A Brother to Cheer For

(Part 1 from 5)

100% fiction!

I opened my eyes as I awoke. Sunlight poured in through my bedroom window. I smiled.

It was Saturday, my favorite day of the week. I was able to sleep in, I didn't have to go to any classes, and I was free to go out and have some fun.

However, the best part about Saturday was that it was game day. And I always got to be a part of each and every game.

I was a cheerleader for Southlake University's football team, and it was easily the best thing about going to college.

Our school colors were black and blue, and our mascot was a shore-man. Naturally, every guy that heard of our school, and who knew what our mascot was, referred to the mascot as the "seaman."

I recently transferred to Southlake University, but my previous cheerleader experience, and my ability to perform a variety of stunts, allowed me to get onto the squad right away.

I could hear an alarm clock go off in the room next to me. My stepbrother, Bobby Williams, was awake. I could hear him groan as he hit the snooze button.

My dad recently married Bobby's mom, and we moved into her house last month.

I wasn't used to having a new mom and a new brother, but I welcomed the change. I was glad that my father was happy again.

I missed my friends back home, but I knew that moving was for the best.

I climbed out of bed and stretched, getting ready for what would hopefully be an eventful day.

I slipped off my white T-shirt, tossing it onto the floor. I played with my boobs as I stared at myself in the mirror. I didn't like wearing a bra. No matter what bra I wore, it was always too tight. Having my boobs get held back was not a pleasant experience, especially for a girl with double D's.

I took off my panties, kicking them off my feet and across the bedroom. I stared at my naked body in the mirror and smiled.

Then I walked over to my closet, opened the doors, and pulled out my cheerleader uniform.

I grabbed the top and put it on. Then I took the miniskirt and slipped that on.

The cheerleader top was dark blue with black stripes underneath the breast line. The miniskirt was black with blue sea waves all over it. It was complimented by a black bow, black socks, white tennis shoes, and light blue cheerleader briefs.

I placed a black bow in my short blonde hair and slipped the black socks and white tennis shoes onto my feet.

I held the briefs in my right hand as I walked back over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. There was nothing that made me happier than seeing myself in a cute sexy cheerleader uniform.

I lay down on the bed and prepared to make myself even happier.

I tossed the cheerleader bloomers onto my bedside desk. Then I grabbed a photo album, turned a page, and stared at a photo for a few seconds. As I stared at the photo, I placed my right hand underneath my skirt and began to rub my clitoris.

I moaned as I thought about him. I thought about his cute smile. I thought about his shirtless body. I thought about his fully erect cock.

I screamed as I came all over my right hand. I raised my fingers to my mouth and drank the cum that my pussy had expelled.

No matter how many times I did it, touching myself never got old, and the orgasms that I gave myself were always amazing.

I climbed out of my bed and slipped on my bloomers. I never wore anything underneath my cheerleader underwear. I liked having easy access to all of my pleasure zones.

I was a very horny 19 year-old woman, but when it came to men, and women for that matter, I was a virginal creature.

I was pretty shy, and I had a tough time talking to boys. Cute boys were even tougher to talk to.

I had a big crush on one guy, but I was too scared to tell him. I didn't know what he would think or how he would react.

I had several photographs of him. On several occasions, I would take the time to masturbate to pictures of his body.

Someday, I would tell him. However, I didn't have the courage to do so at the present time.

I grabbed my purse, departed from my bedroom, and headed downstairs.

My stepbrother, Bobby, was eating cereal at the kitchen table. He had a laptop in front of him. I could tell that he was trying to work on a research paper. However, he was putting the paper off in favor of watching some basketball clips online. He was a pretty smart guy, but he was easily distracted.

Unfortunately, it seemed that he couldn't be distracted by a cheerleader that looked like me.

"Morning, Bobby," I said.

"Morning, sis," he replied. "Excited for the game tonight?"

"Always am," I answered.

What Bobby didn't know was that the guy I had a big crush on was him.

"You're coming to the game tonight, right?" I asked him.

"If I can get this paper done," he remarked. "I'm really falling behind on schoolwork, and I need to catch up."

"Oh, come on, please!" I begged. "I'm so nervous, and I could really use the support."

"You, nervous?" Bobby asked. "Since when?"

"Eh, I feel like my cheerleading hasn't been up to snuff recently," I lied. "It would help to have family there. Someone that I know will give me some support."

"I'll try to be there," Bobby remarked. "It all depends on how much I can get done. But I'll try to be there. I promise."

"Can I get a hug for good luck?" I asked.

"Sure," he answered.

I walked towards Bobby and spread my arms as we hugged each other.

I pushed myself against him, deliberately pressing my boobs against him. I hoped that he would notice and make a move, but we got no further than hugging. Eventually, we separated.

"I'll see you at the game tonight," I told him.

"Have fun," he replied, as he sat back down at the kitchen table.

"Will do," I said.

At that moment, I decided to do something desperate. I dropped my purse on the kitchen floor.

"Damn it," I muttered.

I slowly bent over, allowing my miniskirt to crawl up my legs so that my stepbrother could stare at my ass. I took my time as I picked my purse up and off of the floor.

As I rose up, I peeked at Bobby. I hoped he was staring at what was underneath my miniskirt. However, he was looking at his laptop and typing. He wasn't paying attention to me at all.

"Fuck," I muttered.

I stood up and walked out of the kitchen.

Hopefully, I would get Bobby's attention soon. I would be devastated if another woman ever fell for him.

Twenty minutes later, I arrived at the football field that was right outside my school.

I climbed out of my car and headed towards the stadium. My cheerleading coach wanted all the cheerleaders to meet today and have a brief rehearsal before the game tonight.

At that moment, one of my cheerleader friends, Becky Carthrow, approached me.

"Hey, Becky, what's up?" I asked.

"The game just got cancelled," Becky answered. "The team's plane got delayed so the game is being moved to tomorrow afternoon instead. Also, our coach has the flu so rehearsal got cancelled as well."

"Damn it," I muttered.

"Yeah, it sucks," she replied. "You want to come over to my house and chill?"

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