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Work Skills

(Part 1 from 1)

Taking the sheet out of the laminator, just a glance confirmed her sinking suspicions. All spotty and blotchy again, she sighed. Saturday morning, and here she was going over laminating skills, because apparently she “just didn’t get it”, in the words of her boss. She unwillingly carried it back to -------, sitting sprawled out in his office chair, watching her approach with a half smile on his face.

“Let’s see it then,” he said. She reluctantly handed it over. “What is this?” he snapped, “You still can’t do it properly? Do you think I want to be here with you, teaching you the most basic skills? I’ve gone over this with you a hundred times, you can’t possibly be so stupid. Go try again.”

Smarting from the reprimand, she went back and ran it again, with the same results. Looking over it with tears in her eyes, she knew she just couldn’t get it right. “Bring it over,” called ------.

She walked slowly up and hung in the doorway. “Well? Show it to me,” he ordered. Upon seeing the same mistakes, he angrily stood up. “How can you be such an idiot? Why can’t you do this right?” he demanded. “I’m not an idiot!” she yelled, “I’m doing it exactly the way you showed me!”

CRACK! The blow left a stunned silence on her end, with her mouth in a perfect O. “Don’t you talk back to me! You’re lucky I’m even helping such a stupid girl as you,” he raged, while tears welled in her big blue eyes, and poured down her cheeks.

“I can’t believe you hit me,” she sobbed, “I’m trying as hard as I can!” She stood there, her shoulders shuddering with sobs.

Suddenly, he was in front of her, holding her to his chest. “There, there,” he soothed, ”Hush, hush, shhh. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s just frustrating when a luscious little girl is prancing around in front of me all the time, refusing to do what I ask.”

“I am trying,” she wept. Pulling her over to a chair, he sat down and sat her on his lap, with her face in his shoulder. Smoothing her hair down, he murmured, “Shh, shhh, daddy knows. Daddy won’t be so hard on you anymore,” as he stroked her back.

Hearing that, she recoiled. “You’re not my daddy,” she sniffled into his shoulder.

“I am now,” he whispered, and she noticed her bra had come unclasped in back, spilling her breasts out into the semi-sheer shirt she was wearing. He began caressing her exposed breasts through her shirt, rubbing her nipples over with his large, rough, thumb.

“Stop, what are you doing?,” She tried to say, but with her mouth pressed against his shoulder it came out as little moans of contentment instead. “That’s right,” he murmured, “That feels good doesn’t it?” Raising her voice, she said, “Stop, I don’t like this,” but she was so muffled it just sounded like she was agreeing with louder moans. Her body certainly was sensitive, with the neural aftereffects of the slap heightening her every sensation, and her little body was so horny…

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Her nipples stiffened under his attentions, and she felt herself pressing harder against his hands. “Oh, you like that?” he whispered into her ear, “I knew you’d be easy…” To her shame, his warm voice in her ear and the rubbing, which had turned to tugging, was beginning to have an effect on her, and she felt her pussy growing damp.

He moved his right hand from her breasts and reached down to slide her skirt up over her ass. She gasped in surprise and tried to tug it down but he grabbed both her wrists in his big left hand, and pulled aside her pretty little thong to slide his fingers between her thighs. Dragging his fingers every so lightly over her shaved pussy, he quietly remarked, “You really are just a little girl, aren’t you? Have you even been taken by a man before?” By this point she really couldn’t control herself, and let out a sweet sigh as he gently caressed her puffy little slit.

“Are you going to be a good girl and not try to get away?” he asked, as he softly petted her. She nodded, and he released her wrists to go back to teasing her hard, fat nipples—pulling them out and letting them bounce back. The hard pinching made her want more, and she rubbed her mound against his hand. At that, he spread her chubby lips open and ran one long finger down her slit. When he reached her pussy, he pushed his finger in deep. She was so wet and so tight, she moaned as he slipped inside.

“My, my, what a little slut you are! So wet for just my finger, and so tight you must barely know what daddy’s going to do to you,” he sighed. “What am I going to do with such a baby? Stand up.” She didn’t want to get off his finger, but he gave her a little slap to get her moving. Startled, she quickly stood, while he remained seated, looking at her calculatingly.

“Now, I want you to kneel down in front of me,” he said, standing up, “And undo my belt. Then unbutton my pants and pull them down.” She knelt and looked up at him, seeing the large bulge in his pants and wanting whatever he would give her. She reached up with trembling fingers and tried to unbuckle his belt, but it took her several tries, until he reached down and pinched her mouth into an O between his fingers. “You won’t believe what I’ll do to you if you don’t hurry up,” he snarled. Belt undone, she quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling them down.

