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The shitting Boys

(Part 1 from 1)

Matt lie in his large comfortable bed,with his hands tucked behind his back in silence as he counted the ceiling tiles..1...2...37..."agh" He groaned and shook his head,He just couldnt keep his mind off of his best friend Mickey..They were both Bisexual,Both 18,Both Blonde and sexily built. Matts parents were leaving town for a whole week and Mickey had asked to stay over. Matt had 5 younger sisters,all but one named Adaya were leaving with their parents. Adaya was Bisexual.she was tall.around 6' feet,had beautiful red hair..She was only around 18 years old but was already taking up a modeling career.Matt had always had fantasies about fucking his younger hot sister. He figured she wouldnt be any trouble for him and Mickey when Mick. arrived..She usally stayed in her huge room with the music turned up talking to her buds online. and besides she had just gotten dumped by her boyfriend for 4 monhs and was he figured she'd cyber all night,He had caught her several times moaning rather loudly with her legs propped up on her desk and a Dildo deep inside her tight pussy..She had this thing for a guy online ..They'd been knowing each other for about 2-3 years now...The thoughts of his sexy sister were interupted by a knock on the door and the shouting of Mickeys voice. "Hey damnit!!let me in !!" matt smiled at the sexy sounds of Mickeys shouting and instantly hopped from the bed,groaning and grabbing ahold of his hard cock which he hadnt realized was hard.Matt snatched open the door and Mickey greeted him with a quick kiss..Matt smiled at the touch of Mickeys soft pink lips. "Lets hope no one saw that!!" said Matt,as he closed the door behind Mickey. " What u mean?? I thought everyone was gone Matt?" - "Well yea they are.. but Adaya is here u know that..and no one knows about "us"yet and I wanna be careful ya know? " Matt replied " oh yea.. I know.." Mickey mumbled..thinking to himself about how hard it was keeping his sexuality from his twin brother who was secretly on love with Adaya.
Shortly after the private conversation of the two..Mickey and Matt settled in,in just their boxers on Matts big comfortable bed,watching a dirty gay film.before Matt knew it..Mickey was rubbing himself through his boxers as he watched the black guy on the screen pound another mans ass.
"ohhhhhhhh" Mickey grunted..his stick sticking up through the thin silky material of his boxers " Hey,Mickey..u need any help??" Matt grinned after turning over on his side.Mickey and Matt had never done anything but play with each others cock and kiss..but Matt couldnt wait to seduce Mickey tonight,He had been practicing for so long. Mickey grinned and his ass muscles tightened as Matt laid a hand on his muscular chest and trailed it down to the beginning of his no time Matt had ripped Mickeys boxers off and was pounding his rock hard cock as he sat on top of him..leaning down tounge fucking him with his they embraced in that sexy romantic kiss.
" oh my god MATT!!!!!! POUND ME !! OH YES.............AGHHH!!!!" Mickey yelled out,beginning to squirt cum all over Matts bare chest.. Matt leaned down..his rock hard cock brushing against Mickeys thighs as he squatted in front of him,doing something he had never done before he lowered his mouth over Mickeys cock,almost immediately beginning to suck the head..those tiny thick wads of cum still squirting,hitting the back of his throat. Mickeys moaning became deeper as he spoke in half breaths..and half moans " Matt..*ugh* oh..*ahhhhh* fuck, * oHHHH!!* me..damnit!" this only drove Matt harder,he had sucked and fucked one guy before and had been practicing on a Dildo he had stolen from his sisters bedroom. Matt swirled his tounge around on Mickeys head..around the eye..Mickey had came but still didnt go limp.His ball sack was still tight and began to burn as Matt sucked harder,constantly plunging his cock against the back of his throat,biting down everynow and then gently to send sensations up Mickeys back and spine.He fondled with Micks balls..squeezing them gently as the hot sack ran around in his hand..after a few minutes Mickey came again..shooting his wad right back into Matts mouth,he had came so much that it ran down the still pounding hand of Matts from the corners of his mouth..right down through the middle of Micks balls,Mickey collapsed onto the bed pillows..his built chest going up and down as he tried desperately to catch his breath "damn..that was....good" he managed to choke out as Matt continued slurping and cleaning the cum off of Mickey. "Matt,Now u have to return the " Matt turned around where his hard dangling dick was bobbing up and down above Mickeys mouth..and Mickeys legs were spread revealing his ever hardening cock & tight little brownish asshole...which Matt longed to fuck or suck. within seconds Mickeys had began sucking Matts dick,he wasnt good at it at first but learned fast,Matt..after sucking for at least 10 minutes on Mickeys cock..decided to try something new..he ran his tounge from in the middle of Mickeys balls down to his ass hole.swirling it around the little hole,that sent Mickey overboard,he instantly ejaculated all over Matts chin.
" oh my god Mickey u are so good" Matt yelled
Mickey was too busy sucking Matts dick dry to reply,he only nodded or at least tried to as his hips bucked against Matts face and Matt teased Mickeys ass with his tounge. Mickey stuck his finger which were covered in cum into his mouth..lubing them up with Saliva just befor shoving two of them inside Matts tight ass,Matt released a loud groan and pushed his ass harder onto Mickeys fingers, As Mickey slipped a third finger in..Matt grunted and started eating out his ass..stretching its tightness with his tounge and finger,he was fingering and sucking him at the same time.Mickey sucked Matts dick again while finger fucking him..and it didnt take long for them both to cum again.
