First Nudist Resort

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My name is Bill, Im six feet even and way 145 pounds, I have jet black hair and brown eyes. I keep myself in shape by going to the gym a lot with my wife Jill who is 5'5'' and wieghs 115 pounds with a perfect peach ass and 36C breast. We married right out of high school and had a baby girl. We got jobs and partied and did all the things anyone our age would do but we had a kid so it made this harder but we got good paying jobs and we went on vacations and traveled and lived in a nice community.

Our daughters name is Martha. Now she is 18 and we decide have one last vacation with her before she heads off to college next year because she decided she wanted to go college like her friends, and we had no problem with that. The problem is we do not know where to go for a vacation and as a joke Martha says "How about a nudist resort!" and walks off to her room laughing on the way because she thinks it is funny.

That night Jill says "you know, I actually like the idea of going to a nudist resort."
I am stunned and reply "Martha was joking hunny, you can't be serious?"
"Yes, I am serious lets do it."
"Are you sure you thought this through?"
"Okay then, its a done deal then."

The next morning at breakfeast I address Martha that her mother liked the idea and that is where we are going for the last vacation.

Martha then said she was joking but I reply I know but her mother wants to go so we are going. Martha then gets this devilish grin on her face and says "okay."

We get to the nudist resort and on the way to our room I notice all the naked men and women walking around. Martha ask if we can leave and I say no. I then ask both of them and ask if they wanted to strip. Martha then ask if her mom and I could go into the bathroom while she strips and then give her 5-10 minutes to get as far away as possible. Jill and I do not see a problem with that so we go into the bathroom and let Martha strip and she tells us she is leaving so Jill and I get out talk for 5 about where we are going to go and she says the beach right there. We strip together and walk out and head to the beach.

Jill is beautiful walking in the sun. This one couple comes over to us and they are hot couple the wife has 34D breast with black curly hair that flop down to her ears and a big round ass and stand 5'7''. I notice right away that he vagina is shaved. It is not untill Jill slaps my shoulder that I realize that I am stairing and I apologize then she says she was stairing at my 10'' cock. Then her husband pokes her but then my wife says its ok I was stairing at your cock also.

We laugh it off and the woman's name was Alexanderia-Shanana and her husband who has short blonde hair with blue eyes and bubble butt and stand 6'7'' his name is Alexander-Wolfgang and has a 9'' cock but has something I do not have, thickness. He is as thick as a tennis ball and his balls are as big as watermelons. Alexanderia-Shanana tells us to call her Cocklover and Alexander-Wolfgang tells us to call him Cuntsucker. So we hang out with all day not caring what Martha is doing (Part 2 you could find out if you comment)we are having a blast with them. We all come out of ocean and decide to hit the hot tub since it was dark and everyone was back inside already. We all shower at the showers at to beach to get all the sand off and then get into the hot tub. Cucklover starts asking us about our past lovers and how it was and describe our hottest sex stories. We were a little buzzed and after hearing all the stories we were all horny, hard, and wet.

Cocklover then ask Jill, "Can I suck Bill's cock?"

Jill replies, "Yes, if Bill agrees but if he does you have to allow me to suck on Cuntsuckers big fat cock. "

Cocklover "Of course, if you can."
"I can alright!"
"Prove it?"
"Not that your gonna be able to see, when Bill puts his fucking cock up her mouth?"

I then move over to Cocklover and shove my prick up her mouth.
I groan really loud "OOOOOOH GOD,"
Cucklover moans on my mouth "MMMMPH"

I then start fucking her face then she pulls of and shoves her ass on to my face and I start licking her asshole. It is the first time I ever licked an ass before and I loved I then feel her tongue wrapping around my whole shaft while I lick her ass whole then stick one finger up her vagina and I am moving up and down her vuvla and then insert her pussy and then stick another finger and another then I have all four of my finger in her cunt then I take my tongue out of her whole and stick one finger then two then three then four and I realize I have all four fingers in both her wholes and she is screaming and moaning for me not to stop. I then take all my fingers and lick them till I get ever piece of her sweet juices. I flip her over and start licking her cunt while my hands go to play with her boobs and I pinch her nipples really hard and she orgasmisms. I come up to kiss her and we has one of the best tongues I have ever had in my mouth.

I then look over at Jill and Cuntsucker is sucker on her cunt like it's his last meal. I go down on Cocklover again and she is screaming "I NEED YOUR COCK IN ME NOW, NOW!!!"
I then yell "Well here it is!"

I shove my dick up her cunt as hard as I can and she screams "I SO LOVE YOUR COCK."

I then shove my dick up her ass and she screams out of pain but I keep going. Cuntsucker is at the same place with Jill and turns her toward Cocklover and the girls are fondling each other and kissing and its really hot.
Then both girls say "Blow your load in our fucking mouths!"

So us guys let them suck and we blow and I think wow that was fucking amazing. Then the girls kiss filled with cum and swap cum and swallow it all while making out. Then the girls get in a 69 position and are licking each other out.

Cuntsucker and I sit there watching them and I get hard instantly same with Cuntsucker watching them. Then Cuntsucker ask if I can stroke his member while he strokes mine and since I was drunk I did not see the harm. It was the firt time I ever touched another mans penis and I loved it. Then we looked each other in the eyes and started kissing while giving each other a handjob. I opened up my lips to let his wanting tongue I love his tongue just as I loved his wife's tongue. He then left my mouth to go down on my member. Cuntsucker hits all the right areas and lightly squeezes my balls. I then tell him to turn around so I can get his cock in my mouth.

I start sucking on his and it comes naturally to me. I go up and down his shaft and it taste amazing. I then tell him to blow his load in my mouth because I want to taste his cum. He then cums and it the first load hits the back of my throat and I swallow but stop and then get up and so does he and I kiss him again with out mouth filled with cum. We swallow it all and buy the time we swallow the last drop, we are hard and the girls are watching us and then jill says "I never knew you loved cock so much."
I respond and say "I never new you liked licking pussy either"

"we learn something new everyday don't we?"

I say yes but she is already licking Cocklover's asshole and I get lost kissing Cuntsucker and I get hard again. We get in the 69 position again and are licking but then Cuntsucker tells me he want me, I bend over and he starts licking my asshole and then fingers me and it feels weird but good. He then enters me and I have so much pain I think I am going to die and I scream but soon his long strokes start to feel good and I start moaing "Oh, Oh, Oh, GOD, PLEASE DON'T STOP, DON'T STOP,"
I then tell him to cum in my ass and he does. I then lick his asshole and finger him the same way he did to me. I then enter him he tells me has done this before so it does not hurt him. I love the feeling of his ass squeezing my cock and I then cum in his ass.

Then our wives come over to us and lick our asses out. I then go over to Cocklover and I fuck her in the vagina and I cum in her and Cuntsucker does the same with Jill. I then go over to Jill and Cuntsucker goes over to Cocklover and we suck our wives vaginas' and I love the mix of her cum with his. We all then leave the hot tub and head back to there room.


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