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The Locum Priest

(Part 1 from 4)

The Locum Priest
Chapter 1
By Sirdar

I had been trying without much success to get Zeeta our sexy West Indian housekeeper into bed for a very long time. I don’t think she took me seriously at first, the fact that I was a Priest put her off a bit, until one day in a fit of mad passion I had caught her alone, and grabbing her young body tight in my arms, I had given her a big kiss and a hug. She had quite surprisingly returned the kiss with a passion that almost took me by surprise. As we broke the kiss I had whispered.
“I will leave my door open tonight for you Zeeta dear.”
She did not reply but just gave me a big smile and ran back to the kitchen.

And so that evening the beautiful sexy Zeeta arrived in a white silky nightdress and slipped her beautiful coal black body into my bed, and I had taken her in my arms. I started kissing her on her smooth neck and mouth, and Zeeta had relaxed her luscious coffee coloured body back on to the bed her arms reaching out for me .

"Oh, my darling Tony, you don't have to be gentle with me. I am not a virgin. I have been with a few studs before you my darling,. "

"You may not be, but I am," I said facetiously.

Zeeta started giggling. "You're just too funny Reverend. I am sure as hell that ain’t true.”

“Oh call me Tony especially when we are in bed making love.” I told her.

Zeeta pushed me away and sat up. She reached down and pulled her nightdress off, tossing it away on the floor, now we were both stark naked as our bodies came together in a passionate clinch .

"You have a really lovely sexy body.” I told her sincerely.

I started to play with her ample naked breasts, gently pinched the nipples, bringing a little scream of joy from her, before I leaned down and started sucking on them.

I pulled her back on the bed and kissed her gently, but with increasing passion on her lovely full lips. She pulled my head down to her nipples, moving my head alternately between them both. After about a minute I moved down, pushing her legs apart as I started gently licking her clitoris. Her body froze, and she gave a little scream and almost immediately my face was flooded with her juices.

“No one has ever done that to me before.” She murmured.

“Please Tony I do want you to make love to me so badly ”
Zeeta spread her legs and pulled me impatiently on top of her. She wrapped her arms round my neck and kissed me passionately. Then wasting no time, her left hand moved down and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I started moving my hips as I pushed gently into her . She was extremely tight, and extremely wet.

She started moving gently with me and we settled into a steady rhythm of movement. Gradually the tempo increased and she started to breath more heavily, then she started to move her hips in a slight sideways motion. With each down stroke, Zeeta was using her muscles in spasms around my cock as I moved in and out Zeeta began to breathe harder. She started moving with me, her timing synchronised with mine. From her moans I knew she was enjoying the experience.
" She cried out “Oh, I'm cumming.."

I was very near cumming and I increased the tempo.

"Oh please. fuck me harder!" Zeeta almost shouted. As her body tensed I started shooting inside her. I thought for a brief moment she was going to pass out. Eventually she said. “Lie on your back Tony please.”

She moved up and lay her head on my shoulder and kissed me on the cheek.

“I can stay all night Tony dear if that’s what you want?”

It was just then that there was a knock on the door, but I shushed Zeeta and we lay still. Then I heard the Rev Marsh’s wife say. “I am sure I heard a girl scream just now.”

Then a male voice said “Oh never mind dear just push a note under the door.”

The note told me to report to Canon Marsh next morning as early as possibly convenient.

Perhaps it should not have come as a surprise to me when I called on my boss the Canon Marsh in his office and he said.

“Tony yesterday I had an urgent call from the Bishop - it seem that the Rev Richard Hapgood who has the Hazlehurst Parish has had a stroke, and is in a critical condition in the local Hospital, which means that the Parish is now without a vicar. They have weddings and funerals booked, and although the other local parishes have tried to help but they also have long standing commitments of their own. The Bishop is reluctant to ask one of the married curates to take over as it could be a long term illness, and they are already in parishes, but he has suggested that you may like to take his place until Rev Hapgood recovers, or until he can find a replacement, which with the shortage of ordained priests will surely take a few weeks or months. If and when Richard recovers then you will have had some good experience. Now you know that I will always be here to advise you, and I understand that Richard Hapgoods wife Megan knows you quite well and has suggested you for the job and she will be a big help to you - she has also offered to accommodate you in the Manse which will save the church the expense of a hotel.”

This offer was quite strange in a way, because my lack of a wife had been the major drawback in my getting my own Parish up until now. It had increasingly seemed to me, that I was stuck in a no hope career, and I had recently considered resigning from the church. It seemed to me that the church seemed to have this thing about priests being married, I presumed they wanted the free labour provided by a vicars wife, and many broad hints had been passed in my hearing in recent months from senior clergy about my single state.

