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(Part 2 from 3)

I felt the bed wiggle so I glanced over at Jennie, she was starting to fidget as she watched them licking and sucking each other. I could tell that she must have been getting turned on, by the way she kept moving her legs around. The thought of her pussy getting wet made my cock real hard and I wanted to pull it out and jack off, but I didn't want to scare her so I just lay there. 

"Wow, this is great" she remarked

"You like the movie?" I asked

"Yea, I've never seen a mans cock before"

As we continued to watch I slowly moved over closer to her young body. I found myself looking at her more and more. By now my cock was throbbing and all I wanted was to fuck Jennies tiny little pussy. Then she noticed me looking at her and as are eyes made contact she asked.

"Do you like looking at me?"

"Yes, you’re a very pretty girl, have you ever kissed a boy?" 

"No, why do you want to kiss me?" she asked

"Yes, if you want me to" I said

She didn't say anything as she lay back on the pillow. I leaned forward and our lips come together, I gave her a sweet tender kiss, then another. As we kissed I reached down and cupped my hand gently over her breast, she didn't move but kept kissing me. I then unbuttoned a couple of buttons and slid my hand inside and began to play with her nipple. It was hard and as she felt my fingers touching it she gasped. Then I said in a whisper:

"If you promise not to ever say anything I'll let you feel my cock"

"I promise,” she said in a low voice

I took her hand in mine and guided it down to my thigh; she rubbed my thigh for a minute then slowly slid her hand up till it touched my hard cock. I lay there kissing her as I felt her fingers exploring my manhood, her fingers felt so soft and gentle as she ran them up and down the shaft of my cock. Then she ran her fingers all the way down till they touched my balls, she played with my balls for a minute then ran her hand back up and wrapped it around my cock. Slowly she started jacking it.

"Ohhhh YEA, that feels wonderful Jennie" I whispered as I continued to kiss her tender lips

"Can I touch you between the legs?" I asked 

She shook her head yes, so I slid my hand down to her legs and began rubbing her thighs. Then I took and slowly parted her legs and slid my hand down into her crouch. The crouch of her little panties was wet and as my fingers touched her she began to moan. Then she squirmed and asked:

"Can you do to me like that man did to the woman in the movie?"

"What’s that?" I asked

"Put your cock in my mouth" she whispered

Hearing this just about made me shoot my load, I got up and straddled her then lowered myself so that my cock was poised right above her waiting lips. I took my cock in hand and lightly rubbed it across her warm lips. Then I told her to open her mouth and as she did I slid the head if it in.

There was some pre-cum seeping from my cock as it entered her mouth and as she got her first taste of a man she moaned with delight. Her tongue started to encircle the head of my cock as she reached down and began to play with my aching balls. I let her suck me for awhile then I pulled away.

"That was great, your a good little cocksucker" I told her as I gave her a sweet kiss

"Now its my turn" I said as I took and pulled her little flowered panties down

I spread her legs and lowered my face between them. I began kissing up and down her inner thighs, the sweet aroma of her little pussy filled the air and made me hungry for her. Then I kissed the outer lips of her wet pussy and as I did she let out a long moan.

Here I was in bed licking the pussy of a 13-year-old girl and let me tell you, it was fantastic. Her love juices were flowing like mad from her little love hole by now and it tasted so sweet. I took and spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers and got my first glimpse of her clit. It was big and swollen and I knew that she must be damn horny. I leaned forward and gave her clit a tender kiss then ran my tongue gently over it. 

Ahwwww, do that again" she said

So I touched my tongue once again to her swollen clit, then I wrapped my lips around it and gave it a little suck. I ran my tongue down to her love hole and slowly stuck it in. I began to wiggle it inside of her and I head her let out a loud moan as I did. I did want her to have and orgasm yet so I stopped and crawled back up and gave her a kiss.

"Why did you stop?" she asked

"Because I don't want you to cum yet" I whispered as I reached down and spread her legs just as far apart as I could

"Why? What are you doing?" she asked

"Tonight I'm going to make you a woman,” I said

"What do you mean?" she asked

"I'm going to FUCK YOU" I whispered as I lowered myself between her legs

"NO, please don't, I've never done this before" she whimpered

"Its to late, you've got me horny" I answered as I slid the head of my cock between her wet pussy lips

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