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Note : This story is completely fictional!

My Sister-in-Law, Tina, short for Albertina, now 41, had always maintained her figure. Her breasts were never as large as her other two sisters but they are perky and well rounded. She is slightly taller than me at 5í 10Ē, probably a 34C, a very slim waist, with a real nice ass. When she would come over I would admire her assets because she would wear the most skin tight clothing I had ever seen. Her blouse would either be very low cut or at least two buttons undone exposing the top part of her breasts. She had light blonde hair and the prettiest gray-green eyes you would ever want to look into. In short she was a fox and a pleasure for my 57 year old eyes to look upon.

A year ago she went through a messy divorce and was not real pleasant to be around. However, she started to come out of her funk about three months ago. She would only visit during the day to talk to my wife because she knew I liked her ex-husband. She told my wife she was having it pretty rough because the divorce settlement was not much. By the time she paid rent and bought food for the kids there was not much left. She borrowed money from us a few times but it wasnít much in any great amount. I came home early one day she was at the house crying and telling my wife how lonesome she had become. 

About a week later my wife had to enter the hospital to have her knee replaced. On that day I took her to the hospital and stayed with her through all the pre-operation tests. That night I stayed in a hotel close to the hospital and returned to the hospital the day of the operation. My wife made it through the operation, the recover room, and was back in her room by 7:00 PM that evening. Having insured my wife was OK; I said good-bye and started the one hour drive back to the house. I knew the alarm would ring early in the morning and I still had to cook supper and walk the dog. The dog was staying with the neighborís so I could pick him up on the way home. When I got home I stopped to pick up the dog and found out Tina had already been there.

When I arrived at home the lights were on in the house and Tina was in the kitchen. We exchanged pleasantries and she told me Brigitta had given her a key to surprise me with a home cooked meal. Tina was wearing a black leather mini skirt that was so tight if she would have had a dime in a back pocket you could have been able to determine if it was heads or tails, nylons, and a sheer white blouse that had the top three buttons undone. I could see a powder blue bra through the blouse holding those beautiful pear size breasts. Her makeup was impeccable with her lips done in a light pink lipstick. I asked her where the children were and she told me they were staying with their father for the week.

We continued to talk while she finished preparing the supper. It had turned cool outside so I decided to make a fire in the fireplace. Soon the house was filled with a warm glow and the crackling of the fire. She remarked how she missed her fireplace because her ex-husband was selling the house they had built. She went on to say her present apartment didnít have a fireplace and even if she had the money the landlord would not let her put in a fireplace. I told her she could come over anytime when the fireplace was on and enjoy its warmth. I thought I saw a tear in her eye but she said it was the onions that were cooking.

She finished cooking and served the meal of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy. I must say she is a good cook and I complemented her on the great meal she had prepared. We finished the meal, she cleaned up the dishes and I went into watch television. I turned the television to Law and Order and sat down to watch. About fifteen minutes later she joined me and sat down on the loveseat opposite me. As she sat down on the loveseat her skirt road up slightly and I caught a quick glimpse on a white thigh. I figured she was either wearing a garter belt or those nylons that have the elastic at the top to hold them up. She pulled her feet up under her and started to watch the show. After the second commercial she asked if I wanted dessert. I asked her what she had in mind and she told me ice cream. I told her fine and she went into the kitchen to fix us each a bowl. Naturally, I stared at her legs as she got up to see that flash of thigh and sure enough there it was. 

I fought with myself about saying something to her, but I didnít, after all she is my sister-in-law. She returned with the ice cream and as she handed mine to me she bent forward and her blouse came open. As I said three buttons of her blouse were undone so I could see very clearly inside her blouse. Her bra was powder blue and her breasts were just straining to get out. I said you better be careful or someone might reach in and grab her assets. She looked at me and said I wish someone would. In the fire light I could see her face flush slightly and she quickly looked away and sat back down on the loveseat. We were both quiet for the next thirty minutes and concentrated on the show. The show was completed and I told her it was time for me to walk the dog. I put on his leash and out the door I went. I didnít want her to see the stiff dick that had developed during the last 30 minutes of the show. When I returned from walking the dog she was sitting on the loveseat. I figured she would have gone home during my absence so neither of use would be embarrassed. 

