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Teacher & Student

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Nick was a 26 year old teacher at a private school for girls, he loved his job and loved the girls, there was one especially that he really liked, a young girl named Racheal.
Every time he thought of her or just looked her way he got a hard on.

" god i'd love to fuck her " he thought, so one day after pre terms when class was dismissed he asked her to stay behind because he wanted to discuss her grades.
" Miss Rachael your grades have been dropping and you need atleast a few more points to pass my class or you'll fail " he said.

Rachael looked at him with those beautifull eyes and smile and said " Is there anything we can do about it sir ? ".

He smiled at her looking her over, he could really see her forms well in that uniform and that mini skirt was killing him, " Well there might be something we can do about it Rachael, if you please me good enough I might raise your grades " She looked at him shocked at first, but she liked this teacher very much and always imagined how it would be if she could fuck him, it was allready getting moist between her legs, then she walked up to him and pressed herself against him, kissing his lips, her hands running over his body. 

He anwsered her kiss furiously and passionetly " omg is she ever hot " he thought, slowly he reached down under her skirt, hearing her moan under there kisses and to his biggest surprise when he reached under he skirt he gasped and looked straight in the eyes and said " my god your not wearing any panties, you are a naughty one aren't you " after that he picked her up and put her on his desk, lifting her skirt up and her shirt up, after he lifted up her shirt he was looking at her beautifull full C cup breasts, smiling he fondeled each of her beautifull young tits in his hand, bending down kisses her nippels taking them in his mouth one by one. 

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she gasped and let out little moan " ooh don't stop sir that feels so good" she said.

Then after playing with her boobs for a bit he bend down on his knees infront of her pulling her a bit closer to the edge of the desk, he burried his face in her woman flesh, she dug her nails into his head and let her fingers roam through his hair, gasping and moaning, her teacher whom she had a crush on for ages was eating her pussy this was a dream come through, she could feel her muscles contracting and felt a hot gush through her insides she was cumming. 

He noticed it to but it only encouraged him more, his tongue swirled all over the insides of her folds, every now and then flicking his tongue over her clit, she was moaning at the top of her lungs now, he felt her hot juices flowing, omg was this young delicious girl ever cumming, he couldent get enough of her taist, her juices we're so delicious. 

After she caught her breath she slid of the desk and got on her knees infront of him, she could see the huge bulge in his pants, she couldent wait to get it out and see his member free its full size.

He smiled at her whispering under his breath " thats a good girl, take it out and give me a good sucking ", she unzipped his pants and finally got his huge 10 inch member out, gasping she wondered how much she could take in and she was a little frigthend, she never sucked a guys cock before and wasn't sure what to do, he looked at her breathing hard while she stroked his big hard member and asked her " have you ever sucked a guys cock before hun ? " she told him no with a little tremble in her voice, " its just like sucking on a lolli pop " he reasured her. 

then she smiled she liked lolli pops, she pulled back his foreskin then swirled her tongue round the hard red knob, he closed his eyes moaning softly " mmm that feels good hun " hearing him moan it encouraged her she grabbed his balls soflty twirling them in her hands while she closed her mouth around his hard knob, slowly moving her head up and down his shaft sucking hard and swirling her tongue over the head of his cock, he started to moan even louder " omg I can't believe she never sucked anyone before, she sucks like a pro" he thought, he felt his muscle tighten and knew he was close to cumming, he told her to stop, she looked up at him a little sad and worried " did I do anything wrong sir ? " " no not at all " he said " you almost made me cum and I want to fuck you first before I cum ". 
He lifted her up and put her on the desk, as he pushed his hard member in her tight little wet pussy, she moaned with every inch that he entered, "god he's so big I don't know if I can take it all " she hurt a bit as he was forcing his huge cock into her tiny pussy and yet it felt so good, then when he was almost in he plunged his last few inches into her tigth pussy, she cried out as hot gushes flowed through her insides, just by entering her she was cumming again, she layed back on the desk moving her toward him every time he plunged into her, wanting to get everything he had inside her, then she slid her hands down to her little pleasure knob and started to rub herself as he fucked her long and hard, god did he ever know how to fuck, she never been fucked like this before. 

He loved how her tight pussy felt around his big cock, he really had to control himself watchin her meeting his every thrust and finger her pussy as he pounded into her, then he felt her pussy tighten around his hard member and felt hot gushes flowing over his cock, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, he controll himself any longer either and plunged into her one last time as he came gushing and with one long moan, how long had he wanted to do this with her he thought, he bend over and gave her a long passionete kiss and whispered in her ear " this sure was worth an A+ my dear, she smiled at him and kisses him back, she didn't care about her grades anymore, the only thing she wanted was to feel his huge cock pounding into her little pussy, to make her feel like a real woman.

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