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Wife and Strangers

(Part 1 from 1)

Long boring drive back to our hometown for a little vacation, so I started teasing her about fucking other guys. She used to be a little whore animal until we started having kids, and as this was our first vacation without children, I wanted to let her know that she could be as loose as she wanted. I knew I finally said the right words when she started pulling her tiny jean shorts off from around her fat ass. She looked fucking fantastic with her saggy tits, fat ass and tight little body.

I told her she needed to start sharing herself as a good whore should, and before I knew it her legs were spread open as she started pulling her shirts off over her head. My wife was now totally naked as we drove past dozens of people. I wanted to pressure her to see what else she had in mind for the rest of the ride and told her I was sure she was only getting naked because it was dark out. She must of really wanted to prove me wrong as she turned on the cabin light. With the light on I had to focus on the road harder but soon realized the little slut had my phone and started taking pictures of herself. I told her, half-way kidding, that she needed to stop unless she planned on sending my friends those pictures. I thought for sure she was too bashful for that, but then I noticed she was actually sending the pics! I said Holy Shit, you fucking whore, you actually sent those pics!? My dick was pressing so hard against my pants, that I just decided to take it out.

She was fucking ready and wanted dick, so she slumped over and started face fucking herself with mine. Her drool started running down my balls, it felt so good. She started shoving my dick into her throat and began to gag. Her gargles got more intense as she was gagging and chocking on her drool. I loved how she was being such a little skank and gave her a couple of surprise thrusts as I started to cum into her throat. Once my cum shot into her she started gagging again. I must of came right on her tonsil because she ended up choking some drool and cum out onto my cock and down her chin and neck. She laid back into her seat and put the cab light back on. I looked over and witnessed her drenched in cum and drool, down her chin and boobs. The slobber was slowly dripping off her tits. Giggling, she took my phone and recorded a little run down of her messy body and sent it to my friends, as if the pictures weren't enough.

I knew my friends were ecstatic cuz they were texting up a storm with my wife. I told her to promise them herself, and she actually did.

We finally got to the hotel in town. I got the key and came back to the car, my wife only managed to get her panties on. Some dude walked by the car and caught an eye full of my wife's messy face and tits. She smelled like cum, it was insanely hot. He walked away doing a double take. She wanted to walk to the room half naked, but I said no, and put my hoodie on her, covering her tits. We took the stairs, and slowly caught up to the stranger from the parking lot. I was feeling bashful at this point and tried to get past the man quickly. Her nipples were clearly visible from the side as we walked past him. The stairs were well lit, and his curiosities led the best of him as he gazed at my wife who had dried cum down her chin and down her breasts. This guy smelled like liquor, and that's probably why he decided to reach out and grab my wife's fat ass on the way through. He must have grabbed it just right because my wife was helpless as she stopped for the man to continue. The drunk man pushed her up against the wall as he put his hands in her panties and his tongue down her throat. Any other day this would have been totally off, but this was the perfect moment. Before I knew it, she was on her knees at this mans mercy as she pulled this fat, long dick out of his dockers, guiding it into her mouth.

The man grunted as he started fucking my wife's face in front of me. A few minutes of this passed until I told her to hurry up and fuck the poor guy. She then put herself on her hands and knees, shoving her cotton panties covered ass into his groin. He slid her panties to the side without taking them off. His dick was glazed with her drool as he started pushing himself into her pussy. The outside door opened two flights down, I knew we were in trouble.

The excitement pushed the drunk man over the top and he busted his large nuts in my wife's hole. He pulled out, cum spilling out in loads all over the step, and ran off up the stairs. I told my wife to get up because someone was coming, but she just lay there like a dumb whore. I was afraid the person coming up the stairs was a kid or an old lady, but as the person turned the corner, I seen another man who was more than happy to see a filthy slut like my wife spread over the stairs. The man was tall and fat, and when he seen this prize of a women laying there, his dick shot straight up. He let out a little laugh of disbelief as I told him to fuck my wife's asshole. I put my hand down between her drenched legs and slid the last guys cum up over her pussy and started feeding it into her slightly gaped ass. The fat man came over and slid his pants down to the floor.

His chubby dick was uncut, my wife couldn't stand uncut dicks for some reason. She looked back at the man's dick with lust and decided to take the uncut dick into her mouth. In fact, she played with the man's foreskin for a good five minutes, licking and tasting this new dick. The man couldn't help it and shoved his dick in her willing mouth and started cumming like a horse. He came more than my wife's mouth could handle as she chocked his cum out all over her tits and my hoodie. She wiped her mouth with her hand and put her cum cover fingers into her cunt. She was shaking like crazy, full of adrenaline and lust. I picked her up in my arms and carried her cum dripping body to the room and put her in bed so she could pass out.

I couldn't believe how loose she just got on the stairs. I felt like I was dreaming.

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