looked at his mom. She was sitting on the floor motionless, her mouth slightly open as if lost in thought.

"Mom, are you sorry that you asked to hear this?"

"Mavion that's quite a story, I'm only a little surprised but I'm still sitting here aren't I?" Unsure of what to make of all this yet she urged him to continue.

"Well after we finished Margaleetha asked me if I enjoyed our 'little game'. I replied honestly, that I liked all her games including this one, especially if she enjoyed them as much as she seemed to. As I left last night she kissed me deeply. She said she'd call me in the morning and promised me tomorrow night 'mommy' would do anything I wanted. That was the last I'd heard from her.

"She never called today. Which was so unlike her. If she'd said she would call, she always did. So I tried calling her several times and I couldn't reach her. I became concerned. Later in the afternoon I decided to go over to her house and see what's up. Her car was in the driveway but she didn't answer the door. So I went to the back of the house and the lights were on in her family room. I saw her through the window. She was wearing a garter belt, stockings and pumps. She was taking off her bra and panties. She stood in front of someone who was sitting on the couch. I couldn't see who it was. " Mom, I knew I should have left then, but I just couldn't help myself. It was like I was furious and turned on at the same time. She looked so sexy. She posed in front of the couch like I'd seen her do dozens of times for me. Then the person on the couch got up and I saw it was man. I could not see his face. He moved to her and wrapped her in his arms and they kissed. She slowly dropped to her knees and unzipped him and took him into her mouth. I didn't take long at all and he soon came. 

"When Margaleetha got up they both moved back to towards the couch that's when I saw his face. I recognized him instantly from the various pictures around Margaleetha's house. Mom, it was her son!"

"Oh my! Mavion are you sure it was her own son?"

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