Son finds real mom online

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

I had always been a momma's boy and will always remain the same.Afterall being momma's boy helps in more ways than one.As a starter I always had the pleasure of dozing off with mom cuddling me after school and whenever i woke up I had a hard on, I had the liberty of moving my hands inside moms shirt and innocently carresing her
and I had the pleasure of having my first jerking off with my mom as the tool of my hard on.So all in all you can say I had always a deep desire of getting my hands on her and how I wanted to explore the very hole I entered this world from.

Let me first introduce myself and my mom to you. Iam Raj 25years old, 6" tall guy slim built and working in a software firm.
My mom Pratibha is well maintained 46 year old lady with the body to die for and one that can give those 20 something girls a run for their money.
I stay with my parents or should I say with my mom as my dad is out of town for more than half of the year due to his work commitments.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and mom was not at home neither was she expected back in some time so i logged on to the internet and started chatting on some adult sites(it was more for virtual sex than for chatting).As luck will
have it I couldnt find even a single "horny mom" out there who would love roleplaying with a virtual son until I found her.
Here was a lady whose asl read 46 f india and her first pm(private message) was "hey son got hots for your mom".
That opening line got me a bit double minded as being an indian myself am yet to come across a lady or girl who can come up with such a opening line so I thought it was a guy who was conning me, still I thought about giving it a go and maybe I can decipher with time whether it was a he or a she.
We started chatting and everything seemed quite normal and I believed she was a lady itself and a hot mom from my country.We talked a lot about sexual desires / fantasies and even did a steamy roleplay where she played the part of my mom to perfection.It was a couple of hours already and she was saying that she had to leave now as her son is alone at home and how she wants to see him and asked me to pray that maybe today her son does something and fucks her I asked her to pray the same for me and maybe my mom comes home from wherever she has gone and asks me to lay her down.Dont know what went through her mind but she asked me if instead of leaving each other alone and wondering if our mom/son can do anything would I like spending some more time chatting with her and I jumped and said yes but
said that my mom is expected anytime and if she comes then Ill have to log off.She said thats fine and that she'll call her son and tell him that she wont be home for few more hours.Then I got a call from my mom who said she was at
her friends place whose son is about to get married and that she cant get home for a couple of hours more atleast.I told my online mom that my mom called and told me she couldnt be back for few more hours and we got time for each other as much as we want.
This time instead of doing roleplay/cyber sex/virtual sex we both decided to talk a bit and give each other a peep into our personal lifes and take advices from one another on how to make our respective family members come to us
and have sex with us.
If all these similarities werent enough then when I asked her about her city and she replied with the same city that i stay in i jumped with excitement and was getting the urge to maybe call her home right then and think her to be
my real mom and lay her down.But I decided aginst this and we continued talking for few more moments.We talked about a lot of things and as things started turning out I started growing suspicious that this was my own mom so to
check things I asked her for her email id which when she gave me I was shocked and in a state of daze.Not knowing what to do next I bid adieu to her and asked her to come back in the night and maybe we can have a virtual sex through web cam.
mom came home 10 minutes from that , as I went to open the door and I saw my mom I couldnt imagine that she was the lady with whom I had around 4-5 hours of best online chatting experience I could ever get and who can get so steamy with her virtual identity,I started wondering if she is like this virtually then how is she going to be in reality.
i thought how she through her virtual identity wanted her son to rip apart her clothes and fuck her and if I should do the same right now but I decided against it and thought itll be better if I wait till night and let her see me through web cam and watch her through web cam.
There was a small hitch , we had only one computer and only one web cam at home so it was no way that both of us could log in at the same time.So I went to a friends place who had gone out of town with his parents and I had a
key to his room and logged in from there.
heres how our chat went, my name is son4mom and hers is hornymom4u.
son4mom:hi mom welcome back
hornymom4u:hey sonny boy how is my son doing
son4mom:mommy iam doing great hows that hairy pussy of yours.
hornymom4u:its great son and is waiting for a dick to rip it apart
son4mom:mom i would have done that if i was your son
hornymom4u:yes son i know but you arent my son and my son is dumb boy who just cant see how bad his mom wants him
son4mom:mom how is he going to understand how bad you want him as you told in the morning you never gave him any signals or did anything that could make him realise....
hornymom4u:son if i wasnt dying for him then i would have kicked hiss balls the first time i felt his hard on while he was sleeping with me after school.
son4mom:yes mom maybe he is waiting for some more direct signals and wants you to make the first move
hornymom4u:yes maybe but i dont know what to do if he doesnt like my doing this then what will i do
son4mom:mommy you got to try it once only then can you find what he wants and what he doesnt want..why dont you try this right now anyways its only you two at home
hornymom4u:dimwit has gone to his friends place but thank him for that otherwise i would have not got a computer to talk to you and maybe show you my body.
hornymom4u:son you got the webcam??
son4mom:yes mom did you..and btw what are you wearing right now.
hornymom4u:son iam wearing a sari yu told me in the morning na how you like women wearing saris.
son4mom:yes mom iam wearing boxers and a tee
hornymom4u:alright son let me see you
son4mom:no mom first lemme see you plz
hornymom4u:alright son you can take a look at me dressed but ill start getting naked only after you come on web cam and we both open our clothes simultaneously
son4mom:sure mom
i start waitin in anticipation as mom comes on web cam...
son4mom:mom u hot and u got a well maintained body
hornymom4u:thank u sonny boy now its your turn to let mom see u
son4mom:mom u really want to see me
