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With the head of my cock at the entrance of her little love hole I pushed it just inside. She tried to push away from me but she couldn't, the weight of my body was too much for her. I felt my cock slide into her little hole and I felt the thin barrier of her cherry.

"Ohhhhh Please Mr. Wright don't do this to me" she pleaded

"I'm going to pop that little cherry of yours, you know you want me too"

I then pushed just enough to pop her cherry, as I did she let out a yelp and began to whimper. Her tiny pussy was very tight and I could feel it contracting hard around my cock. She was still trying to push me off of her but not as much. As my cock filled her pussy she tried to pull her pussy away from it, but all she was doing was making my cock slide deeper into her tight pussy.

I just lay there with my cock fully inside her pussy, she finally settled down and quit trying to push me away. I figured she finally excepted the fact that I was going to fuck her and there was nothing she could do about it. I tried to kiss her lips but she resisted, so I started to kiss and lick up and down her neck as I played with her nipples. 

As I licked her neck I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. I looked up at her face and saw that her eyes were closed tight and her whimpering had turned to panting. I thought to myself " MY God, she's fixing to cum, and I haven't even fucked her yet" 

Then I felt all the muscle's in her body tighten as I looked down and saw that her toes were curled, I now knew that she was the verge of having and orgasm. I reached down and started to gently fondle her breast as I continued kissing her neck.

"That’s it sweetie, let me feel your little pussy have its first orgasm" I whispered in her ear as I felt her body start to quiver as she came closer and closer to letting go. Then her body began to twitch and shake and then I heard her gasping for air as she let go with a powerful orgasm. The feel of her having and orgasm was so incredible that it made my cock enlarge and I knew I too was about to explode. 

I can't explain it but the feel of her pussy and the excitement sent me over the edge and I felt my cock explode shooting my load deep inside her tiny pussy. She just lay there as she felt my cock squirting cum into her love chamber for the first time. The two of us just lay there; I could feel her heart pounding against my chest.

"Are you okay?" I asked after a few minutes

"I think so" she answered

I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to go this far,” I said

She just shook her head and rolled over. I soon fell asleep, when I awoke in the morning I felt Jennie’s warm hand caressing my balls. I just lay there pretending to still be asleep and watched though the slit in my eyes as she fondled me. Then she shifted her body down so that her head was close to my hard throbbing cock.

I watched as she gently wrapped her hand around its shaft and brought her mouth down to it. She kissed it, then she stuck her tongue out and touched it to the tip of it, lightly she licked across it and as she did it made my cock jump. I closed my eyes and lay there enjoying the feeling of her wet tongue. Her lips then parted and slipped over the head as her tongue continued to encircle the head.

Slowly she started to suck up and down my cock, taking in as much as she could. With her hand wrapped around it she began to jack it up and down as she sucked it. The feel of this was wonderful and it didn't take long till my cock exploded filling her mouth with my hot cum. I watched as she tried to swallow as much as she could, while the rest oozed out of her mouth and ran down over her chin.

"You sure know how to wake a man up in the morning,” I said

"I'm glad you liked it" she replied with a giggle "I just couldn't resist when I woke up and saw your big cock"

"I thought you might be upset with me for what I did to you last night" I said

"No, I was just a little scared seeing I've never had a cock in me, but I have to admit it felt wonderful" she replied

"Would you like to have that wonderful feeling again?" I asked

With out a word she spread her legs wide answering my question. I rolled over on top of her and guided my hard cock to her little pussy hole. Her pussy was ready and waiting as I slipped my cock all the way in. I slowly started to fuck her and as I did she wrapped her arms around me and pulled my lips to hers. Her pussy was so wet that I could feel her love juices running down my balls.

"God I never knew fucking could feel so gooooddd, I love the feel of your big cock inside me" she said in a low sexy voice as I pumped cock in and out of her horny love hole. It didn't take much till both came. That night her mother returned.

"Did you have fun?" she asked Jennie

"Yea, I had a lots of fun with Mr. Wright" Jennie told her with a smile on her face

"I hope she wasn't any trouble,” her mom said

"No trouble at all" I answered

"How much do I owe you for watching her?" her mom asked

"You don't owe me anything. Believe me it was a pleasure having her here" I answered as I looked over at Jennie

A few days later Jennie was coming home from school, I was out on my balcony when I heard her yell "Hi Mr. Wright". I looked down and saw her as she crossed the street; she was wearing a short blue skirt and a white blouse. I waved back as she walked up the sidewalk; she looked so delicous as she walked with her little ass swaying from side to side.

After she went into the apartment I went back into mine. About 15 minutes later I heard a knock at the door. As I opened it I saw Jennie standing there.

"Hi I thought I'd come up and see you" she said as she walked in and I shut the door.

"What did you want to see me about?" I questioned

"Nothing really, it's just that my moms boyfriend is over and they want to be alone so my mom told me to go out and play" she remarked 

As I closed the door and turned around she flung her arms around my neck and gave me a deep kiss. Her tongue filled my mouth as it tried to plow its way down my throat. I reached down and ran my hands up under her skirt. To my surprise she wasn't wearing any panties.

"I took them off so you could feel my naked butt,” she said with a smile

She continued kissing me as I felt her soft ass, then she whispered in my ear "FUCK ME". So I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where I gently lay her on the bed. Slowly I unbuttoned her blouse and opened it revealing her small firm breasts. 

Her white lace bra had a front clasp, which made it easy to undo exposing them to me. I leaned over and sucked on her nipple. As I did she let out a low moan of delight. I felt her hand as she began to rub the bulge in my pants. Then she reached and unzipped them letting her hand slide in and groped my cock.

After a minute I stood up and started to undress, she watched as I removed my pants. Her eyes got big when she saw my stiff cock bounce out into sight. As I crawled back onto the bed she reached down and pulled her skirt up as she spread her legs wide. Her pussy glissened from the wetness of her love juices that were running down from her love hole to the crack of her tiny ass.

As the head my cock entered her tiny hole she moaned and whispered, "My mom's not the only one who needs her pussy satisfied". Meaning that Jennies mom and her boyfriend were in the bedroom below us fucking. 

That’s when it accrued to me, that little did her mother know while her and her boyfriend were in bed screwing, her little girl was in bed right above her getting her pussy fucked too.

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