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Theatre sex

(Part 1 from 1)

Hi am Daaksha, this s my first sexual experience

I had a friend named raj, he was well built well known for his ass and a xxl sized penis. Everyone likes him luckily i became his girl friend.

Telling about myself i have a 36dd boobs and a clean shaved pussy. Once raj asked me to come to a theatre. I closed my head by a cloth and went with him in his bike. I was now and then touching his penis over his pant. He loved it. He booked a english movie and a corner seat i dunno wat was in his mind.

We both sat in the seat. Lights went off and the movie started. Slowly i felt his hands coming and raising my shawl. Soon his hands were under my shawl, he slowly unbuttoned my top's button in front. I was amazed what he was going to do, so i left him continue. He touched my boobs over my bra and told it was soft. I kissed him in his lips. While kissing i tried to adjust myself but my boobs jumped out of the cups.

I tried to adjust but suddenly raj caught my hands. His hands were on my naked boobs. He praised its size and rubbed my nipples. It became hard, he started pinching them and i started giving slow moans actually i loved the way he pressed. He asked me whether he can have a suck i told yes.

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He bent down nd started to suck my nipples. I cudnt believe that i was getting sucked in a public theatre. I couldn't control myself. I orgasmed and made my seat wet.

He asked me whether i would give a blow job. I acted and asked what's it. He then asked me whether i like his penis. I asked wat is penis. He unzipped his pant his cock sprung out. He took my hand and placed on his cock it was hard. I rubbed it and pulled it up and down. His cock was really nice i was looking at it clearly.

But due to dim light it was not clear, he asked me whether i wanted to suck it. I was first feeling bad whether to kiss a cock of a guy which he uses to piss. He consoled me saying it would be nice. I was staring at him but he pushed by head down to his cock. I closed my eyes and let my mouth inside. I sucked it felt great. While sucking him he removed my bra. Till interval we were sucking each other. Interval came we dressed back ourselves. I had very big boobs. So they will sway here n there i asked him to give my bra. But he told he will give them oly if i give him my panties. I was shocked but he was so adamant.

My bra was more important than my panties because it was not my periods time, so i decided to give em off. I came back after the interval. I had my panties wringled in my handkerchief. I came and gave it to him inside the theatre and demanded my bra, he told i won't need them till the end of the show.

He told that he needs to check whether i am wearing panties. He put his hands inside my pant slowly. I was having no panties, i tickled when his hands touched my pussy hairs. He put his hands and started to circle my pussy with his finger. I enjoyed, i love masturbating now my boyfriend's hand is mastrubating me. I loved it. I moaned aaaaaahhh ssssd but silently.

He pressed my pussy inside. He pinched my nipples and whispered dirty things about how he would fuck me. I was so horny that i stroked him faster and his fingers were stroking me real hard. He told he was gonna cum. I was shy, he pushed my head again to his cock and made me drink his seed.

Film finally got over, i forgot to get back my bra and we started to move outside i was moving by side of him. He told me i will get more adventures in the near future. Told tomorrow i will lose my virginity. Waiting now for tomorrow.

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