Modern Marriage : Impregnation Resort - Part 3

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I noticed that the doctor was no longer in the room. Janeda took out a little dildo like plug and put it in me. I guess it was to stop my man’s seed from dripping out of my womanhood. Janeda kept me in my breeding position for twenty or thirty minutes and making sure that my pelvis was elevated. I guess it was to make sure that Montague’s sperm would have the time to do their ‘duty’. Then she undid the straps and helped me off the table. “My knees felt wobbly but I walked to Montague and gave him tonsils tickling french kiss. He gave me a wonderful smile and a pat on my tush.

Janeda in an authoritative voice announced “Let’s get ready for the party” and handed me and my hubby few fruits and drinks. “These are energy drinks” she said, “for the rest of the night; you will need all the energy you can muster”. After tasting the drinks, I realized that they contained more than regular energy boosters. Montague looked at me, placed one hand on my sex and playfully rubbed my clit. With the other hand, he cuddled and rubbed my nipples which made me feel even sexier. “Lawrence will be joining us” he said, “He’s a very good kisser and has a way with ladies and they love him. I’m sure you will be a very happy and satisfied girl!” he finished with a knowing grin.

“Come here” Janeda asked me “I’ll clean you and get you ready for the club party” She took a warm wash cloth over the entire area to make sure that not a drop of sweat was on me. Her firm hands began to rub my pussy mound. As she worked around my body she pushed me downwards spreading my ass cheeks and cleaning my anus. Then she applied lotions to my baby butt smooth region. The lotions left my skin tingling and with the slightest of touches made my sex plead for a big cock. Quietly, she applied rouge to my nipples with gold glitter around my eyes. Then she blew a bit of glitter onto my breasts adding to the erotic allure of beauty and Eros.

Kanesha walked over with a gift box. From it she took out stockings and I put on sexy beautiful black lace thigh highs with a narrow black garter. As I was admiring all, she handed me Louboutin four inch heel pumps encrusted with a sensational multicolored gemstones. Even though they were nothing more than black patent leather with jewelry wearing them made me feel exquisitely sexy and special. Looking into a mirror I saw myself transformed into a statuesque vision of sexuality and what in my fantasies was an erotic ideal, was made real. Janeda was not finished with me. She took a soft makeup brush and applied an iridescent shade of red to my sex lips.

“There is one more protocol thing to do before we’ll go partying”. She guided my hubby to me and said “now, get on your knees and take your wife’s semen plug out of her”. He did as he was told and some of the juices started rolling down my thighs. “Clean this real man’s baby juice and don’t let them soil her stockings”. My hubby was a good boy and his tongue cleaned me and made me ready for the next round of baby making.

Montague took me by the hand and as a group we walked out on a patio and onto a path lined with palm trees and gardens abundant with tropical flowers with a scent of heaven made the walk an experience that was to be savored. We arrived at the club as the sun sunk into the dark ambers making the atmosphere just a predictor of a delicious interlude that was to come.

I knew that I looked extra hot and sexy. We would pass black studs that would grin at me and their white lovelies, who you knew that they were full with black man’s DNA, would give me an appreciative looks. Those looks made me feel extremely special and bold in my eroticism.

We entered the clubs door and as if we entered another world. It was dimly lit, large TV screens around the room. Most interesting were vertical dance poles and waist high rails around the dancing floor. The club’s special effect head lighting, would shine making my glitter sparkle making my silhouette beam “Fuck Me”. The music was not too loud and some twosomes or threesomes were sexily dancing. I did notice that at some tables white women were black cock impaled.

Montague found a booth for us. He motioned to my hubby to sit in the back flanked by Janeda and Kanesha on each side. He sat down on Janeda’s side and pulled me on to his lap. He turned me on his lap so I was looking at the dance floor. I felt Montagu’s cock between my thighs. He reached around me and started rubbing his cock on my pussy lips; I liked this and was sweetly playing with his cock. Kanesha took control of my hubby. She was ministering him a cuckold version of “Tease and denial”. Through the CB, her fingers tickled and teased his flaccid little cock. But as soon as his dickie started filling the chastity cage, she would grab his balls and pull them down and denying his release.

My attention went back to the dance floor where If they were wearing clothes their moves would have been dirty and suggestive. But naked it was erotic, exciting and voyeuristically pornographic.

As I was intrigued by the scene, a tall, massive muscular man came over and stood in front of me. “Hello Lawrence, would you join us” said Montague. “Hello all” and looking into my eyes he said “and you are the hot, sexy, gorgeous, and beautiful lady that Montague told me all about”. I was speechless because my eyes were drinking in his physique. I could not form any words, I was breathing hard as the scent of him filled my nose, fragrant, musky, masculine. Without even thinking I reached out and my hands followed the curve of his shaft and balls. I reached out and laid my right hand flat against his chest. His nipple was a hard bead under my palm as I pressed gently into his muscle and slid my palm upwards to his neck. I looked up and saw his eyes were wide with shock and black with arousal. I moved my hands to his abs that flexed and fit my fingers like a piano keyboard.

Then lowered my palms, reached behind him and grabbed his solid glutens. Then he put one hand behind my neck and pulled me into a kiss. Just like everything about him, the kiss was careful and controlled, but it set insides on fire. His other hand traced a line down my neck and under my breasts, and he took time to massage each one. I ran her hand up his leg and felt nothing but smooth, hard muscle. I went a little farther and felt the outline of his long, thickening cock and let out an involuntary moan. Bravely I placed my lips onto his semi-erect cock giving it a kiss by pushing my tongue under the folds of his foreskin and tasting his pre-cum.

Taking my hand and pulling me off he said “Montague, this lady wants to dance come with us”. As the three of us got to the dance floor the music changed to a slow beat. Lawrence pulled me into hard into his chest. I could feel his erection flat against my stomach. Montague pressed himself to me from behind. Being in the four inch Louboutins made me at just the right height for his cock to be folded into my ass crack. We were in this dry Oreo swaying to the music with me feeling their pre-cum coating skin. I knew that today’s fucking that I’ll get would be fucking that memories are made off.

The music changed to a thumping, grinding beat. I decided to put on a pole dancing show. After all I had taken pole dancing exercises and this white lady knows what’s hot and I was dressed for it. We went to the pole at the center of the dance floor. My hand slid up the smooth metal as I wrapped my leg around it. I bent forward and in one fluid motion, stood and arched my back. I moved my body closer to the metal pole and bent my knees, straddling it. The camera picked up my stance showing of my pussy. After a few more gyrations around the metal pole I stopped long enough to pull myself up, split my legs open and fly around the pole. All TV screens were showing my moves and always closing in on my open pussy and breasts full of glitter. I lowered myself and in a motion pulled my legs up so that I was holding on to the pole with my head down and my legs up.

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