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The Wife of a Preacherman

(Part 1 from 1)

I was 34 at the time and I was working for a large travel agency. My room mate was a travel agent for the same company. She had left three days earlier for a business trip to Hawaii.

I was in my bed asleep at 1AM the morning she returned from her trip. I was awakened by her as she sat on the edge of my bed. She quietly told me to get up. She also told me she brought me a gift from Hawaii.

I got up and came out into the living area. Sitting at the dining room table was a very beautiful, tall woman in her mid forties. As I sat at the table, my room mate brought us each a cocktail. She introduced the two of us to one another and then she explained how they had met in Hawaii. This woman was the wife of a preacher in another state and had been on some sort of business trip. When they landed here, there was too much snow to continue on, so the airport cancelled the remaining flight and the woman could not get home, so my room mate offered for her to stay at our place.

As they talked, I sipped on my drink and began really looking at this woman. She was tall, about 5'8" and slender with an incredible body, short, dark brown hair and green eyes. Her legs were a work of art.

I was also waiting for my gift from Hawaii. We talked and laughed and had a few more drinks. Then my room mate begins telling the story of this woman being harassed by an employee of the hotel they were staying at. He was Hawaiian and not very attractive, and he kept trying to get the preacher's wife to go to bed with him. They didn't just pass over the story, they lingered on it. The two of them would laugh together at times as though they were sharing a private joke.

As this woman sitting next to me moved around in here chair, her skirt rode up on her thigh. I found myself staring at her nylon covered legs. Once in awhile she'd place her hand on her thigh and slowly and lightly rub it back and forth. I couldn't help but get hard. She got up to go to the restroom and I was able to check out her ass. Simply mouth watering.

While she was away, I asked my room mate about the gift she said she brought. She looked at me, smiled and pointed towards the bathroom. Ooooh, that's why they were talking so much about this guy trying to fuck her. My room mate whispered, "She wants a stranger fuck, but is afraid."

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When my gift returned to the table, my room mate excused herself as she was retiring to bed. She turned off the overhead light, leaving just a dim light on over the kitchen stove. "You two be good," she said as she closed her bedroom door.

I made us another, strong drink and sat back down. I moved my chair a bit closer to hers. As we continued talking, I reached down and picked up her leg by the ankle and lifted it to my lap. I was holding my breath waiting for a "what the hell do you think you're doing?" response. She kept talking as though nothing was happening out of the ordinary.

I removed her high heel shoe and set her foot in my lap, snug against the hard bulge in my pants and I began rubbing her foot. I was in awe of how classy beautiful this woman was. One of those women men see and know they are out of our league. Her she was, married, alone with me, in the dark, half drunk and allowing me to touch her intimately. I began rubbing up her leg with both hands as we talked. Then I slipped off my chair onto my knees and took her face in my hands and kissed her a long, slow kiss on her beautiful mouth. As we kissed, she opened her legs a bit to let me move in between them and get closer to her. We just began kissing and kissing one another hungrily. As we continued, I began feeling her ample and shapely breasts through her blouse. I began unbuttoning the garment and reached in and freed one breast from her bra. She breathed heavier as my hand rubbed her and my fingers squeezed her nipple that became hard from my touch.

I quietly suggested we go to bed. She said that she couldn't. She explained that she was married and to a preacher no less and that one could not simply have sex with a stranger. I assured her that one could indeed and offered to prove it to her. It did not take much more coaxing and I had her naked in my bed. She made me promise if she said, "Stop!" that I would. I lied and agreed to her terms.

As we kissed, I explored her fantastic body with my curious hands. I wanted to touch her everywhere. I needed to kiss her everywhere and set my mouth to work also exploring her body. She smelled of expensive perfume and tasted sweet as honey. I kissed her neck, her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach, her thighs and then her beautiful prize, her sweet tasting womanhood. As I put my tongue to work on her, she then began to respond and clutched my long hair with her hands. Pulling my face further against her crotch. She began moving her hips in small circles and pumping up and down as I pleasured her with my wet tongue. I then had to taste her ass. I was sure she had never felt a tongue up in there, so I kissed down past her pussy and began licking her ass and then her ass hole. I circled the tip of my tongue around it and then I finally shoved it home and beep inside of her. I began tongue fucking her gorgeous ass.

I could wait no longer and I rose up and moving in between her fantastic legs, I slipped my hard throbbing cock between her legs and inside of her. Her hands clutched my ass cheeks and she began pulling me into her as we fucked. "Oh God," she moaned. "This is sooo good!"

I flipped her over and then I took her dogie style. Ramming her hard with all of my seven and a half inches of cock. She grabbed my hand and pulled it to her mouth and began sucking on my fingers as I fucked her like the whore she was. She began gasping and making sounds in her throat and I knew she was about to cum. I rammed her faster and I too was ready to release my juices and we both came on each other.

She ended up calling her husband the next day and gave him some story why she had to stay a few more days. We had three wonderful nights together. It was Heavenly!

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