The Faith of Lucy Holt

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Faith is belief in the unbelievable….the more unbelievable something is….the stronger Faith needs to be.

Lucy Holt had Faith; it was the only thing in her life that she did have in abundance. She was as God-fearing as anyone in Caleb County, a county renowned for its fear of the Almighty. She prayed every evening at the supper table with her parents, Seth and Annie, and every morning when she got out of bed. The Holts were one of many poor families barely eking out an existence on small farmsteads. She’d had chores from her earliest memory and since leaving the one room schoolhouse at age twelve she was more isolated than ever. If Lucy Holt was devoted to the Lord she was also a dreamer with a sharp mind and vivid imagination. She lay in bed dreaming of grand parties, fine clothes and fine homes…a life that lay just beyond the sunrise in the big city to the east…a place totally out of her reach. She prayed to break away from the farm and believed the Lord would one day answer her prayers. “The Lord will provide,” she said to herself over and over, “the Lord WILL provide!”

Everyone knew of Lucy’s dreams and most thought that’s all they would ever amount to but Lucy was determined to prove them wrong. She would live in the big city; she would wear fine clothes and go to fancy parties. The good Lord would guide her and she was prepared to do whatever it took.

The one bright spot in her dreary life was Sunday when she and her parents went to church. Reverend Phelps’ sermons were of the fire and brimstone variety and she sat transfixed and sometimes a little frightened by his warnings of the consequences of not abiding by the Lord’s will. She had listened to the Reverend all her life and believed every word. The Lord was to be feared and obeyed and the Reverend Phelps was his instrument here on earth. She never saw how the older men, as well as the local boys, would sneak lusting glances at her as she sat at the end of a pew. Although poor, the Holt’s always had enough to eat, never a surplus, but enough. Their mostly home-grown food was healthy and nutritious and the daily, rigorous exercise ensured a fit body. Lucy had grown into a very desirable young woman. She filled out her homemade dresses in all the right places and left little to the imagination of riches that lay beneath. Her beauty had not escaped the piercing gray eyes of the Reverend and several months ago he’d decided she would be next.

After church she enjoyed the attention of the local boys and their clumsy flirtations. One Sunday as the boys gathered around she noticed her parents in a long discussion with Reverend Phelps. They came away looking well pleased with themselves and on the ride back to the farm told Lucy the news. The Reverend needed help with a few chores after church and wondered if Lucy would be available. The small amount of money he offered would certainly be useful and they readily accepted for her. He would even bring her home to the farm when her chores were done. Lucy was ambivalent; chores were chores whether at the farm or the Reverend’s house but maybe, just maybe, her parents might give her a little of what she earned for herself.

Reverend Phelps showed Lucy around his house where he lived alone. He was about sixty, tall and lean with a long, pointed nose and a pale, sickly complexion. He instructed Lucy on the work to be done in the various rooms and left her to get on with it. It was while she was on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor that she sensed he was there. She turned quickly and caught him staring. He stammered, “I see you’re almost finished, I’ll get ready to take you home.”

Over the next few Sunday’s she caught him staring at her whenever she was bent over. She knew he was looking at the behind or breasts and it gave her a sense of power she rarely felt and a strange tingle between her legs, the very same tingle she felt in bed when she allowed her hand to wander while dreaming her dreams.

Phelps came into the kitchen one Sunday and told her the Lord had spoken to him and given him instructions. She was to continue scrubbing the floor and not look back. Not wanting to upset the Lord, she obeyed. As she scrubbed she heard the Reverend groan from time to time then he moaned loudly and quickly left the room. She was confused and a little fearful about what had just taken place but all seemed well and she continued to clean the floor; including the splatters of something the Reverend must have spilled. On the way home that night Phelps told Lucy that the Lord had chosen her and His plans included extra money, money she would not have to tell her parents about. The work might seem strange he explained, but it is His will and she must obey and never, ever, tell another soul. Lucy thought of the money, money that would be her very own! Maybe this is the Lord’s way of helping me get to the city and live the life she dreamed of she thought. She smiled and nodded agreement as they pulled up to the Holt homestead. Phelps warned Lucy again that the Lord would be very angry with her if she ever told anyone of His plans for her, it must remain a secret.

