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Wife's first BBC

(Part 1 from 1)

So that this story is not so long and mostly boring I will skip the parts of the story where, when and how we met Tom, whom was to be my wife’s first BBC.

We met Tom at a local club as we had arranged with him. We met him there to have a few drinks and to get to know one another just a bit and to have a few drinks to help get some of the nervousness out of the way.

We talked and decided to go to our motel room. After we got to the room, we sat around and had another drink. After some more small talk Tom invited Trish to sit on the edge of the bed with him. Trish barely got seated on the bed beside Tom and he had his hands on her arm and moved in closer and gave her a very hot passionate kiss on the lips. His kissing moved onto her neck and ear lobe area as his hand moved to her breasts. It was not long and Tom worked his hand down my wife’s body and onto her legs. Still kissing and nibbling her neck and ear lobe, his hand worked it way up her short skirt. Once his hand had reached her mound she parted her legs to give Tom access to her mound. This also gave me a great view of the hot action. I could see that my wife was liking Tom’s forward action, as her panties were showing a very clear wet spot. I could tell from the bulge in Tom’s pants he was getting pretty excited as well. I have to admit he was not the only one getting turned on. The more I watched him kiss and feel up my wife the more turned on I got. I especially like watching as Tom work my wife’s panties off to one side and have begun playing with her pussy lips

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Tom slide off the bed and in between my wife’s legs. Reaching up under her Tom began to pull off her panties. Trish moved her hips up to allow no resistance. Once Tom had removed her panties he parted her legs and buried his face into her pussy. Tom’s tongue began to lap at her pussy lips and clit. It was very clear to me that my wife was loving it. Her fists clenched the bed sheets as she moaned with pleasure. My wife loves to have her pussy licked and tongued. So it was not long and she was breathing very deeply and moaning loudly. Then finally she cried out “OH GAWD” “I’M CUMMMMMING”! with that her hips came up off the bed she held Tom’s face into her pussy as she was obviously cumming all over his face.

Once Tom had lapped up all the juice he could get from my wife’s pussy, he stoop up and undid his pants. Pulling our his very hard cock. Which appeared to me be about 9-10 inches. “suck me baby”! my wife did not hesitate at all. She took Tom’s hard cock into her mouth and began sucking him. My wife and I have had several mfm 3somes in the past few years and one of my favorite sex acts is to watch her suck another man’s cock. My heart was beating fast and strong as I watch my wife go down on Tom’s huge black cock. Standing up I took my pants off. Sitting back down I began to stroke my cock.

“Damn that feels so good” But I sure want to feel that hot pussy on my cock. Tom then removed the rest of my wife’s clothes as well as his. He laid her back on the bed. Getting between her legs and parting them he guided his hard cock to the entrance of her pussy. Laying on top of her his cock slide into her. Trish’s moaned loudly as Tom’s hard huge 10” cock disappeared into her cunt. Pre cum had now covered my fist clenching and stroking my cock, as I watched Tom’s ass move up and down in a fucking motion. Tom started out slowly but was not long before he was slamming his cock into my wife’s cunt. After a few minutes Tom moved my wife onto her knees in a doggie position. Getting behind her he began to fuck her doggie. Hearing my wife’s hot passionate moans of pleasure and watching Tom fuck her, was all I needed I wanted in on the action. I walked over to the bed and laid down underneath my wife and put my cock into her mouth. Her mouth on my cock felt so good I began to wonder how much longer I would be able to keep from cumming.

It seemed like only seconds later, my wife gasped for air, her body stiffened and she began to shake and shutter with orgasmic pleasure. When my wife started to cum all over Tom’s cock he held her hips tight against him. Smiling “that’s it baby give It to me”! when my wife had stopped shuttering and shaking with orgasm Tom began to fuck her again. I could tell from the look on tom’s face he was close to filling my wife’s cunt with his cum. And sure enough I was right. Tom froze and grunted as his cock exploded and shot a huge load of hot cum into my wife. That was all I needed and I followed suit and shot my load into my wife’s mouth. The three of us had a brief recovery time. Tom and I fucked my wife again that night at least two more times. Would love to hear comments mail them to me at wildtime2001 [at]

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