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Mrs. Milton Cuckold.

Story of how a man satisfies his coworker"s wife while the husband watches...

Author : Uncle Davy
Category : Voyeur.
Halloween party with the phantom.

Jamie and Steve attend a Halloween party and have an encounter with the Phantom...

Author : theladycroft
Category : Adult Humor.
The Bet 3 - Bleed for Me.

Third Installment...

Author : BlueEyes101
Category : Lesbian.

"Plumper," Paula thought, "that"s a cute way of putting it, but after thinking it over for a few ""moments, and then while wondering if she"s lost her mind, she heard herself asking who her partner would ""be!!!...

Author : Stephanie Sarg
Category : Fetish.


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Random Massage Parlor Boy Part 2

I was very happy to fuck a girl who is similar virgin, and I just bend her body and placed the cock on her ass and pressed it, it was very tight, as it was her first anal sex, she broke down with tears with the pain of anal sex, she stopped me many time and applied oil many times and tried around 7 times but it was very tight, she was not able to handle the pain so she asked me to fuck her pussy not her ass, I fucked her again for 20 min...


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