The following Sunday Lucy and the Reverend were in the kitchen and as she went to fetch the bucket and scrub brush he stopped her. “That won’t be necessary today, Lucy but He does want you to get down on your and knees,” he said, casting his eyes to the heavens. “He has instructed me to anoint you with His fruit so don’t be afraid.”

Lucy was afraid; she was very afraid of upsetting the Lord and complied with Phelps’ instructions. The Reverend knelt behind Lucy and lifted up her dress. His bony hands roamed over her ass before pulling her underwear down. Lucy tensed and cried, “Oh, Reverend, please!”

“It’s alright my child, it’s the Lord’s will, don’t be afraid,” and he placed an open bible on the small of her back.

As he slid a hand down between her cheeks, touching her bush ever so lightly, he began reading. Something touched her ass and soon she heard familiar groaning then something wet splashed onto her. The Reverend snapped the good book shut, cleaned off whatever had spilled onto her buttocks then replaced her underwear and straightened her dress.

“Very good, Lucy, the Lord is well pleased with our work tonight. We will continue His will next week, here is your money.” Lucy separated the extra money and clutched it tightly in her left hand.

After doing her chores the following week Phelps called Lucy into his study. He was sitting in a chair wearing only a robe. “Come here child, our Lord wants us to continue His work.” Lucy stood before him and he asked her to kneel. He opened his robe and Lucy cast her eyes on the Reverend’s erection. She gasped as he took hold of it and began to slide his hand up and down its shaft and over his balls. “The Lord wants you to do this,” he said in a whisper, “come and take hold of it.”

Lucy was frozen to the spot, staring at the first cock she had ever seen. Phelps spoke again, “Lucy, the Lord has instructed me to give you double your normal reward for doing this, now take hold of it.” Her fear of the Lord and the thought of extra money all her own, not to mention a growing curiosity, moved her between the Reverend’s legs. Her hands grasped his cock and with his instructions she began to masturbate him and fondle his balls. He ejaculated quickly onto his belly and Lucy’s hand. He gave her a damp cloth and she cleaned his cock, belly and finally her hands. As Phelps closed his robe he said, “Very good, Lucy, the Lord is pleased with your work, you brought forth his fruit. He has special plans for you, plans that will take you far in this world.” She believed every word and when she got home that night she counted her little stash of money over and over. When she thought of what she had done to the Reverend, for reasons she didn’t understand, her hand drifted down between her legs.

After dropping Lucy at the farm Phelps pondered his progress. She is coming along nicely, quicker than most but there’s no need to rush things.

For the next five Sundays the routine was repeated, Lucy would masturbate the Reverend and clean him afterward. She learned quickly how he liked to be jerked off and watched with curiosity as her growing experience caused powerful ejaculations. She played a game with herself, trying to get his sperm to shoot higher each week. On week five she watched with a feeling of accomplishment as cum splashed onto his chin and cheek.

After church the following week Lucy had been jerking Phelps for only a minute or so when he said, “Lucy, it’s time to move on with the Lord’s plan for you. He wants you to bare your breasts and wrap them around my shaft. They are His creation for nurturing and to bring forth His fruit.” She felt embarrassed as she removed her top and exposed her ample bosom to the Reverend but dreams propelled her onward. The Reverend leered at Lucy’s young, firm breasts and instructed her how to use them on his cock. Cum splashed onto her neck and a small amount hit the left corner of her mouth. She looked at the Reverend, smiled and licked it up. Yes, she will make me a pretty penny he thought and it won’t be long now. After Lucy wiped his cum from her neck and chin they both stood. Phelps could not resist mauling her tits and pinching her nipples before allowing her to get dressed.

Over the following few Sundays Lucy masturbated the Reverend with hands and tits and tasted more of his cum. She now had more money than she had ever seen and her dreams seemed to drawing closer and closer to becoming reality. The Reverend felt she was almost ready, just one more step to take and then Cyrus Oaks would take over.

