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Teen ass beauty!

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

My best friend daughter, Lisa, who just turned 18, two weeks ago, called me , right after I got home from work today, about 12 noon. Now she is absolutely gorgeous, standing 4'10" , 95 pounds, short brown hair, green eyes, perky 34b tits, that would give you a black eye if she hit you, tan all over, and one of the tightest, little , bubblebutts, I've ever seen.  I'm 47, 6'1" , 185 pounds, married 19 years(Not getting much sex anymore!), and always looking to get my rocks off. 

I've never cheated on my wife,  till TODAY!Lisa called and asked what I was doing, I said:" Nothing, whats up with you?" She said:" Just bored, can I come over and visit, maybe, play cards or something?"  Now, I've seen her grow up, and many times she's been over to play with my kids, but now at her age, I had nasty thoughts all the time.  When she would come over to swim in her bikini, my goodness! She would sit in my lap, casually grind her ass a little, and I did my best to keep my 7. 5 inch cock, from getting hard, so others wouldn't see my excitement.  Many times I've jacked off thinking of fucking her pussy, and that perfect ass

She arrived in about 20 minutes, dressed to kill.  She was in a very tight, short, Levi mini-skirt, and a tight, tank top.  I thought I'd blow my load right there.  I was in my shorts, and t-shirt.  I answered the door, she gave me a tight hug, and kiss on the cheek, and said: " So whats on the agenda?"  I said:" Whatever you want to do, would you like to play cards?"  She said " Sure!, where at? " In the living room will be fine. "  As she walked in front of me, that perfect ass drove me wild.  I got the cards, asked if she wanted something to drink, and she said:" Could I have a beer?, I really need one, if thats cool with you. " I answered:" Just don't tell your dad, he might think I was trying to take advantage of you. "  She reponded:" He wouldn't care if it was you, she laughed. " I got her a beer, and when I walked back into the living room, she was laying on her stomach, with a couch pillow under her, which made her perfect ass, stick up, and she wasn't wearing panties! I about dropped the beers. 

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My god what an ass! I handed her the beer, and started shuffling the cards.  I asked her how school was, mom&dad, and her boyfriend.  She said:" It's all good, but I got rid of my boyfriend. "  Watching her speak, and seeing her skirt, inch up higher, made my cock start to grow.  I asked:" What happened? He was your first real boyfriend, right?" She said:" He cheated on me, can you believe it?"  He was the only one I've ever had sex with. "  I answered: " Some guys are jerks, you know, he doesn't know how lucky he was to have had a smart, totally, hot looking girlfriend, but he'll miss it. "

 She looked up at me and said:" Your always so nice, wish you weren't married" , and finished her beer, and asked for another.  I said:" Sure thing, but drink it slow, don't want you getting drunk now. " She laughed, and asked if I had ever cheated.  I said:" Not yet, but sometimes it has crossed my mind. " Then she shocked me by asking:" Do you masturbate?" I could barely speak! I guess the alcohol was taking effect on her.  I said:" Actually,  I jack off at least 6 times a week!" She asked:" Do you not have sex with Becky, (my wife), much?" " Hardly at all, and I'm always horny you know. "  She said:" Your still a hot, looking guy you know, and I bet you know how to make love, huh?" I answered:" I try hard!"  Getting 2 more beers, and with her talk, my cock was now fully erect.  I stood there for a moment, thinking of what to do.  I then took off my shorts, and out it came, all 7. 5" inches.  As I walked back into the room, she was watching T. V. , not looking at me.

Her ass was totally exposed now.  I sat the beers down, and made my move.  In a flash, with cock in hand, I sat on her ass.  Startled, she looked up, and said:" What do you think your doing?"  I said:" I'm going to fuck your brains out, then fuck your great ass, but first, I'm going to eat that beautiful pussy, and you can suck me if you want, okay?"  She responded:" What took you so long?"  I've been playing with myself, while you got the beers, and I'm so wet!!"  I turned her over, pulled off her skirt, and it was a sight.  No tan lines, tight lips, and shaved pussy!"  I went wild! Her sweet juices made me lick and suck, all she had.  In minutes, she was fucking my face, and it was great.  She was screaming:" eat my pussy!I love it! don't stop!, it feels so good!

Then she screamed:" I'm coming!, oh my god!!!. . . and blew!!Wow!It tasted so good, and when she got her breath, I sat up, she looked at me and said:" I've never come like that! " God, you know how to eat pussy!" We kissed, and she grabbed my throbbing cock, and said:" Thats a nice cock, can I suck it?"  " Yes, suck me I said. "  She was unreal! She knew exactly what to do, and did it well.  Up and down, her soft lips sucked my cock.  Rubbing my balls, licking them, it was great.  Then she licked my asshole.  Oh my!! I thought I'd come, when she said:" Does that feel good?" I said:" Your fantastic!" , but now, put that hot pussy on my cock!" She mounted me, and eased that tight pussy on my member.  Slowly, she got it in.  Telling me:" " Your bigger than my boyfriend, I love your cock!"  We went wild.  I've never had pussy that age, or that tight! In minutes, we were both screaming how good it felt.  She asked:" Do you like my little pussy?" I could hardly speak, but said:" I love it! fuck me harder!!

She slammed harder.  Right then,  I told her I was going to come.  She said :" Wait!, she climbed off me, and bent over on the couch, sticking that ass up, and said:" Do you want to fuck my virgin ass?" I almost came right then.  I've dreamed of her great ass, and said:" More than anything!!"  I started to enter, she screamed in pain, but said:" Put it in, I want your cock so bad! Pushing hard, I got halfway in.  She screamed:" It feels so good. . . fuck it, fuck it!!I fucked it so hard, and it was so good, and tight, I was in ass heaven.  Then I told her I was coming.  She put my cock, all the way in that ass.  I exploded, like I've never come before! Holding those little ass cheeks, till I shot all my load!Then , I pulled out, she then sucked out the remaining come.  WOW!!She was unbelievable!

As we both sat on the couch, I said:" You are THE hottest girl I've ever had sex with, and you are truly great at sex!" , I wish I could have you all the time!!" She answered back:" Do you want a girlfriend?I won't tell nobody, if you don't!"  I said:" My dream has come true!Yes, I want you Lisa!!"  She kissed me hard, and said:" I'm all yours, just tell me when you want me, and I'll come to you!, I really like you!!I said:" whenever the wife is away, I'll play!!She touched my cock again, it started to grow, and said:" One more time today, please!"  away we went! Its a great life now, huh!! More, next week!!

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