Widow and her servant with black stone

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Anuradha’s husband died six months before. Now she is alone. His husband was an agricultural land lord and had a huge agricultural land property. He never thought that any of his children took his profession. Eventually, their two sons are in service and posted in different cities with their wives and children, and only daughter is married with a doctor and also stay at a different district. Occasionally they used to visit their mom but not more than twice or thrice a year rather Anuradha visits them when she can avail some free time. In fact, Anuradha was aware of his husband’s assets in all aspects. Thus, she does not feel any trouble to manage and maintain those. Moreover, his husband’s manager is very mush honest and he is still working with this job, which also gives some relief to Anuradha. Now in the big house, other than Anuradha, two house maids, one house servant and one old caretaker are residing. One house maid also wife of the caretaker. 

Anuradha is standing on 55 but very much aware of her beauty even after became widow. Her husband always liked her to be well dressed, using perfumes, very neat and clean, etc. For social reason, she does not use any ornaments or colorful sharees but regularly uses sainted hair oil and body lotion after taking bath. It keeps her skin still tight like a young lady and she likes it. She is bit bulky (42-34-40) but still looks very beautiful particularly for her innocent beauty. She doesn’t feel eager for sex but had masturbated for few times in remembrance with the sexual memories with her husband.

One summer night, somehow she was not feeling good for sleep. So she came out from room and started walking through the veranda. Suddenly she felt some noise into the room of Bishu (24). She slowly moved to there and peeped through the window but could not see anything due to darkness. Then she set her ear to the window and hears some whispering between Bishu and Arati (30), one of her housemaids. ‘Oh, Bishu, do it faster. Masi (aunt) will kill if she know something, do it faster.’ Arati was urging to Bishu. ‘Don’t worry, Masi is sleeping. I checked half an hour before.’ Bishu replied. Anuradha stood astonished. They both are moaning and fucking harder. Also, the cot was making some noise. Anuradha felt that juices already came out from her pussy and floated over her thigh. ‘I’m coming Arati, take my cum, darling.’ Bishu moaned. I’m coming also, fuck hard, dear; kick hard, Oh my god, fuck me.’ Anuradha left that place quickly and silently. She could not sleep at all that night but masturbated with candle for five times. 

The next morning, she asked Arati to take leave for a week to visit her parents. Arati left by noon and all the things remained as usual. Anuradha tried to sleep but failed at one stage. She silently came out and found light in Basu’s room. She slowly moved towards his room and peeped from the window hole. She saw that Basu is masturbating with coconut oil moaning with the name of Arati. ‘Oh, Arati, my love, when you will come back, how I’ll live without you, these types of moaning.’ Anuradha became astonished when she saw the full cock of Bashu. It’s a black stone. At least eight inches in length and over fat. Solid black. Anuradha did not see many cocks in her life. She was early married but before marriage she was fucked few times by few neighbors and after marriage she was only fucked by her husband. But she never thought that this bigger a cock can be! ‘Oh Arati, take my cream darling, I love you.’ Bashu discharged a huge load.

Anuradha usually have body lotion after her noon bath. After bath, she just wrapped her body with the wet sharee and go on the roof, where Arati gave her lotion massage. And now Anuradha is more than sure that Basu saw this massage session regular. Today, another housemaid was busy with kitchen and Anuradha asked Basu to follow her to the roof. She felt that Basu already got excited seeing her in the wet sharee where most of the parts of her body is visible. Basu followed her to the roof. She asked Basu to lock the roof door. Then asked ‘Do you know boy how to massage with lotion?’ 
‘No, Masi, I don’t know.’
‘Then can you not massage my body?’
‘I can try, Masi.’
‘Well, anyway, what you do with Arati in the night?’
Basu caught her feet and said ‘I’ll never do it more, please forgive me Masi. Arati insisted me to do these and she taught me to do these.’
‘Okay, I can forgive if you can give me a grand massage, could you? I believe you have peeped several times of this massaging.’
‘Yes, Masi. Arati arrange seeing this. I believe, I could.’
‘Well boy, let’s start.’ Anuradha removed her wet sharee from body and laid keeping her back on up. Basu took some lotion in his palm and started massaging on her back, neck and shoulder. 
‘Why you are not coming down, boy? Are you feeling ashamed? Where the shame goes when you fuck Arati? Carry on boy, don’t waste time.’ Basu again took some lotion and started rubbing her buttocks. Meanwhile, his cock became full erect. When he was rubbing her buttock, a small touch happened on her ass. Now Anuradha turned and ordered to massage front part. Basu started massaging her belly, thighs and finally huge boobs. This time he doesn’t have any way to hide his erect giant. 

massage hard on my boobs, boy.’ Basu felt that her nipples are getting harder. He squeezes those while rubbing her boobs.
‘I think you also need a small massage, isn’t baby?’ Basu kept silent. Anuradha untied his lungee and grabbed his black stone. She took some lotion and polished on his dick. Then grabbed his hair and pull his head to her and started kissing.

‘Basu, I’ll give you everything but you only give me some happiness.’
‘Oh Masi, you won’t give me anything. I’m your servant and whatever you like I’ll do that.’
‘No boy, you will be my master on bed and I’ll be your slut. Come on baby, fuck me until I die.’ Basu was on top of climax and he placed his giant on Anuradha’s pussy lips and started pushing slowly. Once it took place inside in full, Anuradha shook her ass to set it.

‘Pump slowly boy, with steady rhythm. Arati, the whore doesn’t know the arts of love making. I’ll teach you that. Pump slowly boy.’ 
‘Okay Masi, I’m doing so.’ His cock was feeing pressed by her pussy. He was pumping with a steady rhythm. And after some stroke, he found a storm started inside Anuradha’s body.
‘Oh Basu, my lovely baby, I’m coming boy, hold me, kick hard, you mistress fucker, fuck hard. Take me to paradise. Ohhhhhh my goooooooooooood!’ Anuradha got a real orgasm after long days. Meanwhile, by the action of lotion, Basu was also near to cum. He started pumping very ferociously. ‘Take me slut, take me, drink my youth. My lovely Masi, I love you Masi. Ohhhhhhhh, Masi, hold me, hold me hard, I’m coming.’ His huge cock coming and going with huge speed and finally eject a tons of load into Anuradha’s mature pussy. At the same time Anuradha got another strong orgasm. 
‘Baby, you are mine. I’ll make you my male kept. You will make me happy and I’ll make you rich.’
‘I love you Masi, you don’t need to make me reach but I want to be rich owner of your gorgeous and sexy body.’

That night they had four time sex and kept continued their sexual adventures. Meanwhile, Arati came back from leave and Anuradha told her all the things and increased her salary. Also, Anuradha allowed Basu to fuck Arati twice/thrice a week but certainly in front of her. Anuradha taught Arati some arts of sex also. 

After few months, Arati was found pregnant and Anuradha arranged marriage of Arati with Bashu. But things remained unchanged. Only Bashu can fuck his wife when Anuradha wants.

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