Lucy was alternating jerking Phelps’ cock with her hands and tits when the Reverend said, “Lucy, my dear, you have tasted the Lord’s fruit, he wants you to fill your mouth with it and swallow his blessing. She was told what to do and Phelps closed his eyes as her sweet lips closed over the head of his cock. “Yes, that’s it; take more into your mouth. Up and down, up and down, lick around the tip, ooh yes that’s it.” The Reverend shot his wad and Lucy swallowed all of it and continued to suck his dick until it went soft. He told Lucy that the Lord was especially pleased with her tonight and gave her extra money.

When Lucy finished her chores the following Sunday she went into the Reverend’s study as usual but found he was no alone. Cyrus Oaks, the richest man in the county, was sitting in a chair beside Phelps. She noticed that both men were wearing robes.

“Lucy, this is Mr. Oaks, he is here to see you. He needs someone to do chores on Sundays after church as you have been doing for me. The Lord wanted me to pay you more for the excellent work you do but I’m just a poor minister. Mr. Oaks came along looking for someone; it is indeed Divine Providence that brought him to me. It is God’s will that you work for him. He will pay you what the Lord demands and your parents have already approved of this arrangement. Mr. Oaks will take you to his estate after church next Sunday and, of course, deliver you home once your work is done.”

Everyone knew Cyrus Oaks, Lucy saw him every Sunday in church. He would come in last and take his place in the first row of pews beside the mayor, the magistrate, the doctor, the Sherriff and their wives.

Lucy looked back and forth from the Reverend to Oaks taking in the information. She would carry on the Lord’s work for twice the pay. Her parents would be happy and her nest egg would grow even quicker. “Very well, Reverend Phelps, I will be happy to continue doing the Lord’s will for Mr. Oaks, thank you, Sir.”

good girl, now come here and show Mr. Oaks how well you work,” Phelps opened his robe and his hard cock sprang into view. “Mr. Oaks will continue the Lord’s work with you next week but tonight you will show him what our Lord has taught you so far.”

She hesitated for a moment before kneeling between Phelps’ legs and baring her breasts. Oaks watched as she masturbated the Reverend and fondled his balls then placed his cock between her tits and finally in her mouth. Sperm splashed down her throat as Phelps bucked his hips violently. Lucy cleaned him and continued to fondle his crotch.

“Lucy, I’m sure Mr. Oaks wants to feel what the Lord has seen fit to bless upon you and I trust you’re grateful for his grace,” the Reverend said a little out of breathe.

“Oh yes, Reverend, I’m very grateful, I give thanks to Him everyday.”

Cyrus Oaks was about the same age as Phelps but taller and heavier. He was virtually bald and his round face had a permanent smile, although some folks said it was a sneer. The girth of his belly attested to his wealth and his hands were big and fat.

As Lucy knelt, Oaks opened his robe. Her eyes opened wide when she saw Oaks’ cock. It was much longer and thicker than the Reverend’s and his balls were twice the size. She tentatively reached out and held it with one hand and caressed his balls with the other. She was amazed at its size and hardness and as she pulled down the foreskin, the huge, blood engorged, head came into view. She moved her tits around his dick and bent her head to accept it into her mouth on the upstroke. She gagged and choked on its size and clamped a hand around it to limit the amount that entered her mouth.

“Deeper girl, take it deeper,” panted Oaks and the Reverend came over and stood behind her.

“You must get used to the size Lucy, it’s a test, remember it is His will,” Phelps said and took hold of her hands and held them behind her back. Oaks now bucked deeper into Lucy’s mouth causing her to gag, saliva ran down his cock and onto his balls. As his thrusts became faster he held her head down on his erection with his huge hands and shot a torrent of cum down her throat. When he let her head loose Lucy fell to the floor choking. The men regained their composure and helped Lucy into a chair. The Reverend brought her a glass of water and spoke as she drank. “Sometimes He gives us difficult tasks that are meant to test our Faith. You passed that test tonight Lucy and He is well pleased.”

“Thank you, Reverend,” she replied regaining her breath. The amount of money they placed into her hand more than compensated for the few minutes of discomfort and she smiled as she closed her hand around it, the salty taste still in her mouth.

When Lucy had left the room, Oaks and the Reverend dressed and Phelps prepared a glass of bourbon for both of them. “You have an uncanny knack of picking the right ones Phelps. I hope her pussy is as accommodating as her mouth. I trust you haven’t been there?” Oaks said as he stared into the amber liquid before emptying his glass.

