Taboo Visit

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100% fiction!

I was already 23 when this happened. I had my own apartment that I had shared with a friend; but she got a job in New Jersey and moved out. So when I learned my brother Jerry was coming to town for a week on a business trip, I suggested he stay in the spare bedroom. That way we could socialize when he was free.

The first night he had to go to dinner with clients and got in really late. But the second night we had our own dinner at a little bistro down the street. We rented a movie at Blockbuster (remember Blockbusters?). We had polished a bottle of wine off at the bistro and I took another one out of my closet to accompany the movie. I stuffed the tape into the VCR, pushed play and sat down next to Jerry.

The movie wasn't that good - I don't even remember the name - but it did live up to its R rating. This included a bedroom scene - a brief flash of her tits and the guy disappearing down down down under the covers. I have to admit I was embarrassed at first, but these scenes are designed to titillate and I could feel my nipples reacting. I looked down at Jerry's lap. Lo and behold there was a telltale bulge in his shorts.

With, I'm sure, a big assist from the wine, my inner imp got hold of me. I reached over and grabbed his bulge and said, "You're enjoying this aren't you. I bet I'm better in bed than she is." Jerry was obviously embarrassed and his cock went limp almost immediately.

But he reached over and put his hand on my tee-shirt and squeezed my left breast. "Based on what Tommy told all the guys in school, it's probably true," he said with a knowing laugh. Tommy was a schoolmate I dated for a few months and, yeah, we had a good time.

"That cad," I exclaimed and started to tickle Jerry. Our tickling wars from middle school days were legendary but something was destined to be different this time. First of all, my tee-shirt slipped up and he was tickling my bare belly; I made sure to get under his tee-shirt, too. Then his hand was moving up under my shirt. I tried to push it off amid my convulsive giggles, but to no avail. And soon he had my right bra cup in his hand.

I checked and his bulge was back! I started rubbing it. He pushed my bra up off my tits and was going to town on both sides. "You're so naughty," I giggled. Then he started to pull my shirt up.

"What are you doing?!?!" I said.

"I'm taking all your clothes off."

"Like hell." But he was so strong and pressing my arms together over my head he tore off the shirt. I'm not sure he'd ever seen my boobs before but there they were sticking out below my bra. I couldn't stop giggling. So I unbuttoned his shorts, and tho he pretended to resist, off they came. There was confirmation of that big bulge almost poking out of his jockeys. That led to more tickling and my shorts coming off.

Wearing only my panties, a pair of socks and that misplaced bra, I tore off his shirt and we stopped to catch our breath. "You're not really going to take off all my clothes, are you?"

But suddenly the mood changed and we were kissing deeply. He was gentler with my breasts and i was reaching into his jockeys to grab his hard cock.

"Only if you let me," he finally replied. I didn't say anything. His hand slipped into the waistband of my panties and i felt him rubbing expertly where it did the most good. He rubbed my outer lips forever and I started to convulse. Then a finger pushed between them and he found how very wet I was. Before long he found my little bump and oh my god I was getting aroused.

Eventually, my bra got unhooked and my panties slid to the floor along with his jockeys. He was kissing my feet and then my shins when I said, "You know we can't really do it, don't you?"

"I know," he said, "so why don't we just have some fun." I let him lick my pussy for a while - he was so good at that - and when he started licking my clit, he pushed two fingers into my vagina and my first orgasm of the night rippled through my body.

I made him lie down on the sofa and sat on his belly facing his feet. I was rubbing his upright cock and managed to get to a position where I could lick his balls and then his shaft and finally take it in my mouth. As I bent over, he was able to pull my pussy lips apart and lick the insides of my lips and then my clit. He licked around my opening and then thrust his tongue inside. Oh my god I was cumming again and my bobbing down and up on his cock got faster and more impulsive. He was moaning and moaning.

"I'm gonna cum," he warned, but I kept sucking on him. Soon jet after jet of his seed filled my mouth. I was able to swallow most of it but some of it dribbled down over his balls. I kept running my lips down and up on him til he went limp. Then, spent, I stood up.

I was standing in front of him, totally naked. He managed to sit up and just stared at me. "You are so beautiful, sis. I always felt that way." I was pretty sure he'd never seen me naked before and his gaze looking me up and down gave me a warm glow.

We sat on the sofa and pulled a throw over us while we kissed and cuddled. "I love you Jerry. I don't think it's wrong what we just did. It was so wonderful." We kept kissing and his hand wandered over my bare back while I rubbed his strong chest.

I realized he was getting aroused again, and so was I. I laid back on the sofa and he climbed on top of me while we kept kissing. His hand gently caressed my nipples and I managed to slip my hand between our bodies where his rock hard cock was pressed against my belly.

We played like that for a while, and then he took his cock and laid it between my legs along my pussy slit. He was rubbing it down and up, fucking motions, but of course, not inside me. I felt my arousal get stronger and stronger - it felt so good. And then I realized something; I really, really wanted it all!

"You can put it in, Jerry," I managed to say in a hoarse voice.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Jerry, yes, yes, yes!"

He managed to reposition himself and his tip was at my opening.

"Are you sure," he asked again.

"Oh, Jerry, I love you. Fuck me, fuck me now." And I felt his wonderful cock push deeply into my welcoming body.

Thrust after thrust felt so wonderful and I helped things along by rubbing myself and wrapping my thumb and finger around his slippery organ. I managed to tell him it was OK, I was on the pill. And for the second time that night he came in me, but this time in such a better place.

When he finished he stayed in me and we kissed and hugged and I pulled him closer to me. And then it was over.

He slept in my bed that night. We made love several more times. And every night for the rest of the week. We managed to see each other several times a year after that, until the year came when we both got engaged.

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