Josh, Mathew,and Alice get revenge

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It was the next day and the siblings had planned revenge. Before class everyone from Ms. Thomas's class huddled up. Alice brought her whistle her coach gave her when she played soccer. They boys brought paddles, belts, bikinis, dog food, thongs, granny panties, ropes, hooks, and an extra lunch. Ok so what's the plan their class asked. Well, first we spot Ms. Thomas's undies then when blow my whistle we tie her up. Wait what about the other stuff Max asked? Oh you'll we Alice said with a grin on her face. *DING* guys come on its the bell. Josh quickly hid the stuff in an extra book bag.

Hello again class the teacher said with a creepy ass smile. Ms. Thomas asked Alice? Yes? Can my brothers and I sit up front today? Sure Ms. Thomas replied. 5 minutes later she was writing some math problem on the board when Alice grabbed her thong that was showing out of the teacher's jeans. *TWEET* the whistle went. What's going on the teacher yelped as she was dragged and tied up. REVENGE Josh shouted. No you can-n't do this to ME she said in terror. YES we can they yelled as they locked the doors untied her and stripped her naked. A-AHH she yelled so loud the other classes heard. Her feet were tied to a desk while Mathew grabbed the paddle.

"NO" she screamed as she was spanked 50 times on her bare butt by every student. She was in tears as the class laughed their ASSES off. No more please it hurts so much she pleaded in pain. I'm so sorry I SWORE. Never they yelled. They stopped after about 30 minutes. They teacher rubbed her sore cherry red ass. Everyone took pics and posted them on Facebook Twitter Instagram and Musicly. Next she begged Ms. Thomas was spanked with the belt. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK everyone teased. HAHA very funny now stop PLEASE. FINE YOU LITTLE BABY. Her ass was blood red. Max and Jordan pulled up the desk causing the sobbing teacher to fall.

She was put into the grannies and felt the food inside her ass crack as she plead for them to stop but was put in hanging wedgies. She yelped and cried in pain. Then they put her in a bikini and thong. Alice filled them both with dog food. She shrieked when the teacher felt the dog food and lunch go up her ass. They stopped torturing her and gave her clothes she ran and everyone expected to get hurt but the teacher sobbed alone in a corner. Now Alice said were gonna tell the principal what you did yesterday. NO, the teacher protested. She grabbed Alice's angles and begged her not to.

Please, THIS IS THE ONLY JOB I HAVE LEFT IF YOU TELL I'LL GET FIRED. You will Alice said shocked. Ms. Thomas continued to sob while holding Alice's angles. Alice got down and hugged the sobbing lady and helped her. EVERYONE WAS IN SHOCK EVEN MS. THOMAS WAS!!! W-what after all I did for you HELPING ME???

Alice quietly nodded. YOUR THE NICEST KID I HAVE EVEN MET. Josh tapped the teacher's shoulder. Yes Josh? We forgive you too we ALL do. From this day forward friends? FRIENDS they all said cheerfully. THE END HOPED YOU LIKED IT!!!!

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