Panties, Damn I Love That Word

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100% fiction!

Panties, God I love that word. Panties, girls’ panties, teens’ panties, MILF panties, hell even grannies, I love them all. I’ll scrounge through laundry baskets, hampers; look under beds and behind chairs, wherever I can find them. Not clean, freshly laundered panties, I want the ones that have been worn with stained gussets and nasty smells, oh that’s heaven.

When I visit my buddies I make it a point to get to the bathroom, lots of hampers are kept there. The best hunting is at my friend Todd’s house. His mother’s a real milf and he has sisters, 19, 18 and 18. The 18 old is his twin but they’re all hotties, oh happy hunting ground, I can usually dig out six or seven pairs. If I get there early, before school I can really get lucky sometimes, a pair or two are usually still damp, the aroma strong, the taste delectable.

But my very favorite is right at home. I’ve got a 18 year old sister, I think she’s still a virgin, I’ve never found cum stains but she must have a really hot pussy, she leaks.

Then, oops, I got caught.

I was sitting on the throne, my hand wrapped around the old tally whacker, my nose was buried in Melissa’s thong; Melissa is my sister. She’d just taken a shower and gone to her room. I’d rushed in as soon as she left, I just knew there was a nice pair of panties waiting and there was, a red thong, the crotch was sopping. I guess I got so excited that I’d forgotten to lock the door.

Melissa must have forgotten something or she wanted something, anyhow she barged in.

There was no denying what I was up to, my face was buried in the crotch of the thong savoring her aroma and flavor and my hand was wrapped around my dick, or at least most of the way, I’m only 18 and my cock’s already 10 ½ inches long and nearly four inches around. At school the guys call me “Long Dong Silver” but I’m no Robert Louis Stevenson character. I’m Mitch James. And I’m in trouble.

Melissa took it in at a glance, her panties, and my nose.

“Mitch, you little pervert,” She screamed at me.

Now pervert I’ll confess to but little, that’s just a figure of speech, I tower over her, I’m already six two.

I thought she was going to slap me, she drew back her hand then she looked down. I’d released my cock; I’d raised my arm to protect myself but my dick was standing tall and proud.

She gasped, “My God Mitchell.”

She was staring at my crotch.

Her eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth hung open, she walked over to me and touched it, just one finger, she pushed on it, my stiff dick, it wobbled to the side then jumped back to attention.

“My God,” she repeated.

“Where did that come from?” She asked, awe in her tone.

Now I can’t really answer that, I’ve never seen my Dad when he’s erect but I did know he sure could use whatever he had. My bedroom was next to my parents and I could hear through the wall.

Manys the night that I’ve gone to sleep serenaded by my Mom’s, “Oh God Mike, oooh, oooh, yesss, fuck me Mike fuck me.”

Hell, I even knew when she gave up her bottom to him; she’d always wail then moan.

I thought she must give damned good head, I’d hear him roar, “Marti, I’m cumming, oh, I’m cumming.”

So I couldn’t answer Melissa but I thought the question was rhetorical anyway.

She started to grab me; she couldn’t get her hand around it so she used both hands and tugged on me.

“Come with me you nasty boy.”

She led / drug me to her bedroom and shut and locked the door.

I quickly learned I’d been wrong, my sister was no virgin she was just careful; always a condom. She got one from her purse and tried to roll it on, it was too small.

“Oh damn,” she sighed.

Then, thinking out loud, she said, “What the hell, my period only ended two days ago, I’m not fertile and he’s my brother, I’m sure he’s clean.”

Melissa pulled her Tee-shirt over her head, she was braless and she was firm. She unfastened her shorts and dropped them to the floor then shimmied out of her panties.

It was the first time I’d ever seen her naked, she was adorable; long wavy chestnut hair wreathed her charming face, her breasts were a wonder to behold, she was slim of waist with flaring hips, she had a light brown bush, neatly trimmed to just a landing strip and she wanted me.

She flopped on the bed, on her back and spread her legs.

“Mitch I’ve never seen so much meat in one package, not even at the butcher shop, get over here.”

And then we had a problem. She was sexually active, sure but she’d never been stuffed with anything like my salami, I couldn’t get in, she was too tight and I was hurting her.

Now, I was a virgin, several girls had seen it or even touched it but, truth be told it scared them, none would drop her panties.

“God Mitch, get some Vaseline or something, hurry.”

I ducked into my folk’s room, in their medicine cabinet there was a jar labeled “Astroglide” and the purpose was pretty evident, I rushed back to Melissa’s room.

