She tried Black First.

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Ashley knew she shouldn't go, but deep down she was excited. A high school senior never having gone to a party before, let alone one so far out of town, Ashley tried to meekly refuse when her best friend Sandy first suggested it. Sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night? Naturally the girl shook her head, even though a thrill of adventure shot through her.

"Oh come on Ashley," Sandy said, hand perched on her hip, "It's just a little party. Your good-girl reputation will survive one little party."

"Little party, huh?" Ashley said, pushing her blond bangs back, "Says the girl who still tells her parents she's a virgin."

"Hey now! Maybe it isn't such a little party, but really it's no big deal. You'll go there, drink a bit, dance a bit, and be back in time for breakfast." Sandy smiled, flashing that grin that Ashley knew all too well. She knew Sandy was stretching the truth, with her devious grin and flashing eyes, but...

"Well..." Ashley looked down to her feet, assessing herself. She was a bit shorter than Sandy, not a basketball star like she was but did well as a runner on the track team. Slim and fit, she preferred jerseys over dresses any day, but she never was one for the limelight - unlike Sandy who loved it. No, Ashley usually did her best to be a wallflower, her golden hair down to mid-cheek and bangs that sometimes hid one of her bright blue eyes. She even wrapped her chest to avoid the stares of guys at school, not that it could hide her rather gifted breasts from the envious glances of the other girls. Ashley stayed in line and didn't step out of it, not usually. But it was just a party, and at the start of the weekend...

Sandy cocked her head to the side, "Well? Maybe you can meet some hot guy there. Way better looking than Greg too." Greg - one of the linebackers on the football team, and Ashley's now ex-boyfriend. Her parents thought he was perfect for her, but he broke up with her when she wouldn't go further than stroking him off in his car. Ashley was still fuming about him, and Sandy knew just how to push her buttons. It was a gift, really.

"Fine!" Ashley sighed, "Fine, I'll go." Sandy bounced up and down, her longer brunette hair waving behind her and a huge grin crossing her face, so she added, "But! We only are going to stay for a little bit, ok?"

"Ok ok!" Sandy said, still delighted, "Lemme get you all dressed up for the par-tay!"

"What? I'm already-" Sandy pulled Ashley into her room, the bed already completely covered with possible outfits for Ashley to wear -- all rather skimpy and revealing. Ashley sighed, and resigned to her fate.

*** The Drive

"I'm not wearing this."

"You're more than welcome to take it off in the middle of the party. Let all the boys see those big boobs of yours."

"I think they already can..." Ashley crossed her arms tighter across her chest as the car bumped along the country road. Sandy was at the wheel, driving the pair far from the city. Someone's rich parents had a cabin in the woods, and were busy in town according to Sandy's friend. Ashley told her parents she was going to be hanging out with Sandy -- not quite a lie, despite the black and white low-cut top that exposed her midsection and the short matching skirt she was wearing. She smoothed out the little skirt, which hardly came to mid-thigh, trying to cover up the cute-girl white panties Sandy had insisted on.

"Good! Those girls need some fresh air," Sandy said. Her own attire was hardly more modest -- she let her red skirt ride dangerously close to her rose-colored panties, and her tight v-cut top proclaimed fact that she wasn't wearing a bra. "You're going to have the boys drooling all over you!"

"Why are we doing this again?" Ashley asked, watching the trees enclose around them.

"To get you out of your shell, clam-girl," Sandy said, "And maybe catch a few cute guys..."

"What about your boyfriend? What is he going to think about you 'catching a few cute guys', huh?" Ashley remembered that she had invited Clay over to her house a little more than a month ago and lost her virginity to him right on her parent's bed, so Sandy had bragged.

"Pfft," Sandy tossed her auburn hair back, "Ex-boyfriend, you mean. He'll be too busy banging stupid sluts and knocking up other girls I'm sure..." There had been rumours going around that Clay never used condoms and actually liked knocking his girlfriends up -- Sandy being his last before the others began to show. In any case, Ashley had been noticing Sandy's sick-runs to the bathroom, even if she said they were just bouts of the stomach flu. There were lots of those bouts...

