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Very interesting story
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I was 17 and one day my Mum phoned her elder sister Kathy,asking her if she could accommodate me for going on a tour one month as she and Dad were going on a tour.She of course agreed and the happiest person was me because since I was fourteen,I had been able or I have had the chance to see Aunt Kathy nude while she was taking her shower.Since then she was TOP of my fantasies when I jacked my cock everyday,between 2 to 4 times and I must say that Aunt Kathy,though she was nearly 40,was still a gorgeous woman and had a body of a 28 years old woman.Her husband was often overseas for his job and their only son.my cousin,was studying law in UK.So concerning me,my first night at her place was like a dream for me as my room was next to hers .I was thinking about my aunt undressing,and that maybe she slept with no underwear.On the third night,when taking my shower,I noted that she had left her panties,a black satin one,outside the laundry .OMG,when I took her panties and brought it to my nose I ;noted that they were wet and I when I sniffed it,I had a marvelous smell of pussy cum and piss,,I furiously jacked my cock and I came within 3 minutes.I just put 3 drops of my cum against her p panties pussy's place .At night I jacked my cock and came twice.I noted that Aunt Kathy was wearing light dresses and I could even see her dark long tits under her T Shirt..I was obsessed with my aunt that I could not study properly..After one week,she started to offer me a cup ,only one,of red wine while she drank 3 to 4 cups.I then started to think that she was also horny about me.The great day came unexpectedly one night when it was raining heavily,with thunder..the door of my room opened suddenly and the light was put on..I saw my gorgeous aunt Kathy with onlya T Shirt and a white satin panties ans she was shivering.She apologized and told me if she could join me i the bed as she was terrified when there was thunder.I OF COURSE,pulled aside the sheet covering me...I had already a big boner under my slip and I saw desire in her eyes.When she joined me under the sheet ,she hugged me and I did same with her..We naturally french kissed each other,eating each other's tongue like starving people during several minutes and when I pulled her T Shirt and started to kiss and suck her already hard tits,she began to moan and when I PULLED aside her panties,my two fingers met with..a river...of moisture pussy cum and Kathy was now crying loud ,telling me that I WAS MAKING HER BECOMING MAD,and asked me to fuck her hard and I told her that before I had to do something else...I tore her panties,asked her to open her legs and I positioned myself on my two legs and started to saying drty words suck her swollen wet pussy lips and when I attacked her clitoris,she pushed the back of my head so that my tongue could go deeper in her pussy.She was crying like a beast,telling me dirty words ,sometimes her words were incomprehensible.Since my fingering Kathy's pussy,she must have had around 10 orgasms..I asked her to put herself in a 69 position and we sucked each other's sex during ten minutes.Finally I told her to put herself on her knees and fucked her doggy style.My aunt was now howling each time I pushed my 7 inches long cock into her wet pussy and she nearly fainted with desire when I ASS FUCKED HER!!I forgot to say that I had cum into her ,pussy,then in her ass and finally I creampied her beautiful mouth.Being young;it was no problem for me to recover quickly after each orgasm.We took some rest;slept a little and fucked again till 3 in the morning.Thereafter we fucked every morning,every night till her husband's return,We often walked nude in the house.After these great moments,on the return of my parents and her husband,we could fuck not so often.But each time,we could,it was like an honeymoon!!3 years later,I flew to UK for my tertiary engineer studies,However I yearly came back for holidays and we continued to fuck whenever possible,I am now 40 and still not married and Kathy who is now a divorced woman of nearly 63 are still together and enjoying our fucking sessions over and above the love we have for each other.Unfortunately,we can't be a couple openly....Thanks Kathy for all your love ...YOU ARE UNIQUE
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Very Nice!
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Good stuff! More please..
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