hornymom4u:yes hun
son4mom:okie mom but dont get angry or mad
hornymom4u:sure son y should i get mad at u
son4mom:ok mom here u go
i watch her expressions change from that of excitement to shock to despair to shame to guilt
she told me to get back home and logged off that very instant.
I reach home within 5 minutes and go straight to my room.Mom comes there after some time and sits on the bed next to me still wearing that sari and loooking hotter than she seemed online
"raj did you always know it was me" she asked
"mom after you gave your email id" , I replied
"raj iam sorry for all this but it will be good if we end this all here and promise that no one will ever come to knwo about it"
I was shocked and wanted to ask her where has that boldness which she displayed through her virtual personality dissapered , why is she acting like this when she said how desperate she was for sex and how she wanted me.
"mom dont worry even if what all you said online was false or just your fantasy but let me tell you what all I said was true and I want you and i love you"
"Raj I also love you and want you but its just that I dont find this idea of turning myself into my sons loving mom into his lover mom and secondly what if someone finds out"
"mom when you love me that badly then why the heck have you got to think about the world.We both love each other and want to be with each other so whats wrong in doing this"
"raj I think you dont understand what you are saying , i guess you should sleep now and try to forget all this please for my sake "
tears started falling from her eyes
I took her hand in mine and said "mom dont worry I will not force you into it , I respect your decision "
"and whenever I feel like watching you naked Ill just call you online",I added jokingly
she kissed me on my forehead and went to her room
as she went away and I lied down on the bed to sleep all I could think about was my mosm virtual personality and how I wanted her to be similarly in reality also.I guess she was also unable to sleep and was thinking about me
that can be the only reason for her to send me an sms that read
"son your mom wants you badly dont think aginst that but am just waiting for the right time and when time arrives you'll know yourself"
to this I replied
"mom I was just wondering if the right time is upon us and we are just too busy or afraid or realise about it"
her sms back
"son you are real impatient to get your mom...hun be patient and youll enjoy the fruits :)"
my reply
"mom i cant take my mind of that awesome chat we had today morning...where is that hot n horny mom"
"son that hot n horny mom is in next room anyways all your dreams will come true tomorrow evening after you come back from office"
"u sure mommy , but what should i do now when i desperately want you and want to see you naked in front of me"
"lol dont be so impatient hun and as per ur wishes of seeing me impatient then you just need to check out your computer once
love hornymom4u and btw son you are awesome "
"fuck mom you got your naked pics on my computer and i didnt realised till now..anyways love you and sleep tight heres waiting for tomorrow evening"
and I started searching my computer for her pics...
I was shocked to see around 50 pics of her all naked and looking damn hot in each of them.
i jerked myself off seeing her pics and slept in excitement dreaming how i will fuck her when i come back from office.
Next day in morning I got ready and as I was leaving for office I remimded mom about our evening plans and she just smiled at me and told me to concentrate on my work and not only think about what I will be getting in the evning
the day turned out to be a bad one and it was full of work , though in between work i found out time to send mom a sari , a perfume and a boquet of flowers with a message that read "get ready at 8 with all this on and around you
and theres a surprise in store for you"
I reached home at 8:15 and wanted to take mom away as soon as I reached but she told me to eat food first and relax a bit first
"by the way raj wats the surprise tht you wanted to give"
"mom got 3 days holiday from office so theres a lot in store"
"raj you gonna do me for three days continuously"mom asked sheepishly
I smiled
We had our food cleaned the table and as soon as we were done with the cleaning of table I pulled mom towards myself..She looked into my eyes with a passion that i had never seen before and brought her lips close to mine..the fading smell of food from her mouth and the chimming of her bracelets as she locked her lips into mine made me realise we were doing something surreal.As our tongues collided she mover her arms and grabbed me from my waist as if she will never let me leave her and she wanted my tongue to be inside her mouth for ever.I opened the clips from her hair making them run free and the feel of her hair playin the devil between our mouths made me love her even more..
With our tongues deeply immersed into each other i started pushing her into her bedroom and had my hands all around her thighs. As we reached the bed i moved my lips apart from her and started stripping her.
With the coming down of every single cloth from her body the warmth and pleasure I was deriving from this moment kept on growing and I became more and more impatient to feast on her body.Here was my mom standing in front of me
all naked and opening my clothes.
"Raj want mommy to give you a nice blowjob?"she asked shyly
"Sure mom ,take me all inside your mouth till I cum and shoot inside your mouth"
She sure knew how to give a good blow job with her tongue being firmly placed her tongue on my cockhead.
She then slowly started sucking my cock and moving her tongue up and down on my dick all the time I was thinking when iam goin to shoot.
i kiss her again and start moving down with my tongue licking everypart of her body till i reached her bald pussy.moms pussy smelled great and i wanted to eat it bad.I started licking her vagina with my tongue with her hands holding her head back and she controlling her shouting...
"raj come on fuck me baby I just want to get that dick deep inside me "
she pulled me towards herself and guided my dick into her moist pussy.I was sliding inside slowly and enjoying every bit of her moaning.We were out of control pounding into each other all the while making noises which could have made our neighbours think there was a break in.With moms nails all over my back and me gritting my teeth with all my might i must say it was the best experience I ever had and by the look on moms face it seems as though she also enjoyed it a lot.
I lied down alongside her tired and excited after everything that transpired and I sure was ready for more action that was about to follow from that day onwards and was waiting desperately for the day when I can fuck her without any condoms to play spoil sport between the two of us .....

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