Indiscreet Innocence: Party Women Need Love ,Too

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Chapter 1. Indiscreet Innocence

Two years ago, very Irish Catholic and very innocent Kathleen O'boyle came to teach English at Sexton. She had the typical features of the dark Irish: long black hair framing a white face with prominent cheekbones tapering down to a slightly peaked chin. Her mouth was wide but with a delightful overbite and, coordinated with sparkling eyes, known to smile "like a 'morn in spring."

Long stemmed with freckles, she nevertheless had a very wide flair to her hips and plush drumstick thighs. Her breasts were the hallmark of her allure. Extremely large, yet nevertheless compact, they rode high and wide apart on her chest, somehow complementing the length of her swan-like neck. The breasts, themselves wide-based, occupied a lot of territory. Their conical development although reasonably elongated were so ample, they could be considered huge, but nevertheless appeared compact and dome-like. In fact, they stuck far out, and their width kept them firm, yet, it bears saying again, very, very large. The best part, however were the nipples that spiked far beyond her dark aureoles when she was aroused, which was quite often.

At first she didn't party and wouldn't have believed it if someone had told her that in 3 years time, she would become notorious for riotous living.

It all started when, at the age of twenty-four, she fell in love with the shop teacher and football coach. He was also Catholic, but none-the-less divorced. Kathleen decided not to introduce Stosh to her parents. Their affair flourished, and the beautiful, inexperienced lass knew she was in love.

Stosh was ten years older than Kathleen and ran with a very wild crowd. Stosh didn't realize that, thanks to their bar-hopping at locales with erotic atmospheres, followed by alcohol-driven, uninhibited sex; this innocent's newly awakened body was now populating her mind with pornographic fantasies; so, not realizing he had a veritable sex bomb in Kathleen, Stosh tired of her seeming innocence.

In order to loosen her up, Stosh decided he’d introduce her to his dissolute friends, Laura and Jim, who were married but enlivened their sexual life with a great deal of variety, in both separate and combined bacchanals. Stosh, Laura and Jim, who Kathleen had never met, planned a party for her twenty-fourth birthday that was intended to open her up to new adventures. Just in case Kathleen's participation in their intended orgy didn't work out well, Laura had, unbeknownst to even Stosh, invited Earnie, one of her hundred or so boyfriends, Earnie's sister and Sal, one of said sister's hundred or so boyfriends.

The short, bulbous blonde who answered the door in a low-plunging evening dress had a drink in her hand. "Stosh! We were starting without you. And this must be your lovely lady-friend, about who I've heard so much!"

Laura had a comely, porcine face with a sexy, impudent look. Her nose was wide and saucily upturned. Overall she was bustling and brassy, and, notorious for her rapacious, drunken rampages. The curvaceous Laura had obviously consumed more than the drink she was holding. Thanks to the upturn of her nose combining with her shortness and vivacity, Laura was not only sexy but also attractive. With very globular, out-thrust breasts and large buns, her short figure was fully-packed. Her dress was a one-piece pull-over that had such a plunging front, Kathleen could see how well-rounded her cantaloupe-like boobs really were. 

Since they were almost rubbery firm, a bra wasn't necessary. Their spherical, inner surfaces, exposed by the indecently wide neckline dominated the view of her overall attributes. The dress wasn't tight, so Kathleen wasn't to notice until later that Laura's hefty and rounded hips and ass protruded blatantly. The bustling hostess was verging on becoming fat, but had never gained weight thanks to the physical exertions of her partying, but in return, she overflowed with party-induced, female hormones. Oozing with lust, she was a veritable estrogen factory.

Whiskey fumes engulfed Kathleen as Laura eagerly tilted her wide-jawed face up to kiss her. While Kathleen dutifully lowered her face into the hostess' plush lips, Stosh mischievously forced Kathleen's hand down over Laura's well differentiated waist, and then down further out onto the globes of her outcropped buttocks. 

Kathleen was stunned! She knew her own ass was capacious but to feel the hot flesh of Laura's globular endowments made Kathleen jealous, and worse yet, horny. A guilt-induced thrill coursed through her innards. Laura's ass cheeks were perfect hemispheres of arousing bun and far more protuberant than her dress had displayed. 

Complementing the whiskey fumes, there was a warmth radiating from the woman's burgeoning ass that seemed to broadcast the intent of the party. Kathleen didn't dare recoil lest she offend the hostess, who now snaked a tongue past the innocent's lips. Stosh forced Kathleen's hand into the fleshy seam of Laura's crevice, and another thrill rushed through Kathleen. She felt an engorged mound nested right under the crevice made by the juncture of the sex-bomb's ass cheeks.

