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The Old lady next door

(Part 1 from 1)

Jon sat at home bored. It was a quiet saturday afternoon in mid summer, the sun was shining yet he couldn't head for town to meet his friends as he had promised his mother that he would do Margaret, the new next door neighbor a favor and mow the lawn for her in return for a few bucks. Margaret, an unmarried 59 year old single woman had moved in just a few weeks ago and had become friendly with Jon's mother. Margaret met Jon when she called in for coffee one morning and suggested that he might help her do some work around the house as she settled in, arranging furniture, lifting boxes and mowing the lawn from time to time. Jon agreed as he was always short of cash and a little extra in the wallet would be helpful.

Margaret was a very outgoing woman and was always keen to chat whenever somebody dropped by. She was a particularly interested in talking to Jon about college life and what he planned to do in the future. She was a very attractive lady and a very active lady for someone of her age. She boasted about the the 'rigidness' of her fitness routine, and it certainly showed as she had an incredible figure for her years. Jon's own mother, a full 10 years younger than Margaret certainly wasn't in her league when it came to looks and physique and
Margaret was certainly becoming a source of increasing sexual fantasy and masturbatory pleasure for Jon.

Mid afternoon came around and Jon went next door to Margaret's house and rang the doorbell. No answer. He rang again. A minute or two passed and Jon wondered whether she was home. Her car was in the drive so she had to be. He took a look in thru the door and saw a figure dashing towards him. Margaret opened the door and welcomed him inside:
''Hi Jon'', she said, ''So nice to see you''. ''Thanks so much for helping me out today, come in!''

She was just out of the shower and scantily clad in a white towel. Jon's heart-rate rose slightly. She looked sensational.

''Sure'', he said slightly awkwardly.

''I'm sorry'', she said leading Jon into the kitchen, ''I'm just out of the shower''.

''I'm sure that your mother wouldn't approve of me inviting you into my house like this!''.

Jon certainly didn't care. Trying not to look too obvious he couldn't help checking out every inch of Margaret's mature body and well toned body. Her breasts were incredible, just peeping out over her towel, they were teasing. Not only was she wearing only a towel, but it was also clearly too small for her. At its end it was only just covering the very top of her thighs and her groin area. Parting finally with his detailed examination of her body, Jon set out to the garden and began mowing the lawn. Soon afterwards, Margaret told Jon that she was going to pop into town for an hour while he did the lawn and asked him to mind the house for him while she was gone.

Jon had other ideas in mind once Margaret had left. He ditched the lawnmower briefly and snuck inside. He made his way upstairs and into her bedroom to poke around. Horny, he opened her chest of drawers which revealed fresh panties, thongs, g-strings, cotton bras and stockings. Now with a fizzing dick, he stripped naked and stroking his raging erection opened more drawers, one revealing a stash of x-rated dvd's and a pink vibrator. She was a sexual old lady, and Jon was hooked. Jon started wanking himself on Margaret's bed, butt naked.

Suddenly, Jon heard a car pulling into the drive. She couldn't be back already! It was no use he was caught. Margaret had forgotten her cell phone and had returned to get it. It was on the bed-side locker right next to Jon. In a frenzy, Jon rushed to get back on his clothes but there was no hiding this humiliation. Margaret flung open the bedroom to door to discover a blushing Jon, her 19 year old neighbor naked with her red panties in his hand.

''Oh my god!, John want on earth are you doing!'', Margaret shouted.

Jon was speechless.

''Cover yourself up!....''

''I'm sorry'', Jon said feebishly.

''Please don't tell my mom'', Jon pleaded, ''I'm really sorry'', he repeated.

''Give me one good reason why I shouldn't'', said Margaret.

''I'm going to come back here in 5 minutes, when you will have tidied my room and put your clothes back on young man'', ''Then you can explain to me what you were doing in here.

''Okay'', jon replied nervously.

Margaret came back into the room a few minutes later to discover a tidy room and a fully-dressed John looking remorseful.

''Well'', she said.

''What do you have to say for yourself?''.

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Jon remained silent.

''Did you like those dirty videos Jon?'', ''did they make your dick hard?''. No reply. Jon was taken aback by her remarks.

''I bet you thought a old lady like me would never own a few pornos did you?'', ''You can borrow a few if you want''.

''Okay, here's the deal Jon'', said Margaret adopting a serious tone.

''I won't tell anyone anything about what you were upto in my bedroom if you do something for me in return''.

''Okay please, anything''', Jon pleaded.

''Right, well I'm just going to the bathroom and when I return I will ask you what I want you to do for me'', wait here. Jon nodded.

Two minutes later Margaret re-appered in front of Jon dressed in a bathrobe. Right before him she untied it and it fell to a heap on the ground revealing her naked body.

''I want you to fuck me Jon'', ''I want to feel your young hard cock inside me''.

Jon didn't move, awestruck by Margaret's perfect body. She licked her fingers with her hands and began to massage her neatly shaven vagina. She turned around and stretched out her huge ass and began waving it in the air. She then paced over to Jon and grabbed his package.

''Mmmm, i'm dying for a young dick Jon'', she said while unzipping his jeans to reveal a bulging erection and admiring his neatly trimmed pubes.

Within minutes both of them were stark naked with Margaret on her knees devouring Jon's throbbing sausage with her mouth. As Jon fucked her mouth he came closer and closer to orgasm and soon blew a load of his young, hot spunk down her slutty old woman throat.

''Mmmmm, what would mom think of this'', Margaret said as she swallowed his load.

Before long, the two newly-found sex partners, were on the bed enjoying themselves, Jon fingering furiously Margaret's well-spread, wet, old lady cunthole.

''Mmmm Jon look how wet you make me baby'', Margaret said as she gripped firmly and smacked his young ass.

Jon spat on her already soaking clit and sucked her pussy juice, as Margaret's thighs wedged his head between her. Soon Margaret came, brought to climax by her teenage lover and screamed in pleasure as Jon's finger's delved ever deeper inside her cunt.

The pair soon got under the bedclothes and Jon prepared to penetrate Margaret's senior vagina with his throbbing young memeber. Both of them had a racing heart-rate and the room was soon enveloped in steamy condensation of hot, wet sex. Sharing passionate wet kisses Jon eventually squeezed his knob inside her soaking twat, giving way to moans and groans of intense pleasure as he fucked the old woman, while milking the nipples of her firm, juicy mammaries. Jon relentlessly shagged the 59 year old, turning her over on top of him, slapping his ballsack against her ass while smacking it hard at the same time.

''You're a sexy old bitch'', Jon whispered in her ear, ''Do you like my young cock deep inside you baby?''

''Aww yeah baby, I love it'', ''You make me feel young again''.

Finally, Jon gripped Margaret's back, held her tight and blew another load of young goo inside her. Margaret screamed as his seed entered her and he kissed her on the neck. Margaret groaned with pleasure as Jon ejaculated in her vagina.

Jon took himself out of Margaret and, both exhausted, they slumped onto the bed, overwhelmed with intense sexual pleasure.

Jon guessed Margaret would need his help around the house a lot more from now on!

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