Ashley didn't say anything as they pulled up the long rocky driveway towards the cabin. Cars and trucks were lining the whole way, and lots of them. Rounding the corner the cabin rose into view, a crowd of people scattered around the lawn in the spring air and the large windows on the huge two-story building lit up with even more people inside.

"Here we are!" Sandy said, killing the engine and snatching her purse up for some last-minute adjustments.

"I thought you said this was a little party!" Ashley looked out the window at all the people milling about, drinks sloshing about in nearly every hand, and girls and guys bobbing and grinding to the music thumping from inside the cabin.

"Oh, did I say little? I meant concentrated," Sandy couldn't even try to hide her cattish grin as she said it.

"They're not even from school, Sandy. Is this a college party?" Ashley looked out the window again, her nerves rising.

Sandy brushed back her hair and looked in the mirror, "Oh yes. The best kinds of parties are college parties!" She stopped and leaned over to her friend, pointing out the window at some shirtless guys, "See how hot they are? Much better than Greg, don't you think?"

"Yeah..." Ashley admitted, scanning them over a few times, but quickly added, "But you never said this was a college party! I don't think I can go out there like this..." She looked down at herself again. All that covered her legs was a thin skirt shorter than her track shorts, and the top and bra pushed her ample cleavage out for everyone to see.

"Don't worry Ashley! Look at those girls," She pointed. The cabin was lakeside, and girls were dancing all about in bikinis like lingerie and were grinding up against the very pleased and shirtless guys. "And you're worried about your clothes. You're far sexier than any of those girls anyway."

"I don't know..." Ashley's heart was beating fast, one hand gripping the seat and the other the door handle. Sandy grabbed her shoulder and gave her a little shake.

"Ashley! Relax, ok? We're going to have a good time here, al-right? Especially you -- why do you think I brought you to this party in the first place?"

"Cause you like to get drunk and party with college boys?"

"That, but more importantly we're going because of you!" Sandy said, "I've had you in mind for coming to this kind of party for awhile now," Sandy was smiling, her eyes full of excitement and... something else Ashley couldn't quite place it. "I think you'll really like this party tonight, Ashley. A good change from that idiot Greg for sure. Maybe it'll even change you for the better too, huh?"

Ashley thought about it. What was the worst than could happen? Her friend was here, an experienced party-goer, and she wasn't a stranger to drinking. Yeah, Ashley thought, she'd be ok. No, better than ok! She looked out the window again at all the people, especially the boys. She'd show Greg that she knew how to have a good time -- and he'd never get any of it himself. Ashley took a deep breath, and pushed down her nagging fear.

"I think you're right Sandy. Let's go."

"Right!" Sandy and Ashley jumped out of the car and stepped towards the cabin as the sun sank into twilight behind the dark and distant mountains.

*** Dark Dancing

The inside of the cabin was packed with people, mostly college students, dancing and jumping to the beat of the loud music that thumped in Ashley's chest. Sandy led her straight to the improvised bar on the large kitchen counter and ordered 'the special' for Ashley with a wink to the bartender. He nodded with a polite smile, and quickly mixed up a particularly hard-looking drink just out of view.

Ashley was no lightweight, at least in her mind. Soon enough she had gone through a few rounds and was beginning to bob her head to the music that pounded through her whole body. Sandy smiled and laughed as she sipped her virgin cokes and lemonades, assuring Ashley that, "At least one of us has to be the responsible one here!" with that strange glint in her eyes.

With her whole body tingling with the music, and her reservations about her attire fairly well dissolved by the pleasant buzzing in her head, she turned to her smiling friend and giggled, "Sandy, I think I'm drunk enough to actually want to dance."

"Really?" Sandy said, raising her eyebrows in mock surprise, "Well, I hope you don't mean with me -- I've got two hot guys checking me out over there, and I can't deny gentlemen like that." Ashley peeked at the 'gentlemen' whose eyes were roving all over her friend, especially up to her skirt that Sandy 'accidentally' forgot to pull down over her bright red panties.