I asked her if anything was wrong and could I do anything for her. She looked at me and said I want you to rip my clothes off and make love to me as many ways as you can think of. Iíll be your slave, your fuck slut; Iíll do anything you want me to do. Just take me, abuse me, and use me, I Love You. I didnít know what to say, I walked over to her, helped her stand, looked into those beautiful eyes, and our lips met. What I had started as a light kiss turned into an open mouth tongue dueling kiss. After what seemed like minutes we both came up for air, looked at each other, and two words escaped her lips, ďTAKE MEĒ.

I stepped back, grasped the front of her blouse and pulled down as hard as I could. The buttons started to pop and within seconds I was holding a piece of that sheer white material in my hand. I could see clearly her powder blue bra and reached for the area between her breasts. I stuck my fingers in the area between her breasts grasped the small piece of material there and pulled hard. The bra ripped apart and I ended up holding the destroyed bra in my hand. For the first time I could see her whole breast. They were about the size of a large pear with brown nipples that screamed to be touched. In her eyes I could see nothing but lust. I reached out and grabbed her nipples and twisted. A little whimper escaped her lips and the words ďDonít StopĒ. If this was the game she wanted to play I was going to give her as much as she could handle.

I spun her around to find the zipper on the back of her skirt. As I reached for the zipper I thought she wants to be raped then thatís what she will get. I reached for the knife I carry in my pocket and flipped the blade open. She heard the sound of the blade locking open and looked over her shoulder to verify what I was about to do. Her eyes were the size of silver dollars but she didnít run or say a word. I grabbed the waste band of the skirt, pulled it slightly out and inserted the blade. With little to no resistance I cut the skirt from top to bottom, released it and as it feel to the floor I looked at her standing there in a powder blue garter belt and powder blue thong. I had always fantasized about what type of undergarments she was wearing. The one thing I knew for sure was that there was never a panty line in any outfit she wore. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her toward the stairs and in the direction of the bedrooms. She didnít resist and we walked up the stairs. As we passed the master bedroom she whimpered why not in there. Outside of the fact my wife and I slept there I couldnít think of one good reason why not. I threw her through the door and she landed face down on the bed. I went to the closet and grabbed some of my ties. I rolled her over on her back grabbed one arm, tied her wrist with a tie and then tied the tie to the bed post. I did the same to the other wrist until she was tied down to the bed. She wiggled as if trying to escape but the look in her eyes told me she was only trying to heighten my pleasure. I stood at the end of the bed and undressed letting my clothes fall to the floor. As I stepped out of my shorts I heard a gasp of pleasure as I released my raging erection from my shorts.

For the first time since ripping her blouse, I spoke. You are now going to please me and if you donít I will make you wish you had. I went to the cabinet and took out some hair clips and placed them on the night stand by the bed. You told Brigitta you liked to swallow cum, well she wonít do it for me, but you are going to tonight. I started to crawl onto the bed straddling her body with my knees until I got close to her mouth. The closer I came the wider her mouth opened and her tongue licked her lips. Her tongue touched the head of my dick and licked off the pre-cum that was present there. Waves of pleasure racked my body and I wondered how long I could keep from ejaculating. I pushed forward and gradually my dick disappeared into her mouth. Now Iím not greatly endowed like any of those porno stars but my dick is 5 to 6 inched long and about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. What ever she could do with her throat to keep from gagging I donít know but before I new it I was in her mouth to my ball and she was sucking like a vacuum cleaner. When I was in the military any women who gave a great blowjob was referred to as being able to suck start a B-52. So far my sister-in-law had exceeded all my expectations in that area. I knew if I let her continue I would cum in no time so I pulled my dick back and out of her mouth. Her tongue, head, and upper body followed its retreat. I saw pain in her eyes as if I had taken her toys away. However, she didnít have to wait long because I started back toward her mouth and she opened wide to allow my entrance. Her mouth was so warm and waves of pleasure racked my body. I knew I could not hold out very long. I looked down at her and told her Iím going to cum. you better swallow and donít you dare loose a drop. The look in her eyes told me she was would do anything I asked. She gave me a couple more sucks and I exploded into her mouth. I started to pull back as I would do with her sister but she held me firm with her lips. I could visualize my cum bouncing off the back of her throat and going down into her body. I canít remember when I unleashed a load of cum like I did then but it felt like my orgasm lasted for two minutes. I know it couldnít have been that long but the pleasure was there. To my surprise she never lost a drop and upon my release from her warm prison she kissed the head of my dick. 

