Poolside Seduction

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Leaves blew in the forest breeze as a 18 year old girl walked to her home in the forest. No one seemed to bother or live in the forest near the girl, just her and her family. Her black hair blew in the wind as the sun beat down on it. Lily Thompson was a very beautiful girl , with raven black hair and hazel eyes that were bright and lit up a room. 

She had a tanned complexion with an hourglass shaped body. She had a big chest and butt while she had a small waist. She was the typical sweet, kind, and the regular girl-next-door to most people but she had another side to her. She was always wet and wanted a cock inside her. The guys at her high school weren't good enough, not even her boyfriend, David. As she went to her room in the huge mansion of a house. She was what you would call rich, with a 4 story house and a huge backyard. She lived in a clearing of the forest. 

Her parents wanted privacy so they moved to the forest where no one would bother them. Lily locked the door to her room and went to the bed where she pulled out a thick, 9 inch vibrator. David knew about her sexual tension and always tried to release it but still, it wasn't enough. The humming of the vibrator was heard in the room, as was Lily's moans. She wasn't what people would call a slut and didn't just fuck any guy that came to her. When she was about to orgasm, there was a knock on the door. "Lily, is something wrong? I heard some noises in there." It was Lily's mom. Lily was more beautiful than her mother. "I'm fine, mom." Lily replied as she took the vibrator out. 

Still needing sexual attention, she went out to her backyard for a swim. In her bikini, the water soothed the aching in her clit. Her mother had left for her job and her father had gone out, she took off her bikini and layed in the pool naked. That was an advantage in living away from society, there were no peaking toms. The cool water soaked into her clit as she floated around. Adding a finger to her clit, she feverishly rubbed it. She dried off and went to a beach chair, still naked. Although she was already perfectly tanned, she loved the sunlight beating down onto her. Nearly falling asleep, she felt hands on her side. Her eyes snapped open and saw a brown haired guy. He was dark, muscular, and had a sly grin on his face. 

His blue eyes scanned her naked body, pulling her up from the chair. "David, what are you doing here?" she asked as he led her to the poolside. "I just came to see you and found you here." he replied, nuzzling her neck. His hands traveled all over her body as they rested on her breasts. Moaning, she pulled away and slipped into the water below. Emerging from the water, Lily looked around and saw David gone with only his clothes in his place. Arms encircled her waist as somebody kissed her neck. 

Lily moaned as she felt a finger enter her then two,three,and soon four. Her womanhood now stretched out, she turned around and pulled David in for a deep kiss. His tongue entered her mouth and they played with each other. 

David pushed Lily to the side of the pool, playing with Lily's breasts. His cock now hard, he entered her, fitting perfectly. Moan after moan, the water swayed in their movement. Multiple orgasms rocked Lily but David had not reached his climax yet. "Oh, harder. Faster. Deeper!" Lily moaned as David did just that. David's cock spasmed as he buried his seed inside of her. Breathing heavily, he left your warmth and watched as you struggled to breath. "I had fun today." David said, slyly. "It's not over yet." Lily said as she moved towards David. Trapped in another kiss, David moved Lily to the edge of the pool. Spreading her legs, she felt a tongue probe her. 

Gripping the edge of the pool, David's tongue became fully sheathed inside of her. More moans leaked out of Lily's mouth as David's tongue moved inside her. Cum erupted from Lily as David swallowed it all up. Some white sustance dripped into the pool, mixing with the water. "It's your turn." Lily said as she slipped into the water again. David's cock was now fully erected as Lily teased him with her tongue. Licking his cock, he groaned a little and soon the erection was fully inside Lily's throat as she deep throated him. Bobbing up and down, she sucked David dry as he orgasmed inside Lily's mouth. Lily had always loved the taste of cum in her mouth as she swallowed every drop. 

Carrying Lily to a chair, David mounted her and pushed into her. Going harder after every moan, Lily soon got tired of David being in control. She flipped him over which surprised him. You rode him like no tomorrow as he grabbed your hips and forced you to go faster and harder. He orgasmed already but you hadn't yet and as soon as you were about to, it got interrupted when she heard a door slam from the house. "Oh no, my parents. I got to get dressed." Lily said, frantically trying to get her bikini on. "I'll see you later." 

David said and after one last kiss, he disappeared. Lily dove into the water just as her dad came out. "Come in after your done." he said as he went back inside. Relieved, you swam a couple of laps and went inside, waiting for another day of sexual relief.

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