"Oooooo, I can see we're all gonna get along jush swell," Laura gasped as her husband dragged the Irish beauty away from his tipsy wife. Jim then took up where his mate left off, but this time it was Kathleen's ass that received the caressing hands. As a combination of horniness, guilt and outrage surged through her, the Irish beauty saw her lover, Stosh, bend to embrace the sexy Laura. With both hands on her ass, they intertwined in an obvious lover's kiss.

Chapter 2. Party Virginity

"Stop it, Stosh! I don't want you rushing things! Ooooohhh! Ooooohhhh! God! Stop it! I'm a virgin an want to stay that way 'till later."

Even as Jim fondled Kathleen, the absurdity of the remark registered with her. Laura was married, and that ruled out virginity to start with, but one look at the lascivious Laura was enough to dispell the remotest likelihood of virginity. In fact, Laura was the antithesis to virginity. What Kathleen didn't know was, when uninhibited partiers used the term, virgin, it usually meant since the last shower or douche.

When a girl at a party tells a potential lover, "I'm a virgin," it's usually meant as reassurance that, should he decide to feed from her trough, the results won't include another man's bodily fluids.

Later on in the party, a woman may advertise that she's not a virgin, even though it would be obvious, and this might also prove an inducement to the more debauched among the by-then, raging-drunk revelers inclined to administer oral suction to well-lubricated genitalia.

As Kathleen pried herself away from Jim, Stosh had cupped a hand under the cheeks of Laura's ass and was massaging the mound of her cunt from behind. "Oooohhh God, Stan! What're ya dooin to me?"

Amazed that, instead of trying to stop it, the little woman, reaching a hand into her own crotch intensified her soul-kissing, Kathleen screamed "STOSH!"

That broke up the embracing and the red faced hostess gasped, "She's right, honey. We're going waaaay too fast. Less wait 'till the other guests get here before we start."

"START WHAT?" Kathleen blurted angrily as Stosh pulled away from Laura and came over beside his girlfriend to put an arm around her lovely waist.

"I'm sorry, we were getting a little carried away," Laura gasped. "Thass what happens when anyone touches my derriere!"

"I didn't mean to touch it. Stosh put my hand down there while we were kissing." Kathleen objected.

"I should have known. That's Stosh for ya. He knows that I have no self-control, and it can ruin a party for the women to have things get out of control at the beginning. He wants to skip the best parts, and get right down to nasty.”

Laura went on, “I'm controllin the party, and not you, Stosh! Since you're such a mischief maker, why don't you make your beautiful lady friend one of your devil drinks. Has he gotten you drinking his kamikazes yet?"

Chapter 3. Irish Genes and Whorish Scenes

To get his girlfriend enjoying booze had been the coach's first order of business, and he habitually took her to the bars where she learned to drink the especially potent mixtures he ordered up. It wasn't long before her Irish genes came into play, and she soon looked forward to that first drink of the night, then the next and the next and the next. Kathleen's drinking had added an element of abandon to their sex life that would've otherwise been impossible considering her strict background.

As Stosh returned with two wicked-looking drinks for each of the women, he asked Laura, "Who all did you invite?"

"Earnie and his sister, Nellie, and her boyfriend, Sal."

"OW WOW! Nellie's some hot number! Do you think she's makin it with her brother?"

"I wouldn't doubt it. Nellie gets it on with everybody. I don't think she makes any exceptions with relatives, but we'll know for sure when they get here."

That was too much for Kathleen. She beckoned Stosh off to the side by the liquor table and whispered in his ear, "What kinda party have you taken me to? I don't wanna be around this kinda stuff. And this, Nellie, whoever she is ... why I'd never even want to be near someone like that." She formed in her mind a picture of a sluttish, abandoned, tramp, who would "get it on with anybody," even her own brother.

"OK honey, OK. I'll tell 'em to cool it. How about another drink?"

"After what's been happening so far, I think I need one." With that, Stosh mixed her another devil drink. Kathleen suddenly realized that taking another drink could be risky. She was in an atmosphere that might require her to remain in control of her behavior. She hadn't ever lost control from drinking, well, not exactly, unless you counted how she acted in bed with Stosh after a night in the taverns, but that could've been due to the atmosphere as well as the drink. One embarrassing remembrance involved her behavior after witnessing a platinum blonde woman who left the tavern with two men.

The blonde beauty had arrived with just one man, who appeared to be her husband. This was confirmed when he ordered drinks in a loud voice and added, "You might as well make two for the missus, 'cause she's gonna want more right away." Seeming to disregard the fact that open barstools were in short supply, the foxy beauty lay a small, glittering handbag in the center of the seat next to her.

