Sally's Hedonistic Experience

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I paused in my conversation and looked over at the bar. There was my wife Sally, flirting with two guys. I couldn't hear what she was saying but she had a broad smile and her blue eyes were twinkling. As I watched, she raised her face up to one of the men and kissed him. I could see their mouths working as their tongues intertwined. Then she turned to the other man and gave him a long tongue kiss as well. As she kissed the second man, she grabbed his right hand and brought it up to her left breast. His hand caressed her breast, playing with her nipple. The first man moved closer and soon one of his hands was caressing her right breast. As she pulled away from the kiss, I could see that both of her eyes were closed. I closed my own eyes and remembered...

"I've always wanted to go to that resort in Jamaica, the one where you can be completely hedonistic" Sally told me. We were at a bar near our house and talking about our sexual fantasies. It was our first year of marriage and we were still getting to know each other.
"I'd love to be naked at the beach, with several men caressing and sucking on my breasts," she continued.
"Is that all you would let them do?" I asked. "Don't you think that would just wet their appetite for more?"
"It might."
"And then?"
"And then we'd move on to more."

Wow. I had always fantasized about being part of a gang bang and here was my new wife talking about about it too. My hot new wife fucking other men? I didn't feel jealous at all; it just made me horny.
"Tell me."
"Well, I'd take the men back to our room, let them kiss and caress me all over my body and then I'd fuck each one of them."
"You'd fuck other men?" I asked.
"Only if it was okay with you, you are my husband after all."
"I have to confess that I have fantasized about you getting gang banged."
"Really? You wouldn't be jealous?"
"Not as long as I was there to watch and join in."

That conversation was three years ago and had been the source of countless bedtime fantasies between the two of us. Then, a couple of months agon, I arranged a trip to Jamaica.
When we got to the Hedonism II resort a few days ago, it was much like we had imagined it would be. It had a nice beach, swimming pools and hot tubs, balmy sea breezes, tropical plants, and interesting people. Very interesting people. During the day men and women walked all over the resort wearing sexy swimsuits; at night the women put on their slut wear, sporting everything from lingerie to low cut dresses. Sally seemed quite at home, wearing tiny string bikinies and revealing teddies.
We soon found that our favorite bar was at the nude beach. There men had to be nude, although women could wear bikini bottoms. And that was how were were dressed when this story began.

As I opened my eyes and watched the men caress Sally's breasts I realized that we were finally living the fantasy. I returned to my conversation with the nude brunette next to me. An anthropologist, she was telling me about a book she had recently read about female promiscuity.
"While much has been made about men being promiscuous, in nature it is the female that is most promiscuous. With most species, the female mates with many males to ensure that she gets the best sperm," she continued.
"I wonder how that relates to humans," I mused.
"Well, it is the female human's natural instinct to do the same. When you consider that women, unlike most females of other species, can be impregnated throughout most of the year, there is almost unlimited potential for promiscuity."
"So the main thing that keeps that promiscuity in check is our social mores." I replied. "Take away all of the social restrictions and female promiscuity would run rampant in the human species."
"Exactly. And that is one reason a place like this is so attractive as a resort. Look at that blonde over there at the bar. She is flirting with and kissing two men. She looks like she is enjoying it immensely and the two of them aren't bothered in the least. Acknowledging her promiscuity, they are probably both hoping to be part of a menage a trois."

Looking at the bar again, I realized she was referring to Sally. As we both looked at her, she stooped down and sucked on one man's cock. Then she turned around and sucked on the other man. After a few moments she stood up and turned back to the bar. Both of her arms moved slowly and we could tell that she was continuing to stroke both of their cocks.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that woman is married," my companion continued. "A lot of couples come here so the wife can enjoy several men."
"She is married. She's married to me." I said, trying to keep my own cock from getting hard.
"And it doesn't bother you?"
"Not at all,in fact it turns me on."

"I've wondered what it would be like to have several men but I'm here with my boyfriend and he gets very jealous."
"Well, you'll just have to work into it. I'm going to join my wife and see what's going on."
As I walked over to the bar, I gave my wife a good hard look. She certainly seemed younger than her fifty years. While her figure had filled out a bit, she was still a shapely woman with an hourglass figure. Her firm and pert 38C breasts, along with her pretty face and sharp wit, were among her strongest points.