Ashley giggled a bit too loud and tried to cover her mouth, "Oh, ok then. I'll let you have those white knights then. I'll go find my own." She picked herself off the counter and kicked off her heels. The dance floor awaited, and with her hips swaying to the music she sauntered off into its midst. Sandy watched, glancing at all the 'specials' her friend had downed, and knew they would really be kicking in soon...

All Ashley knew was that the music was getting better and better, and the thick crowd near the booming speakers drew her in like a moth to flame. There she danced, shaking her hips to and fro, raising her leaden arms into the air, and tossing her light blond hair about as she swayed to the beat. The people around her felt so warm and good, and the hands that would grab her hips and the bodies that would grind up behind her felt even better. A faraway thought entered her hazy mind, that she wouldn't be caught dead rubbing her ass against a guy before, but now she was doing it gladly with complete strangers! The girl laughed to herself, before she felt someone new come up behind her.

"Damn girl, your dancing' is fine!" Ashley turned her head, and when her vision caught up with her eyes she saw a dark figure, grinning down at her as his warm hands grabbed her hips.

He was black. Very black. Ashley didn't know many black people, and she had never seen this guy before. Sure, she obviously had seen some around town occasionally, but growing up in the Midwest there wasn't very many, and hardly any in her school. Her dancing slowed, feeling a pang of nervousness growing in her chest.

"I bet you've never danced with a black guy before, huh?" The older black boy said, and Ashley only nodded. "Thought so. Don't you worry, we like keepin' young white girls like yourself real comfortable..." His hand stroked the bare sides of her midriff. They were so very warm, and he pressed himself all along her back as he spoke in her ear.

Ashley's buzz hummed on in her head, imploring her to dance despite this strange black man holding her. Slowly she began to move against him, just nuzzling her hips against him at first -- it all she could manage with the shock of his black hands on her. It surprised Ashley that she had that kind of reaction. She'd been taught to not be racist all her life, though it always was an unspoken taboo that white girls don't do these things with black boys, let alone grind their asses against them.

But as she danced, be it the combination of the drink, the pounding music, and his dark body pressing all along her, she felt better than before. Much better. Her hips moved just a bit more.

"What's your name, girl?" He asked, close to her ear.

"Ashley," she replied meekly, glancing over her shoulder through her blond hair.

"Mmm, Ashley..." he hummed in her ear. His voice was definitely that of a black guy, a deeper resonance that fit perfectly with the throbbing music. "I like that name. What you doin' at a party like this, Ashley?"

"Umm, looking to have some fun, I guess..." The beat picked up, and she pressed her hips into his more, starting to slide up and down with the music as she kept a sky-blue eye towards him over her shoulder.

"Fun you guess, huh?" He ground back into her and moved his hands forward, "I bet we can have more fun than this, girl." For some reason, his words send a shock through Ashley's belly -- an invigorating one that made her crave more.

"What's your name then, fun guy?" Ashley said with a little smile.

"Derren," he said, "Or were you expecting' it to be something' more black, like Tyrone or Jamal?" he laughed, and Ashley felt the strong vibration against her back.

She giggled, "N-no, why would I?"

He really laughed then, "Ha! Don't tell me you're all innocent like that. Your hips are sayin' otherwise girl." He was right. Ashley didn't notice how hard she was pushing against him till then, her short skirt riding up as she gyrated and slid up and down on his jeans. But she liked it, and didn't stop.

"I might just like your dancing, Derren," she said, trying to hide the fact that it wasn't just his dancing that was getting to her. "Are you from the college?"

"Heh, sure am. Couldn't be lead quarterback for 'em otherwise, could I?" Ashley could feel he was fit. Not like Greg, who was built like a boulder. She ran her hands along his bare arms, but already she could feel the strength in them as he held her swaying hips.

"My ex-boyfriend was on the football team. Maybe I have a thing for football players, huh...?" Ashley smiled and looked back at Derren, who grinned knowingly back.

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