“No Sir, Mr. Oaks, as usual that will be your privilege.”

“Good,” replied Oaks with a smile or was it a sneer, “you will, of course, have your chance at the appropriate time.”

“Thank you Sir, I shall look forward to it.”

Oaks reached into his pocket and handed Phelps a fistful of bills, “The power of the Lord at work again, Phelps,” he said and left the room.

In bed that night Lucy counted her growing stash of coins and felt satisfied. The Lord’s plan was moving her ever closer to her dreams and she was determined to see it through. She thought of Oaks’ big cock and what she had done and, almost involuntarily, her hand found her pussy. She was wet and it felt good to move her fingers around, especially onto the little nub at the top and soon she was overcome with a feeling that caused her to squeeze her legs together and emit a muffled cry of pleasure. The fact that the Reverend and Oaks were old men did not bother her. Her focus was the Lord’s plan and the money which would get her to the big city. She even enjoyed playing with their dicks and feeling the Lord’s hot fruit splash down her throat, it gave her a sense of control over them and she liked that.

Cyrus Oaks took Lucy to his grand house after church the following Sunday and introduced her to Mrs. Stone, his housekeeper. She had come to work for Oaks 18 years ago from the big city that Lucy dreamed of and was the only other occupant of the sprawling home. A woman of about 50, she was a little on the plump side but not unattractive. Her kindly, smiling face and warm eyes were surrounded by a profusion of jet black hair. Her most striking feature, however, was her expansive bosom. It seemed to be determined to burst the buttons on her dress and gave the appearance that she might topple over at any second. Lucy was in awe of her surroundings, never had she seen such beautiful things; furniture, vases, paintings, everything was just perfect. “This is what I want,” she thought, “this is surely the Lord’s plan for me; it’s just a matter of time.”

“There won’t be any chores for you today, Lucy. Mrs. Stone will show you what your duties will be then we must get on with the Lord’s work for you. Now get along and I will see you shortly,” Oaks said in a business-like manner.

Mrs. Stone gave Lucy instructions on her duties as they toured the house ending at the door of Oaks’ study. Mrs. Stone tapped on the heavy wooden door and Oaks called out, “Come.”

The study was large with more books than Lucy had ever seen filling shelves along the walls. A heavily carved desk took pride of place and was surrounded be several hardback chairs. At the far side of the study were more chairs in front of a large bay window with stained glass. Oaks was sitting in one of these chairs dressed in a black silk robe, a bulge of anticipation already evident between his legs. “The Lord’s work must continue, Lucy. Mrs. Stone is here to help, you can learn much from her so be observant. He gave a nod toward his housekeeper and she proceeded to unbutton her top.

“C’mon Lucy, let’s have your top off,” Mrs. Stone said smiling.

The two women bared their breasts; Mrs. Stone’s massive tits hung low but were full and topped with large, dark areoles and nipples, Lucy’s large breasts were firm and jutted out proudly, pink areoles and nipples perfectly placed. Oaks stared at them for a while before he motioned them to kneel beside him. Mrs. Stone opened the robe and Oaks’ big, semi-hard cock was exposed. The housekeeper caressed and stroked it, played with the head and tip and fondled his nuts. Lucy watched intently as the housekeeper’s experienced hands brought Oaks’ cock to a massive full erection.

“Now you, dear,” Mrs. Stone said and Lucy copied what she had just seen and the housekeeper gave tips on speed and just how to tease the base of the head and piss hole. Next their tits and mouths were used, Lucy learned quickly and enjoyed the teasing and ejaculation-delaying techniques Mrs. Stone was so good at. Of particular interest to Lucy was her deep-throat abilities and she watched carefully as Mrs. Stone devoured the entire length of Oaks’ dick. Lucy’s turn came and with guidance, she began to take more of the cock without gagging. This first session ended with Lucy sucking Oaks as Mrs. Stone jerked the base of his dick and squeezed his balls. His giant load was shared by both women as it splashed all over them; they stood and fondled his softening cock, leaning over so he could maul their tits.

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