I knew one or two curates had married out of frustration, and were now regretting their hasty action, and I myself had quite assiduously trawled through the single girls in the Parish without having met one, who I could see remotely what I was looking for in a life partner. There were several offers inviting me to their bed for the night which I had willingly tried out, but no possible candidate as a wife appeared. I had no aversion to getting married. In fact I really did want to get married, but I did have a very firm idea in my mind of what kind of woman would suit me.

I was not really short of overt offers, but many of these young women seem to have been pushed forward by parents wanting to get them married off to a respectable job like a vicar. But to me, all these girls seem to be under the thumbs of highly religious parents, with all the character and personality knocked out of them, and who had no real outside interests apart from the church. If I went to events outside the church without wearing my dog collar I met plenty of interesting women, but when they asked me what I did for a living they seemed to disappear very quickly. The thought of becoming a vicars wife was not an interesting proposition for most of them.

I had stood in for the Canon on a number of occasions, and taken various types of service and I had taken charge of one or two outlying church’s when the parish priest had gone on holiday, or been taken ill, so I had no real fears about taking on the Parish as a locum. I knew the Rev Richard Hapgood and his wife very well, and it had made the news and pleased the gossips no end, when he had married a much younger lady from his parish. His first wife having tragically died in child birth some years before. It had been rumoured at the time that Richard had been desperate for children, and his wife had allowed herself to get pregnant against medical advice and then paid the price.

His new wife Megan had been a regular church goer in his parish, and a very active Sunday school teacher, which seemed quite strange to anyone who knew her, but as she was an active member of the congregation it was perhaps logical that they should get to know each other quite quickly, and marry quite quickly despite the twenty year differences in age.

I think that having met his wife Megan several times previously, and having prior to her marriage dated her on a few occasions had perhaps set the standard that I was looking for in a wife, she was a very pretty blonde young lady with a vivacious personality, who dressed with some flair, and her down to earth approach to church affairs was quite relaxing, and on the numerous occasions we had met, I had been quite impressed by her. Even most of the old fuddy duddy’s of the church had eventually been won over by her extrovert personality.

She did her job as the vicars wife well, and no-one could fault her endeavor or her willingness to support her husband. She was to all intents and purposes a staunch supporter of the church, and she soon had become loved and respected by most, if not all the parishioners.

It did not take me long to pack my few belongings, say a regretful farewell to the lovely Zeeta, and driving my tired and ancient Austin Mini van the short distance of five miles to my new parish. I was feeling a little harassed, and not a little excited when I duly arrived at Hazlehurst Manse with two bulging suitcases, and the door was opened by the gorgeous Megan herself, looking as usual very attractive, and quite bubbly as she greeted me with a kiss on my cheek.

“Hi Tony lovely to see you again. I asked the Bishop personally for you, I don’t want some old vicar with one foot in the grave to take Richards place while he is away. I hear you are still single and breaking all the single girls hearts Tony dear.”

“Well Megan the problem is that Richard asked you to marry him before I could snap you up, and as there is only one of you, it looks as though I am destined to remain single and a lonely curate for the rest of my days.”

With a lovely heart breaking smile, she said as she took me by the hand.
“Tony Nash I do believe you are trying to flirt with me and I love it. By the way I have given you the master bedroom, and I have moved into one of the guest rooms, as all Richards books, his computer, and copies of his sermons are in the bedroom which I am sure that you will need to refer to from time to time.”

I asked Megan about Richard and she said “He is in a very bad way, and the doctors say that it is fifty fifty whether he makes any sort of recovery. If he has another stroke it may well finish him off, or leave him totally paralysed. The Bishop has been very kind, and very co-operative and readily agreed when I said that I felt that you were the best replacement for Richard. We have bags of room here in this dust trap of a manse, and keeping a close eye on you will give me something else to think about.”

I looked at her and I said. “I am sorry Megan I always liked Richard, and I will certainly do my best to fill his boots.”
Megan gave a little giggle “That is a promise I may well keep you too.”
I felt myself blush as her double meaning struck home.
I said “Now who is flirting with who?”
“I have my younger sister Katie stopping with me at the minute, she is a only fifteen and she is a bit of a wild girl but she is a great help, and she manages to keep me cheerful. We have a meeting of the Church Council tonight, and I would like you to meet the stalwarts of the church as soon as you possible can. I am going to see Richard in the hospital as usual, and so Katie will take you along, and introduce you and show you around. She should be back from school around about 4.00pm. Meanwhile darling boy I will help you get settled“

I struggled my cases up the long stairs and we soon got my clothes unpacked, and put away. Looking around the room.
“I said. Its awfully good of you to give up your room for me, it’s a long time since I have had a double bed to myself. “
I looked up as Megan chuckled “You never know I might well be severely tempted by having a young hunk in the house to come and join you. But don’t necessarily bank on it ”

I must have looked a little shocked as she said.

