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Two Girls and 1 sleepover

(Part 1 from 1)

It was 1:00 Am and everyone in my family was asleep. I had my friend Emily over for a sleepover and everything was fine, we were watching a movie and I suddenly became horny. I was wondering if Emily was horny, but she obviously wasn't. I spreaded my legs open and nothing happened. All of the sudden i had a great idea. I would get un dressed in front of her into my pj's.

So I got up and asked if she minded that I got changed. She was ok with it. I slowly took my bra and panties off and then to try and get Emily horny i bent over infront of her and started a pretend search for my shorts.
She looked and then I felt these cold hands grabbing underneath my pussy. I turned around and it was Emily sitting there touching and fingering me.

It worked!. She was horny, I was horny and we agreed not to tell anyone about what we were about to do.
First we took turns in fingering eachother and then she massaged my breasts.

I found one of my mothers books on sex in the study and grabbed it. Emily pointed out a position. We did it for a bit and then it really got intense.

I licked her pussy and she fucked me in my pussy with the tv remote.

After 2 hours of intense foreplay and fingering we decided to hump and fuck eachother completly naked and basically have lesbian sex.

She held my leg up while she rubbed her pussy up against mine at an incredible speed. I enjoyed it and 5 minutes later i had my first orgasm ever. I want breathing heavily and she could tell that she had caused me to get an orgasm and then she asked me to fuck her in the same way so that she could get one.

So I did, for an hour we switched every 10 minutes so that we both got turns at fucking eachother both ways.
Then we came up with another great idea.
We grabbed my camera and took nude videos of us masturbating to post on the net.
I was excited and my pussy was tight and wet.

by the time we had finshed all the photos that fun night was over.

Ever since then we meet up with our boyfriends and have a 4 some every weekend.

I love it, but i wish i could re-live that hot night.


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