I slid down her body dragging my semi-limp dick between her breasts. As I got to about her waist area I stopped, reached for the hair clips on the night stand, grabbed a nipple and rolled it between my fingers. As the bud grew to her surprise I put the hair clip on her nipple and I heard a little gasp of pleasure and pain. I repeated the procedure on the other nipple until both were being pinched by the clips. I continued to slide down her body until I reached the end of the bed and stood up. I had let her wear her garter belt, nylons and thong during my blow job and now it was time to make her completely nude. I reached in my pocket for my knife and upon finding the handle flipped the blade open to the locked position. Her eyes told me she knew what was coming.

Without hesitation I slipped the blade under the garters and cut them off. Next I pulled up on the garter belt, stuck the knife blade underneath and cut the garter belt. The last item was her thong. I grasped the material covering her pussy, pulled it slightly forward, and slipped the knife blade in between her pussy and the material. I looked up at her and all I cold see was lust in her eyes. Without looking back down I pulled the blade forward and the material was cut. I looked down and there was the neatly trimmed pussy that had been hidden by her thong. For just a few seconds I gazed at its beauty and then slowly spread her legs wider to gain access to her honey pot. I started to lick her pussy lips and heard moans coming from her. She tried to thrust her pussy toward my tongue and mouth to get more penetration by my tongue but I pulled back to tease her. Then I just drove my tongue as deep into her hole as I could. Her hips started to thrash about and more moans escaped her throat. I reached up to grasp her breasts and squeezed them hard. The more I squeezed the loader she moaned. I abused her breasts by alternately squeezing them and then grabbing the clamps on them and twisting them slightly. I stuck my middle finger into her honey pot and moved it around. Finding her clit I pulled it, pinched it and played with it. Much to my delight I heard louder moans escape her mouth. I then inserted two more fingers one at a time slowly into her pussy. I continued to lick and slowly removed my fingers from her pussy once they were covered with our juices. As I removed them I heard a sigh of regret escape her lips. However, she was in for a surprise. My fingers were soaked with her juice so I slowly positioned my middle at the entrance to her rectum. I slowly pushed it forward until I heard a slight gasp. She was tight but her juices made it easier to enter her. Once my middle finger was entirely inserted I added the two remaining finger again one at a time. She now was impaled with my tongue in her pussy and three fingers in her ass. 

Her first orgasm caught me somewhat by surprise. She rapped her legs around my back, then slid them up toward my head and tried to pull me inside her pussy. Her juices were flowing freely. I made my tongue as hard as I could and opened my mouth as if to french kiss her only I placed my lips on her cunt lips and French kissed her pussy. Then her hips started to thrash uncontrollably. In fact so uncontrollably she almost managed to rip my fingers from her ass. Even though my ears were covered I heard her exclaim ďOH Tim Iím CummingĒ I continued to lick and she came a second time. I could feel her legs release some so I withdrew my fingers from her ass, pushed her legs off my shoulders and sat up.

During the licking I had given her my dick had become erect. I spread her legs a little wider and moved in between them again. As I slowly put my cock in her pussy she thrust up to meet me until I was completely buried in her love box. She wrapped her legs around my waist and tried to pull me in even further. I started off slowly at first so that we could get into a nice rhythm going. However, the slow method didnít last long. She started to moan and started to gyrate her hips. I quickened my pace and drove the entire length on my cock into her pussy. With each stroke my balls bounced off her ass and made somewhat of a slapping sound. As we got closer to orgasm I asked her if she wanted me to cum inside her. Her response was ďOH yes give me your seed I want to have your baby. That statement and my extremely excited state caused me to explode and drench her womb with my seed. As I exploded her body was rocked with an orgasm greater than her two previous organisms. She shook, gasped, and moaned until the waves of pleasure subsided.

I slowly withdrew my shrinking member and untied her wrists. She put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Thank you so much I havenít had sex since before the divorce. I looked at her and asked what was that comment about wanting my baby? If you got me pregnant I wanted you to know I was well aware of that possibility and that I would love to bare you a child. You know this could get pretty complicated with me married to your sister. She gave me a knowing smile and just nodded. Can I stay the night she asked? Without hesitation I answered Yes and added you may have to stay longer until I can get you some clothes to wear. Remember, you wanted to be raped and I did my best impression of the deed. Yes I know and I loved every minute of your assault. We were both exhausted so we snuggled together with her ass nestled against my cock, with my hands holding her breasts, and my arms pulling her closer to my body.

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