“Don’t be such a bloody prude Tony. Parsons have cocks, and God gave them the same urges as other men, in fact if rumour is right they seem to have more than other men, and hide their lustful habits under their surplus‘s.”
I had to laugh. “That is just what I like about you Megan, its because I am yearning to marry a woman just like you that I am still single.”

I reflected that during my time in theological college I had on several occasions had affairs with willing young ladies which I managed to keep very discreet. As Megan had pointed out priests in the church were normal men with normal sexual appetites, and it was well known that single Priests were prime candidates for certain young women seeking husbands. But unfortunately not the type of woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

We talked for a long time and it was brought home to me that Megan was a very broad minded wife, but I was equally sure that she had been totally faithful to her husband. However, I sensed an underlying desire for a more active social life than she had experienced with Richard, and it was no secret that she yearned for a large family, but nothing had happened so far. It was just after 4.00pm when the door burst open to admit Megans younger sister Katie who literally bounced into the room.

”Hi sis has he come yet?.” Then she stopped and blushed as she saw me sitting there.

I said hello Katie. “I am Tony.”

She came and shook hands with me looking a little embarrassed at her burst of enthusiasm. I looked at Katie she was just as lovely as her sister, she was about average height for her age, with long blonde hair a pleated blue school skirt, and a white blouse which was a shade tight and showed her bust to distinct advantage. I turned to Megan and I said
“God must surely have blessed your parents turning out two beauties such as you two.”

For the first time I saw Megan blush “Come on missy, shower and change you are taking the Rev Nash to the meeting tonight. As they disappeared into the kitchen I walked across the room to look at some books on the shelf and I heard Katie say .

“Wow Sis he’s a real hunk!” Megan said “Sshhh he will hear you.”

After tea Katie took me along to meet the church elders. It was not far to walk and Katie held my hand part of the way, but craftily unhooked me when we neared the meeting. She left me there after introducing me to the Chairman. The meeting opened with a prayer, and the Chairman introduced me to the meeting saying.

“We welcome you Rev Nash and hope that you can carry on the good work that our dear Rev Hapgood was involved in. They were the usual mixture of men and women with a few younger people. The Secretary a quite attractive young lady introduced herself as Agnes greeted me officially, and then went through the minutes of the last meeting relating to certain items of church business.

It was about 9.00pm when I returned to the Manse letting myself in with the key Megan had given me. Both Megan and Katie were ready for bed having changed into their night clothes and wearing dressing gowns they both looked absolutely lovely, and I in passing I made the remark.

“What a sight for a young single man to enjoy just before he goes to bed.”
I had a little chuckle to myself as I saw them both blush.

The following day being Saturday I worked in the morning preparing my sermons for the Sunday Services, but in the afternoon I had two weddings and a funeral. In the evening I went to visit Richard in hospital. I was shocked at the sight of him, but he recognised me, and we managed to have a little chat, which he seemed to enjoy. Just before we left he caught hold of my hand and said.
“Tony I am not going to make it I know that. But I want you to promise me you will look after Megan for me when my time comes. I know she likes you and would probably have married you if I had not got in first.”

I said “Richard that is an easy promise for me to keep, I am very fond of Megan, I think she is lovely, but lets just wait and see how soon you can get better”

Neither of us had realised that Megan had come into the room and had overheard the conversation .I looked round in surprise to see Megan standing there and her eyes fill with tears as she looked down at her dying husband. I knew that it was going to be an easy promise for me to keep.
“Then I said Richard you are not the type to give up, and you could be out of here quite quickly. strokes are funny things. However, I must tell you that I am becoming very frustrated with the Church and I am quietly considering whether I should look elsewhere for a career. I am fed up of being a curate with no prospects.”

I am sorry to hear that Richard, the church needs young people like you badly.

On the way out I managed to speak to the Nursing Sister in charge of the ward, and she confirmed our worst fears. She told me quite cynically

“Truthfully we can not hold out much hope for Richard, Reverend , but you never know. You are the people who deal in miracles. or so I am told - so who can tell?”

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