"Stosh!" A tipsy Kathleen had chided, "Your eyes are gonna roll across the floor." The blonde was glamorously dressed, but although not overexposed, this woman looked like she had been poured into her shimmering, off-lemon, evening dress. She had breasts that were the size and shape of large cantaloupes, and her waist tapered under her ribcage only to flair out and blend with sensually wide, cylindrical hips. 

Sitting at the barstool, the cocktail-drinking knockout displayed her globular buttocks to magnetic advantage, and her lovely ass was what Stosh couldn't take his eyes off. The bartender was already serving her second martini with a large supplementary decanter. She tilted her elegantly smooth face to sallow through ruby lips the elixir that would inspire her for adventures to cum, and cum, and cum.

"Wow!" said Stosh, "She's tying one on!" The rounded calves of her legs, tinted in such a way that suggested encasement in the sheerest of stockings, seemed to advertise the zaftig nature of those parts of her body that only the most fortunate of people might later experience.

Stosh had the unmistakable signs of an erection bulging in his crotch, and Kathleen, who had already had more drinks than was prudent, slurred, "So ya like it when a beautiful woman ties one on, do you? Suppose I was to tie one on, would ya like that too? Or aren't I interesting enough?"

Just then, an athletic-looking, young man walked in, seeking a barstool to occupy, and the blonde, spotting him, removed her handbag from the stool next to her. Meanwhile, her husband, turned in the other direction as though he wasn't her companion. The placement of the little purse hadn't been as thoughtless as one might have suspected. The stud, seeing this an open invitation, which it was; sat down and ordered, for both himself and for her. Again, her now empty cocktail glass, was joined by third full decanter of potent libation from which the bartender then replenished it.

Now, Kathleen, herself, couldn't take her eyes off of the blonde. Stosh had signaled the bartender to make his dark-haired companion another heavily-laced drink. It took ten minutes for both Kathleen and the blonde to drink up and have an additional round served. 

Just as the blonde's drink arrived, the bartender must've said something to the husband that tipped the stranger off to their relationship, because, after he turned away, the blonde went through the motions of introducing her two male companions to one another. The husband seemed delighted, but the stranger looked less than pleased. 

With that, the blonde leaned her beautifully coiffured head down on the newcomer's shoulder, and her arms affectionately and somewhat kittenishly encircled the stranger's neck. The husband, then, guided the stranger's hand onto the oval surface of a spherical breast. That turned the trick, because the stranger kissed her back.

"My God!" Kathleen gasped! "What's going on?"

"I think it's two-for-one night," Stosh quipped, the bulge in his crotch swelling.

The blonde, then, kissing the stud first on the cheek, then, wiggling her ass; attached her lips firmly on his. What followed was a three-way discussion that led to their paying the bill and leaving with the blonde’s rear wiggling between 2 masculine forms.

They departed in such an indecent manner that the image of their three inter-locking, swaying bodies would haunt Kathleen with horny images for weeks (until her own adventures surpassed this scene). 

The blonde, now obviously tipsy and bracketed between her two companions, flirted with both her soon-to-be lovers, kissing one on the cheekbone and cupping the other's crotch in the hand that wasn't holding her handbag. As she sashayed, the welcoming breadth of her pivoting hips and pelvis sent chills of lust and envy through Stosh and Kathleen. There was just the hint of a tummy bulge in her form-fitting gown swelling above an outcropping where her substantial thighs came together.

As the threesome wended their passage with serpentine over-correction due to the effects of alcohol, Stosh remarked, "I'll bet they do this every night."

"You mean the three of them?"

"No! Of course not! I mean she and her husband go out every night looking for new men to get in threesomes with them."

"Threesomes," Kathleen repeated dazedly, her cunt watering more than her mouth at the thought. 


Just then, the threesome was abreast of Kathleen and Stosh, and the stunningly beautiful, platinum blonde looked right into Kathleen's eyes and winked lasciviously. This seemed like a message passed from one dissolute woman to another; and as Kathleen's breasts heaved, her heart raced. Her breath caught in her throat. Unbeknownst to herself, even, Kathleen's tongue did a circuit of her lips.

In typical self-centered manner, Stosh took this as a sign that his comments were the source of her excitement continued, "Ya! They're gonna have a sandwich and she's gonna be the meat. Some juicy meat!"

"A sandwich. Let's get out of here, Stosh, I wanna make love."

The "love" they made that night left Kathleen with feelings of guilt. Being so drunk, she didn't recall everything she had done or tried to do, but she did remember suggesting a game, "I'm gonna call you two different names while we make love, an I want you to talk in two different voices, an call me dirty names. When ya cum from behind, talk one way, and when ya cum from the front, sound different, an don forget to talk dirty." During the maniacal sex that ensued, it's hard to say who shouted the filthiest words. Stosh remembered how wild she was that night, and that's what had decided him to bring this lovely innocent to meet Laura and Jim.

