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Teen neighbor-new friend

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Yesterday, I was at home working on my yard, when my next door neighbors daughter, Danielle, stopped by. I've have known her, and her parents for 18years now, and she has blossomed into a totally, hot girl. She told me her car was overheating, and could I look at it. She was dressed in short, shorts, that showed a little of those perfectly, tight, ass cheeks, and a loose, spaghetti strap, top. I was in my sweat shorts, and t-shirt.

Like I said, she was now 18years old, 5'2", 100pounds, long, brown hair, green eyes, perky 34b tits, and a great!tight, bubble butt. I'm 44, 6'0", 180pounds, athletic build, with an 8"inch cock.Many times I've watched her laying out by her pool, and when my wife and kids were away, jacked off to her. Well now, as I walked to her car, my cock started to get aroused, watching that ass. Seeing as it was midday, no wife, no kids, and no parents were around, so I started thinking nasty thoughts. As we looked at her engine, and she was bent over, I could see those beautiful, perky breasts. I could see the problem was the upper, radiator hose was leaking, and needed changed.

She said she had one already, but could I put it on for her. I said:"You'll have to help me a little, and she said:"Whatever, you need me for, I'll do it."If she only knew what I really could use her for! As I was putting the hose on, I saw my chance. I told her to stand in front of me, hold the hose so I can tighten it up. She leaned over, that great ass stuck out, and I about came. My cock was just about fully erect, as I pushed in behind her, on her ass, she didn't flinch or say anything. I VERY slowly tightened the clamps, one at a time, and continued to push on that ass. She even stuck out her ass even more, as I did the next clamp.

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My cock was now rock hard, and pushing into those tight cheeks, when she said: Wow! you get excited working on cars, huh?"I looked in her eyes and said: "I'm so fucking horny right now, and your beautiful ass and body is driving me nuts!" She turned around, saw my cock sticking out of my shorts, and said: "Thats a great looking cock!, do you want to have some fun?"I could barely speak, but said:"I've dreamed of you, and jacked off so many times wishing we would have a time." She said:"Lets go into my house, cause I want to fuck your brains out!!" I thought I died! As soon as we were inside, I took off my clothes, she had hers off in seconds. What a killer body!! She was absolutely perfect. Tanned all over, soft skin, those perky tits, shaved pussy, and eager lips. I said:"I want to eat your pussy so bad, may I?"Of course she said. She layed down, and I went crazy! What a perfect pussy. It tasted so good, I couldn't stop licking, kissing, and sucking all of it.

Her pussy lips were so tight, I had to spread them apart, to lick inside. She was loving it. She said:"I love my pussy eaten, but no ones done it like you, your wonderful!" My cock was harder than I've ever seen it. She began to scream so loud, and grind her pussy, so hard on my face, I knew she was going to come. Then she did!!It was unreal!!Pussy juice everywhere. I licked up what I could, and then she sat up, and said:"Fuck my little pussy, PLEASE!!I started to enter her, and I couldn't believe how tight she was. I had to force it to go in. She was screaming:"It feels so good, fuck me faster!"

Catching my breath, I asked her:"How many times have you fucked?" She said:" Your the second one, the first guy was nothing like you!!" Close enough to a virgin for me! I pounded that pussy, while sucking those titties, which drove her wild. I knew I couldn't last long, when she said:"Do you want to fuck my little butt?"I almost blew my load hearing that. I said:"Yes, PLEASE!! She turned over, showing me that perfect bubble butt, and said:"Put it in, all of it, fuck my ass!!" I could barely get any in, when she reached back, and spread her cheeks for me. I loved it. Slowly I started getting it in, inch by inch.

She was screaming in pain and pleasure, but said:"Don't stop, it feels so good!" I got into a nice rhythm, and was in anal heaven! What a perfect ass! And I was the first one in it! All of a sudden, I knew I was going to blow, and she forced her ass, all the way on my cock. I exploded, like I've never done before, and fell onto her. Out of breath, she looked at me and said:"I loved that!Your cock felt so good in my ass, did you love it?" I said"That was the best ass I've EVER fucked, and its the best ass I've EVER seen, you about gave me a heart attack!"

She turned to me, gave me a soft kiss, touched my shrinking cock, and said:" Do you want more?" I said in a few, and she said:"I'm going to wear your cock out today, and whenever you want me, just let me know!" I said:"How about any day your home, and no one else is around?" I want you and that ass, as much as I can take!"She said:"Thats a deal!, I'm your little sex slave baby!" My cock was getting hard again, but thats for next times story!!

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