Total Submission 11

    A terminaly ill woman alows snuff to finance disabled son to live in peace...

    Lyndsey's Last Night

    The twisted tale of how Lindsey discovered what REALLY happens at the back room of the Royal Gentlemen's Club.'>>>WARNING<<< Involves Snuff, Horror<<<

    A Brother to Cheer For

    A cheerleader has fun with her cute stepbrother...

    Roses last day

    A masochist lady of senior age, decides on and has a masochistic end...

    A Slut I became

    I did it. Finally...

    The Coin

    Historical BDSM. Three short stories with a slight link...

    Family Fuck Fest

    Father, son, daughter and Mom do it all! Bisexual story.

    Dans le Murs (Part 13)

    Colin returns to Lille and experiences a strange passenger. Interrogation of a novice is a harrowing time for him...

    Urban Mythos

    This is one of My more Urban fantasy meets hard core porn stories. If you like wizards and Shit then feel free to look...

    Urban Mythose redone

    Unfortunately I could'nt alter a significant amount but I edited the grammar and a few mistakes and added just a little more to the story...

    The Sea Change

    How one man and two women are changed by a sexual Hell...

    Nightmare Creatures

    Beautiful model receives an assignment and ends up having unnatural ... orgy with some nightmarish creatures...

    Just a little...

    Married woman just wants a little respect and tenderness. But she gets it from a surprising source!

    Rising Ch.5

    Methaniel and Ahma make a desperate escape from the capitol city...

    The boys from Belteguese : mf fantasy

    They were just an ordinary bunch of guys really, except that they were cloned from a humanoid body found in a fifty thousand year old glacier. And they did have one other thing in common -- whatever or whoever they didn't like just wasn't there anymore...

    Slaver Training-The Auction

    is the story of Slavers and the capture and auction of their prey...

    The masseuse

    As his fingers pressed firmly into her lower spine, she flinched a little as a small stab of pain shot through her lower back, but almost immediately the pain was replaced by a nice soothing warm sensation that seemed to radiate all around the painful area!!!...

    Girl friday

    Lifting her face to reply, Melanie said sweetly, 'You have a lovely vagina, Dee, and I must say, I just adore putting my mouth on your ... organs!!!'...

    Mommy knows best

    Both women were now furiously fingering their buttery slits, and as they neared their climaxes Jill asked, ''w-when he finally fucked you did you ride him!?!'...


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