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  • Amanda adventures No1
    Middle class white wife to black cock slut...
    Rate this story, Author : sponge606, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 25-Jan-2011.

  • I had a dream
    Dreams do come true...
    Rate this story, Author : verno, Main category : Swinger Stories.
    Posted at : 19-Oct-2010.

  • House party
    Watching wife get it in friends driveway...
    Rate this story, Author : xxxwatcher, Main category : Swinger Stories.
    Posted at : 05-Sep-2009.

  • Jennie cums to the city
    A young couple from the backwoods discover its more than jobs and white collars that attract people to the city...
    Rate this story, Author : verno, Main category : Swinger Stories.
    Posted at : 17-Mar-2008.

  • It all Started on here
    Id read stories on the net about guys going at it, and ya, it turned me on. But not as much as the bi stories with two guys and a girl, I had to try it...
    Rate this story, Author : porndawg, Main category : Bisexual Stories.
    Posted at : 22-Jul-2006.

  • Saving our marriage
    A couple seduces thier female friend in order to spice up thier sex life and save thier marriage...
    Rate this story, Author : TripleJJJ, Main category : Erotic Stories.
    Posted at : 29-Nov-2003.

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