“Give me that,” she said as she grabbed the jar from me and slathered it on me.

“Put a little in me Mitch,” she said, handing me back the jar.

I rubbed a little along her slit then pumped a finger in, lubricating her interior.

She pulled her heels back toward her bottom and flopped her legs open whining, “Come ooon Mitchell.”

I thought, damn she’s a demanding bitch, I wasn’t sure I’d want to marry her but I sure did want to fuck her. My very first piece of ass and from the prettiest girl I knew.

I got between those shapely thighs, ran my cock up and down her slit and found her hole. I leaned into her, thrusting in. I guess my lack of experience showed.

She moaned, “Arrrrgh, damn man, take it slow and easy.”

I thought if a baby could come out of one of these they must stretch pretty nicely, I’m big but not as big as a baby.

I did take it easy though, I didn’t want to hurt her and scare her off, I wanted repeat engagements.

Going slow and showing patience are not characteristics of a 18 year old getting laid for the first time but I tried.

She was taking me, her face was a mask of concentration, she was panting and she was sweating, the effort was taking a toll on her.

Each time I’d give her a little more she’d go, “Ugh, ugh,” but she’d take it.

Finally I was completely in, she felt my pubic hair brush her bottom and she gave me a pained smile.

“God you really are a big boy Mitch.”

Slowly I started to pump in and out. She was tight, but then maybe they’d all be tight to me.

I’d been patient getting in but now I couldn’t hold back, I started hammering her.

I had to give it to the girl, once she’d taken me she liked it fine, she wrapped her legs around me and cried out,

“Fuck me Mitch, damn, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck my hot pussy.”

And I did, oh did I. I plowed into her, tearing that pussy up and she just urged me on.

Young guys don’t have a lot of staying power; I knew my Dad often fucked Mom for thirty minutes or more but not me, not the first time, I was getting there and fast.

Melissa started to quiver under me. She mewled, “oh, oh, oh, oh,” as the quiver intensified.

Then she went, “Aaaaaah.”

Her pussy grabbed me in a contraction just as I came, damn did I cum, I fired shot after shot into Melissa. I was roaring and she was screaming, I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t complain, she was gushing and I was shooting, the bed was a mess when we finally came down.

I was still in her, I was shrinking slowly.

Before I was out she said, “Ah hell, I guess I’m gonna have to go on birth control pills or get an IUD unless we can talk Goodyear into custom making you some condoms.”

I was out now and I sat cross legged beside her.

“You really want to do it again Melissa?”

“Damned right, Mitch, I love sex or at least I thought I did but this was awesome, it’s never been like this before, God you filled me so full I thought I’d choke. How the heck can I go back to the needle dicks I’m used to, not after this I can’t.”

“I guess birth control pills would be the easiest, I can see the school nurse, she’ll fix me up; I’ll have to listen to her lecture but she’ll give them to me. Now ain’t that a hoot when you think about it, they’re cut so many programs at school but they’ll still supply birth control pills, odd priorities wouldn’t you agree?” She queried.

I nodded in agreement but, in truth I was tickled about the skewed thinking of our administrators, I was gonna get me some more pussy.

“Mitch we can still fuck for a couple of days but then we’re gonna have to stop ‘til the pills take effect, but I’m not gonna let you get away, I can give you blow jobs and you can eat my pussy ‘til then, whatcha you say?”

Now, I’d never eaten a pussy but I’d chewed on enough dirty panties to know the taste and I loved it but, her giving me a blow job, this I had to see.

“You really think you can get me in your mouth, you gotta be kidding, no way.”

She rolled over on her tummy and slithered towards me, “Well I’m sure gonna try.”

She grabbed me by the cock, I was still soft and she tried to get me into her mouth, she choked.

“So, it’ll take some practice but we’ll git ‘er done, I promise.”

She licked me, swirling her tongue all around and she teased the hole in my head with the tip of her tongue.

I was young, virile and horny, I got hard again.

“Whoa big boy, I’m sore but it would be a darn shame to waste this,” she said as she rolled over on her back.

When I pierced her this time, I slid in pretty smoothly, she was still tight but she’d stretched enough to accommodate me, it was better for both of us, less painful for her and none of the stress of the first time for me.

I stroked her and she cooed, she liked it big and I liked giving it to her.

I lasted about fifteen minutes this time, Melissa had at least five orgasms and I really liked the feel when she came, her pussy would clutch at me and she’d get wetter, slicker, and hotter. Wow, that pussy was fantastic; I came with a pounding rush, slamming into her, my cock flooding her.

We were both beat when we finished.

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