“And the rest of it,” he said carelessly, but with a rough pinch of her cheek. She slowly pulled down his tight boxers, and the massive erection underneath sprang free. “Be daddy’s good girl, now, and take his cock,” smirked ------, grabbing her hair and pulling her up till her mouth met his immense penis. She couldn’t imagine fitting something so large between her lips, but he yanked her hair till she cried out and then pushed his cock into her open mouth. He pushed harder and harder into her warm, wet, mouth, trying to fit all 9 inches in. His fat cock pulled her mouth open till it hurt, and as he forced in and down her throat, tears started as she gagged. ------ pulled out as tears rolled down her face and her nose ran; tipping her face up to him to get a good look, he then shoved back in, thrusting in and out as her frantic little cries did nothing but drive him on.

Her delicious misery was too much for him for long though, and he shortly gave her one last deep thrust as he ripped her shirt and bra off, and pulled out, spurting ropes of hot cream all over her round, exposed breasts. She thought he was done with her and sank down to the floor, trying to wipe away her tears.

“Sit up,” he ordered. “You think I’m finished with you?” he murmured, wiping the last drops of cum across her cheek with his cock, “Daddy has so much more for his little girl. Get up.” She stood, trembling, before him, her blue eyes flashing from his face to the ground. He sat back in his chair and pulled her over in front of him. She stared at the ground, trying not to meet his gaze. “What’s wrong with baby girl,” he whispered, “She though she wanted it, but couldn’t take it?” She didn’t say anything, and he drug a finger through the cum covering her chest. “Open up,” he said, “Open up and taste daddy…” He stuck his dirty finger in her mouth and ordered, “Suck it.” She closed her eyes and tried to pretend it was melted ice cream, and was surprised when she felt a sweet pressure on her nipples. She opened her eyes to find him sucking and biting them, gently. “There now, that wasn’t so hard,” he crooned, as he pulled his finger out of her mouth and slid it up her skirt and under her panties.

She was horrified to feel herself responding to him, even now, and she blushed in her shame. “It’s alright, you’re just a girl; always so easy to stimulate. It’s not your fault,” whispered ----, as he began to slide a finger back into her dripping pussy, with his thumb on her exposed little clit. She pressed against his hand, and whimpered as he rubbed her hard sex. “I bet you’re dying for daddy to play with you, aren’t you?” he said, as he pulled on her breasts with his teeth. She nodded, and closed her eyes, leaning into him.

He stood up and turned her around, bending her over his desk. His cock was hard again, and she felt it pushing against her ass as he rubbed against her. He pushed her skirt up and slid between her thighs, rubbing his thick head up and down her drenched slit. “Oh, please,” she whimpered, “oh, please…” ---- pulled her panties down and spread her legs. Her shaved pussy was so fat, and it was dripping wet down her thighs. The sight of her sticky tits and wet baby slit was too much for him, and he pushed into her tight hole with a groan.

She’d been dying for this moment, and she strained to take his massive pole, quivering with both horniness and pain. “Oh, oh…” she moaned, and then squealed as he shoved fully into her. “Oh Daddy…”

“What a naughty fucking girl,” ---- grunted, “dying to get her slit pounded by daddy”. His dick was so huge, stuffed so deep in her, and the way he was pressing her belly up against his desk all combined to give her the sensation of having to pee. She tried to hold it back, but it began to feel so good, and she pushed her ass back against his hard cock as he thrust into her again and again. Suddenly she couldn’t hold it back anymore, and began to cum. Liquid squirted out of her little slit, pouring down her thighs, as she cried and squirmed under him. Her tight pussy began to spasm and clench, driving him to blow his load deep in her sweet hole. The feeling of his thick pole shooting cum against her cervix and throbbing drove her to cum again as he frantically pumped her ass full. He held his hands beneath her spread legs, and wiped her own juices all over her tight little body, pinching her nipples to encourage her. She squealed at his touch, and jetted still more. Finally, she collapsed under him. He pulled out of her and left her lying on the desk as he pulled his pants back up and tucked his shirt in.

Turning around, he saw her still lying there. “What are you doing?” he snapped. “Wha? I just…”, she looked around, adorably bewildered. “Where are your clothes?” he demanded, “What possessed you to come into my office and undress? Get dressed and get out, you little slut! I know you don’t know much, but surely you know that this isn’t ok!” Looking hurt and confused, she scrambled up and clasped her clothes to her as she dashed for the door. “Oh, and you might as well go home,” he shouted after her, with a glint in his eye, “that laminator’s broken.”

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