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Violets Anal Training

(Part 4 from 7)

Violet was still panting, the Ben Gay still burning. She saw him pick up a glass dildo. It looked ominous. It had seven double ended rippled balls on it that went from ¾ of an inch, all the way up to two inches in the middle. She watched him lube it up, knowing that it would be the next instrument inserted up her asshole.

Michael pressed the massager against her asshole, watching it slowly spread wide to accept the first ball. He heard her groan as the first rippled ball popped in. He did not stop, continuing to push, her asshole closing on the base until it reached another glass ball, this one getting larger. Her asshole slowly spread again, the next glass ball larger, her asshole straining to accept it. It popped shut again as the ball entered her rectum, grabbing on the shaft again. “That’s two Violet, getting full yet, her comes another.” He pressed forward again, this time the next ball over an inch and a half wide. He went slowly, wanting her to feel the stretching as it slowly passed the glass ball. “Now the big one, Violet.”

It burned again as her asshole was stretched to accept the glass balls. The largest one was now pressed against her asshole, forcing it to open to accept the two inch glass ball. It slowly opened, stretching wide to slip over the glass ball, sliding shut again as it gripped the base, waiting for the next one. 
They became smaller, shrinking down to the last one, only ¾ of an inch wide. Her asshole felt stuffed, the balls stretching her open as they pressed deeper and deeper inside her. It was now in her, all seven inches of shiny glass, the seven balls expanding her to unbelievable proportions.

“Now to test your elasticicity.” He began to pull it out, watching as each ball popped her anus open.

“Not so fast,” she cried out, but Michael ignored her. The seven balls were pulled quickly from her asshole, then shoved just as quickly back in. She shuddered as the largest tore through her anus. Michael’s hand was on her ass as he began to fuck her with the glass dildo, tearing her anal tract as the glass balls tore in and out, her anus forced to open and close in rapid succession. 

Michael fucked her for five long minutes, tearing the glass dildo in and out as she shuddered in pain. Her sphincter had long given up on resisting. She huffed and puffed in pain as she suffered the painful fucking of the inanimate object. He finally pulled it from her asshole, watching as it stayed open.

“One more, Violet, almost done.” He picked up a special dildo. It was an animal dildo, called the Grand Pup. The dimensions were huge. It is over thirteen inches long. It was 7” around the mid section of the shaft, 7” inches from the top of the shaft to the knot, and the knot was over 10” around (3 inches across) and three inches tall. He lubricated it heavily, knowing that it would be painful for Violet to take up her asshole.

Violet broke down crying as she saw the final instrument. It was a likeness of a dog cock, complete with large knot. Instead of her pussy, Michael was going to shove it up her asshole. She shuddered as she felt it push against her asshole, the lubricating allowing for the tip to enter easily. She groaned in pain as it continued upward, stuffing her asshole full of thick dildo. “AAAHHH,” she yelled out as the knot began to enter her asshole, stretching as much as the speculum had. Instead of shrinking down, the knot continued for three more inches, three inches of painful stretching. Once inside, it kept her expanded, cramping her stomach as almost thirteen inches of hard, thick doggy dildo was fucked inside her. Michael gave her no time to grow accustom to the odd shaped doggy dildo, pulling it out as quickly as he pushed it in. 

Michael watched as her asshole had to accommodate the strange shaped dildo, sawing it back in and out of her asshole, hearing her groans of pain as her asshole was forced to accommodate the unnatural object. He finally stopped, leaving the dildo inside her, all thirteen inches of fat, doggy cock. “Did you like being fucked in the ass by a dog, Violet? I hear Powerone has one named Thor. It is shaped like a horse cock, over twenty four inches long and over five inches at its base. He pulled the doggy cock from her asshole, her scream as the knot pulled painfully out.

He stroked her head, “you did well, violet, real good.”

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Chapter 2-Sphincter Training

"You're being a very good girl, Violet. We are almost done for the day. I know it hurt when I stretched your tiny asshole but you must endure it if you want to please Powerone. You do want to please him, don't you?"

Violets tear stained face looked up. She had already endured so much. How much more could he do? "Yes, I want to please him. I will do whatever to do that."

"Come over here, Violet," watching as she had to scoot over to him, her pants still only partially pulled down, preventing her from taking anything but tiny little steps. He pointed to a low bed that was in the corner of the room. "Lie down on your stomach, but first I want you to remove your pants and also your panties. Good girl," watching as she slid them down, having to push her ass back at him, her red and swollen asshole peaking out, her pussy, peeking out from the back, glistening with her dew. He help her onto the bed, watching as she scooted over on her knees, her legs spreading wide, her pussy and asshole opening again for his gaze. 

"Flat down on your stomach, that's good," patting her ass cheeks. "Turn your head this way, yes, good. See the camera over there, I don't want you to take your eyes off of it when the red light comes on." He pushed the hair from her face tenderly, wiping a tear from her cheek.

"No, no, you're not going to film this, I'm half naked, I don't want anyone to see me this way, please, please, no," her hands moving to cover her naked ass.

"Shh, SSHHH, don't worry, this tape is for Powerone. He will be the only one that will see it. You trust him, don't you? Now I am going to start the camera in a minute, you're going to be good, aren't you. Otherwise I will have to tie you up. You don't want that, do you, you don't want Powerone to see that you did not cooperate?"

"Wwwhaat, are you going to do?” sniffling, tears in her eyes again.

"Powerone loves a good assfuck, but you have to be able to please him with your asshole. He doesn't want to just fuck his cock in and out. No, he wants you to pleasure his cock. You want to pleasure him, don't you?"

"Yes," sniffling again, "how do I do that?
"That is what I am going to train you now, how to pleasure his cock, you'd like to learn that wouldn't you Violet?" He watched her as she nodded. "You are going to have sphincter training. I will teach you how to grab Powerone's cock with your sphincter muscle. It will be very pleasurable for him and that would please him. Now, I'm going to turn on the camera now," grabbing the remote control for it, the red light popping on. "Let me see if it is focused." He looked through the viewfinder, the camera set up in the right spot behind her to get not only her ass, but also her face. "You look very beautiful, Violet, now I need you to open your legs. You are going to have to spread them open for me, can you do that, Violet, can you show the camera your asshole and pussy?"

Violet let her legs slowly opening, her eyes on the camera as she did. She knew that she was exposing her sex again, this time to an impersonal camera. She would not know who would be seeing it.

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