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The Hiking Trip

(Part 1 from 1)

Once again my husband was away on business. I never complain about it as I have more time for myself then.

I decided to go to a bush farm a hours drive from home. As it was the middle of the week I was the only person there.

Hiking is one of my passions. Adding too this I am a naturist and love hiking in the nude. This farm has everything, dense bush, rivers, mountain range, waterfalls and hiking huts along the way.

Early the Tuesday morning I left the house for my 3 day trip into the mountains. As I reached the forest I had my first stop to get myself prepared. My hike started with me only wearing my boots and back-pack.

Feel the sun and wind on my naked body gave me a sense of freedom. The scenery was absolutely beautiful as I got to the first hut at the foot of the range. It was late afternoon and I was rather tired. I went for a swim in the pond next to the hut. The water was cold and refreshing.
I got a fire going to prepare supper when I heard a noise in the bush close to me. A hunk of a guy stepped out and into my sight. He was a very handsome chap. I never realised that someone else was also bunking there for the night.

He came over to greet me and said nothing about my nakedness so I did not bother covering up. We sat together talking and laughing. It was a very hot evening so he invited me to go swimming with him in the pond. We had a fantastic evening of swimming, chatting and eating.

That night he slept on his bed and I in mine, nothing happened, can you believe it although I was horny as hell itself.

Early the next morning he brought me coffee in bed. We sat and talked for a while before I got up to ready myself for the next shift. Great was my surprise when he said he will be joining me on the next shift to the top of the mountain.

He walked in front, with me on his heels when we got to the ladder we had to climb to get to the overhang from where we could safely ascend to the top. By now I had only one though to occupy me and that was sex.

I started climbing the ladder and knew full well that he had a perfect view of my under carriage. As I climbed I felt the wetness run down my legs. I was perspiring but this was love juice.

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The rest of the climb was great as he was gentleman which disgusted me. I tried everything to get him interested but nothing. 

Very early the next morning he said good bye and explained why he cannot get involved. He went through a messy relationship break-up…………..with his boy girlfriend. That shook me. He left before the sun came up, leaving me frustrated and horny.

I must have fallen asleep. As I opened my eyes there were 3 guys making coffee and sitting around the table while I was lying naked on the bed.

The only thing I could do was to act as if noting was wrong. I got up and asked for tea which they gave me. After the introductions I went outside to greet the day and go for a swim.

After swimming and lazing in the sun the guys also came down for a swim. We sat and chatted in the sun when the one chap open his back-pack and pulled out a bottle of rum. My reason for not drinking is that it only takes one tot to change my way of thinking and living but what the hell.

We swam and drank enjoyed the sun, rubbed suntan lotion on each other. It was close to mid day that I really needed sex. I was very drunk and horny as can be. Fortunately the guys felt the same and got to work on my body.

Their hands were all over me and I enjoyed every minute of it. I had so many orgasms that at one point I passed out. Eventually I regained consciousness and I was in a different position and they were still fucking me. My sanity came and went as they ravaged me, plugging every hole in my body. Having a monster orgasm sent me over the edge as I passed out again.

Later I woke up alone next to the water. I got up to go and wash. I had cum all over my body, face and hair. My pussy was all puffed up as the sperm oozed out of me as I walked to the water. I was still drunk and over heated as I slipped into the pond. It was heaven on earth as I enjoyed the coolness of the water and the warmness of my body.

It was about 3 in the afternoon when I arrived back at the hut to collect my things. Had to be back before nightfall and still drive back home.

The walk back was uneventful but my body was still flushed with anticipation after the fun day I had.

If only I could get my husband to understand me and my sexual needs I would not have these feelings.

Driving home I started planning my next event.

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