Matt slowly raised his slippery cum covered mouth from Mickeys ass and cock and coughed " damn Mickey. U cum alot" he muffled a laugh and looked over his shoulder to give Mickey a little smile. " Hey mickey.."he continued on " Wanna fuck my ass?" Mickey nodded as Matt moved into the positon on his legs..trying desperatly to try and hide his excitement.
Soon Mickey had stuck his cock into Matts tight ass,..only about 4 inches went in before Matts ass started rejecting Mickeys cock,he was so tight that he couldnt get half of the 11 in. Penis in. !!!!!!!! "come on you mother fucker!!OPEN UP TO ME U LITTLE SLUT!" Mickey shouted to Matt and ,Matts tight ass almost immediately let Mickey slide 3 more inches in. Mickey started pounding..cursing and shouting loudly as Mickey shoved his hard cock in and out..never once going slow
Matt groaned and started to speak again "Mick,oh..god..u" 'NOOOOOOOOOOO" mickey replied,instantly cumming sending his liquids straight up Matts ass , he didnt realize Matt was hunched over holding his stomach..after Mickey had pulled out..leaving a gaping hole in Matts ass he collapsed over by Matt,frowning as he saw what matt was doing " Oh Mickey.."Matt said "I told u *cough* stop." "Why??" Mickey asked with a frown..his jaw dropping as Matt talked again "I ate alot of and cheese earlier..and my body was trying to digest it while u were fucking me.I have been having problems shitting so I took a bunch of Ex-lax..I think i have to go.Now" Mickey knew exactly what Matt was talking about.. He knew Matt had to shit right now..and if he moved he would probably go all over himself " Matt,hun why dont u shit right here in the bed? I dont mind" this was music to Matts ears..he had really wanted Mickey to see it come out of his ass..maybe even eat it.Shitting or pissing in another mans mouth had always turned Matt on. Mickey positoned himself behind Matt and lowered his mouth over Matts ass hole..Matts hole slowly opened as he let out a loud stench,he had farted heavily in Mickeys mouth and it took Mickey a moment to get over the Stench. " Get on my ass right now!!!! Im fixing to go" Matt groaned out and held his stomach as Mickey placed his lips over Matts opening hole..Matts stomach was cramping heavily so Mickey rubbed his back for comfort,Matt yelled out and grunted as his ass muscles tightened and his hole began opening up again..sending a squirt of a watery like brown liquid into Mickeys didnt taste bad. Mickey raised up..getting a few more squirts of the boys loose shit onto his face as he looked at Matt "Boy,did u put a hot water bottle up your ass????" "yes I did" replied Matt "I couldnt get my shit out.I had just came now..aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Mickey smiled and started sucking the liquid out from Matts stinky ass hole.He had so much of it..He kept going and going,Mickey swallowed all he could..the liquid began to thicken and he couldnt take it was running down matts legs..and it even had made a puddle on the bed,Mickey wondered to himself if Matt was ever going to stop shitting" I havent used it in a week!! "yelled out Matt as his black and brown shit became lumps,Mickey laughed a little and shoved his cock which had began hardening again back into Matts ass,he felt Matt pushed against him..trying to struggle " god damn it Mickey!!! I have to shit!~! get your dick out of me" " No way!"Mickey grunted and each time Matt pushed his shit,against Mickey..he pushed had begun caking up around Mickeys Cock,forming round like the shape of Mickeys head. about ten minutes later Mickey came into the hunched over Matt which had tears in his eyes,Mickey finally stopped pounding because Matt said he was hurting tremondously , and had droplets of Blood coming out running around the sides of Mickeys cock,Mickey nodded and pulled his cock out,dropping to his knees behind matts ass " I have alot more to go ",grunted Matt as he continued on " get behind my ass.I wanna shit in your fucking face u bitch" Mickey done as told and seconds later Matt squirted the last of his shit over onto Mickeys face,he had his nose buried in the canal of the young Matts ass.Matt had begun masterbating as Mickey cleaned his shitty stinky shit covered ass and legs,just then Matts door was yanked up and there stood the lovely Adaya,both boys looked up and their Jaws dropped.
" You two...are fucking each other?? "Adaya asked curiously as Matt choked out "I was going to tell u"
" well.. ".She walked over toward Mickey beginning to kiss his shitty lips immediately" "DUDE!!" Matt yelled and laughed "I think she wants to join!!!!! " Mickey nodded and placed his hands on Adayas hips..the girl was beautiful what could he say..He would definatly fuck her. Matt came up with the idea of tying Adaya to the bed to fuck her and all. So she agreed and was blind folded,Matt dissappeared for a while and came back with a hot water bottle and the tube,sticking it up Adayas ass without even asking he began filling her rectum with water. She began squealing..cursing and yelling,trying desperately to break free just before she yelled out "I HAVE TO GO GOD DAMN IT!!!! LET ME GO NOW!!!! " The boys didnt. They kept her there until she squirted and shitted all over herself. and then they refilled her twice with water to make her feel as if she had to go while Mickey fucked her ass,and Matt stuck the water bottle in him and then fucked him in the ass,they all piled on top of the small Adaya..minutes late Matt pulled out of Mickey and cummed,Mickey then pulled him self out of Adaya,Mickey and Adaya erupted in a water shitting frenzy..Matt loved it and buried his face into Mickeys ass. they all collapsed onto the shitty bed and fell asleep there,almost every thirty minutes they would have to go and shit again. That was truly the best night of everyone of there lives

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