"Here's your drink. There's more where that came from."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Kathleen said hesitatingly. "Don't let me have any more after this one." Having deceived herself with the rationalization that she had attempted to control her drinking through the intervention of Stosh, she greedily attacked the glass in her hand. 

Watching her, Stosh smiled in anticipation of how interesting this lovely creature would become with another drink or two inside her tubular torso, which he intended to make sure she would have.

As Kathleen swallowed rapidly, she caught a glimpse of Laura and Jim tenderly kissing and caressing with empty glasses in hand. He had his free hand buried deep in his wife's ample crotch while she had her arms wrapped around the back of his neck, pulling his face down so she could soul kiss?him. From their other hands dangled empty glasses, dripping on the rug. 

"Oh God, Honey! Pleeease don't get me started! It'll ruin all the fun. You're jush like Stan. You don't care about the affectionate parts."

"How do you want it, Babes?" Breaking her absorption in the scene, Stosh was prying an empty glass out of Kathleen's hand. Had she drank that entire drink without even knowing? What the hell, she might as well have another. Stosh'll stop her if she gets too drunk.

Holding her own glass out for a refill, Kathleen said, "Make this one a little stronger. You wouldn't think they were married the way they're carrying on." Kathleen's panties were soaked.

"I think parties have something to do with keeping their marriage alive and well," Stosh said handing his girlfriend another, even more potent, drink.

"I don’t know whash you mean," Kathleen slurred after having sipped a fair amount. "How could being promiscuous help a marriage? This doesn't taste all that strong to me. Can you spike it?"

As Stosh poured straight 156 proof rum in Kathleen's glass, he insisted, "Oh, messin around's the best thing for a marriage. It keeps it from getting stale."

"Yah, well there's other ways to help a marriage than cheatin."

"That's just it. You can't call it cheatin if a man's proud to see his wife makin it with other men and visa?versa, and they love to put on shows to turn other people on."

"Do you mean they're exhibitionists?"

The fabric of Laura's dress was captured in her bountiful crotch due to the previous intrusion of Jim's hand, and Jim's jeans bulged with a massive hard-on. Kathleen's inevitable debauchery was the reason the host and hostess were so horny. As the Irish beauty gazed with alcohol flooding her brain at Jim's bulge, she wondered if his cock was bigger than Stosh's.


Chapter 4. Sister, Brother and Another

After several rings, Jim, zippering his fly opened the door on the trio of guests they had expected earlier. Nellie, a tall, young knock-out wore a loose lavender dress with spaghetti straps and a plunging neckline that exposed most of her firm, young breasts. This was a surprise to Kathleen, who after hearing the description of her lecherousness, expected someone similar to the crude Laura, but worse. This beauty had a willowy, yet sensuous aspect more in keeping with a spontaneous, happy, small-town girl.

She flounced into the living room with a vanity box dangling sensuously from a cord, like a hooker's handbag. Her light brunette hair was clasped around behind her head making a bobbed-like effect that blended wonderfully with her natural, yet impulsive grace. What the lavender dress didn't show was the fact that her compact ass cheeks were very oval. Very oval indeed, and quite enlarged as was the fuck pouch mounted at their juncture. 

As the lithe beauty walked into the room, dangling the bag, a bag that contained, incidentally, a strap-on cock and a vibrator among other the other feminine?hygiene supplies that any well-prepared party-goer might need, Kathleen almost gasped with admiration of her charm as if she had brought moonlight into the house.

Her gyrating walk was sensually provocative, causing the balls of her ass to piston about the union of her inner thighs. Kathleen noticed that, thanks to Nellie's spontaneity, her rear was always in motion, either twisting or thrusting outwards, or swiveling so gracefully. It so happened that this particular beauty wasn't a party virgin, and the vagina that her cantilevering buttocks revolved about, contained the juices of two recent lovers. 

When comparing the whorish hostess with the supple party girl, appearances were very deceptive. They would both fuck at the drop of a pair of pants, but the newly-arrived Nellie would not only fuck the men, including her brother; she'd fuck the women, the empty bottles and even the candelabrum, and if there were any teen-age kids sleeping upstairs, she'd go up there and fuck them, too.

Considering it was evening already, Nellie, an inveterate partier, was, in fact, relatively virginal when compared to her usual state for that time of night. Without having been told, she somehow knew that Laura's parties required this of her. Had she not encountered two strangers in the laundromat, she would've arrived in a more pristine condition.

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