Emma's orgasm

(Part 1 from 1)

I never once known what it felt like to get anal sex from girl
But today it all changed
When i met Leona and Shannon !

I know i fancy them at first site and i start feeling wet around my pussy hole
Iíve got to go over and get in there
I am attractive with massive tits the size of balloons and a shaved pussy
i might get the chance to tonight at my 18th birthday party

My party

Every comes but no Leona or Shannon maybe they didnít want me or like me
Then there a ring at the door it them
Hey Emma sorry we late couldnít find your house
We going up to put our clothes away okay yer sure

What they were acutely doing was checking that they had Leona big floppy dildo and to use it on Emma to give her an intense orgasm
Hey again here your present plz open it upstairs with us okay then sure
It feels hard and squishy states emma
Just open it all ready states Leona

Emma opens and find a big black long dildo
What do u think
itís perfect if i had someone to use it with
that why i got it for us three to use it
really no jokes
come on when have i lied to u
never i said
well just us to are sleeping we do it in here tonight
two people are two friends that all that will be here
well we do it know

what know people want to see me for my birthday
emma u have always wanted to my pussy and knows the change what do u say
yes let rock it hard
take of your clothes emma
okay then

emma take of her top and bra and just stands there your thongs to then your see my
okay emma pulls then to see her shaved pussy
i just want to lick it says Shannon
now u Leona take it of all of your clothes so i can see your pussy then fuck me with that big floppy dildo
Shannon now your turn
Emma youíre so fit

I forgot about Shannon for a minute and plunged my mouth into Leona, eager to get her off. She was the first one to have an orgasm, as she physically grabbed my head and made me fuck her with my mouth. I licked her like crazy, making her hips rock up and down until I could tell she was jizzing. She screamed while grabbing my hair, and I felt her wet female juices all over my chin as she came hard, gripping my head with her legs and thrashing all over the sofa. Just as she started to come down from her orgasm, i placed the massive dildo up Leona ass

i gave her ass a hard slap and said "I have faith in you Leona lets go ."

The spanking startled her , it was not just a friendly little tap; it was quite hard and it stung a little. Ahe felt her sink the huge strap on deep into her ass. She was generous with the lubricant, and it slipped in much easier than I had thought it would. She had never had anything penetrate her this good so deeply in her ass. She wanted me to do some more spankings, but fortunately they were not as hard as the first one had been.

I had forgotten about Shannon for the moment, and I was surprised to find her hand reach up and touch my pussy from underneath me. Leona was bent over the sofa, with her face and arms on the sofa and my knees on the floor. Her ass was sticking up in the air being penetrated by my strap on, and shannon was underneath my pussy, playing with it and stimulating my clit while I was getting fucked from behind.

When shannon used her other hand to fondle my tits I nearly cummed on the spot. Leona was being stimulated in so many ways; her pussy, her ass, and now her tits. She pinched my nipples nicely, not too roughly. I was really pumping away from behind Leona , and she was making load grunts and moans as i fucked her ass. Meanwhile shannon had started to finger fuck my pussy. She stopped for a minute, and I felt a bit let down, but then I felt something buzzing on my clit, and I looked down to see a slim red vibrator right on my bare cunt.

I didn't know how a vibrator had suddenly appeared, and I didn't really care how it had appeared out of nowhere; all I knew was that it felt incredible, and I was about to come from shannon hand and the vibrator masturbating me. Leona felt the dildo plunge in her ass even deeper, and she started to really savor the feeling of having her ass stuffed. I let Sophie use my ass for her pleasure while shannon fingered my pussy and vibrated my clit. She turned up the speed a couple of notches, and I thrust my pussy the best I could into her hands. She stuck her long finger in and out of my hole until I felt the orgasm begin.

"Lick my pussy !" I yelled at her harder She eagerly accepted the submissive role, and started to eat me out as I ground my pussy into her face.. I put my knees around her head to emphasize my dominant role, and I told shannon to help me out.

"What should I do?" shannon asked. I thought for a minute about how to really charge up the sex.

"shannon , go wash emma strap on dildo really good with soap and hot water. Then put on her strap on. Lift up her legs in the air, put them over your shoulders, and fuck her big ass hard. Plunge that big dildo into her ass till she can't take it."

I laughed. "emma , I had never had a monster dildo stuck up my ass either until tonight, and I took it up the ass while you spanked me hard. I think you will learn to accept it rather quickly."

"Oh, all right, I will try it."

shannon came back with the dildo, and I told her to go get my vibrator from my nightstand. She didn't have far to go in my small studio apartment, and she reached into my drawer and pulled out a small black vibrator. "No, keep looking, I have a bigger one." Shannon rummaged through the drawer and came out with a long flesh colored vibrator. It was bent to give good G-spot stimulation. My idea was for her to use my long vibrator inside Leona pussy, her own small red vibrator on my clit, and the strap on in Leona 's ass, while poor me was lying on my back eating my pussy.

I explained the plan to both of them , and soon she was doing what I had told her too. It was hard for me to see, since I was facing the other way. Leona lay naked on the floor while shannon sat on her face with her legs around Leona head. shannon started to plunge into Leona ass with the strap on.

"My ass is too tight, I can't take it all!" Leona whined. Tough luck!

"Put some more lubricant on her ass, shannon . I'm smaller than her, and I took it all in me, I "Keep licking me, shannon I ordered her.

She licked my clit, and then she started to rub my bare thighs with her fingernails. This was a nice touch, and I felt slightly bad for being too rough with her. I could tell she was enjoying the role reversal, however, and she lapped up my juices while moaning and groaning.

Leona had stuck my big vibrator deep into Shannonís cunt, and I told her to turn it on full speed. This caused Leona to lick me even faster, and I felt my second orgasm coming soon. Then Leona put her own small vibrator on shannon hard clit and buzzed away. Leona cummed first, eagerly eating out my pussy while she came. I ground my hips on her face and came soon afterwards, gushing out female juices all over her mouth and tongue.

suck my more keep going i want more orgasms
Leona kiss my pussy more okay then
It all ended by me Cumming in Leona mouth and her Cumming in my mouth
That was the best experience ever

Wait until next time there will be more waiting for u
( the girls spend the night in the same bed and decide to head to Leona house for more action)

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