"Hello Sally," I said as I approached the three of them. "I see you've made some new friends."
"Guys, I'd like you to meet my husband Stan."
"Nice to meet you." We shook hands all around. I learned that one was Jim and the other was Rich
"Stan, I was just inviting these two to come up to our room for a gang bang. Another guy is going to meet us at the room in a few minutes. Oh yes, Harold and his girlfriend are coming too." We had enjoyed a threesome with Harold the day before.
"Sounds good. Let's go."

As we walked into the room, Sally slid her bikini bottoms off and laid down on the bed. Rich and Jim laid down beside her and began caressing her body. Just then there was a knock at the door. I let in Harold and his girlfriend as well as the fourth man, Bill, who had arrived at the same time.

"I just want to sit here and watch," said Harold's girlfriend. Harold and Bill stood by the bed, looking for an opening. Soon Sally was on her hands and knees.
"I'll suck one of you while another fucks me."

The first two men took their places. Rich, at Sally's pussy, pulled on a condom. while Jim scooted up in the bed. Sally spread her legs so the first condom-covered cock could slip inter her pussy. She began sucking on the dick in front of her.
Harold, Bill, and myself stood by the bed watching a my slut wife bounced between the two men. As she leaned back onto Rich's cock, burying it to the hilt inside her, the cock in her mouth came out so that its head was visible between her lips. As Rich grunted and pushed her body forward, his cock pulled out, poised and ready to enter her again. Her mouth went all the way down on Jim's cock, its head buried in her throat and her lips touching its base.

As I watched I realized that my wife, on her knees with a cock plunging in and out of her cunt,was just responding to her natural instincts. She was getting fucked like a dog, like a female bitch in heat. And like the female animal that she was, she was trying to get male sperm into her body.. and enjoying every moment of it.

Finally Rich grunted one last time, plunged his cock deep with Sally's cunt, and shuddered. As he climaxed, I knew he was simply doing my promiscuous wife's bidding and trying to fill her with his cum. Finally he pulled out and I could see the condom, full of semen that, in his climactic moment, he had tried to leave inside her.

As Rich pulled away, Harold rolled a condom on his cock and plunged it into Sally's pussy. His dick was large but her pussy, wet with her juices. readily accepted it. Sally looked back for a moment to see who had just entered her, then returned to sucking on Jim's cock.
In a few moments Jim moaned as he began to cum. Sally pulled her mouth away and let his semen shoot out of his cock as she jerked on it with her hand. The white liquid rolled down the side like white magma, covering the back of her hand. I tossed her a wash cloth as Jim rolled off the bed. She wiped her hand and then concentrated on the large cock in her pussy. Leaning on her elbows, she put her face against the sheets, her rear raised high and presenting itself to the plunging cock. "Unh, Unh, Unh" she groaned as her whole body shook with the pounding. Soon Harold gasped and pushed hard into her, keeping his cock as deep as possible while it unloaded. When he finally pulled out the tip of the condom hung down, heavy with sperm.

By this time Bill had put on a condom and his cock was ready. Sally rolled over onto her back spreading her legs. "Fuck me this way," she told Bill. Obediently he crawled on top, pushing himself into her. Soon he was bouncing up and down as her spread legs, on either side of his back, shook from the impact. Soon, like the two men before him, Bill unloaded his cum into my wife, with the condom forming the only barrier between her and pregnancy.

Now it was my turn. Harold's girlfriend, excited by the action, had been on her knees sucking on my cock. I was good and hard. I got between Sally's legs and slid my condom-free cock into my wife's pussy.
As I pumped, Sally whispered in my ear. "I've just fucked three men and they both shot their cum into me. Now it's your turn. I was their whore and now I'm your whore. Fuck your slut wife."

After all I had seen, those words were all it took. Just as I felt my cock start to jerk, I pulled it out and shot all over my wife's stomach. My promiscuous slut was not getting any sperm yet! We had one more day at Hedonism II and her hedonistic experience was not yet over.

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