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Sucking, licking two girls feet of my cum

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Home : Fetish Stories : Sucking, licking two girls feet of my cum - total 8 reviews.Click here to rate Sucking, licking two girls feet of my cum sex story!

Reviews 8 : read Sucking, licking two girls feet of my cum, Author : WKass.

Sucking, licking two girls feet of my cum reviews

Posted by Wayne
I wrote this story, and my email is wrong, the correct email address is wykajo99@yahoo.com. Ladies, feel free to send any pics of your feet & toes that you have, i'd love to cum all over them.
Posted by basilis
you are very lucky.i would like to meet girls like them too.can you do that for me?
Posted by BeavrLikr
I like our story, but can"t help wondering why you don't descibe their pretty feet? What size shoe do they wear? Have high insteps? What color were their toenails painted?
Posted by female feetlover
My Mistress,

I am very much interested to do feet massage for beautiful girls. Those who are interested please mail me. I am from Kerala, Kochi. I have very much experienced to do feet massage only for ladies. One of My girl friend having beautiful feet is very much enjoyed my foot massage now I am her footboy. I will obey whatever she order me. My Bosses wife always compelled me to massage her feet with My tongue and teeth. I am doing it with pleasure like her most obediant slave. My friend's sister forced me to massage her under feet with my tongue for hours and I clean her daily using chappel with my tongue. Also My sister's friend aged 19 having beautiful feet, treating me like her slave .She forced me to suck and lick her feet like her Slave for hours and hours. Every day I clean her beautiful feet using my tongue. Any beautiful ladies want to serve her feet like a slave kindly mail me at : sfeefflov@yahoo.in

Kindly allow me to clean your beautiful feet with MILK three times after that I will clean your feet with HONEY. I will give you feet massage with HONEY for hours and hours after that allow me to clean and eat Honey from your feet with my tongue and I will eat it which is the most tastiest food in my life.

Kindly mail me at : sfeefflov@yahoo.in to clean your feet like this. I will come with MILK and HONEY.

I am waiting for Your favourable reply, I want to serve You like Your most obediant Slave. I need Your beautiful feet to suck and lick. I can massage Your feet with my tongue for hours. Also I can pedicure Your feet, toes and soles. I am an expert to do pedicure of beautiful ladies foot. I will make Your beautiful feet more and more beautiful with my experiance from some leading beauty parlours and massage centres at Kochi and Bangalore. And I will clean Your daily using shoes and chappals with my tongue. Kindly mail me at : sfeefflov@yahoo.in Your reply. I am begging You like a slave.

"I will give you a sample feet massage for half an hour without payment and will clean your daily used footwear to avoid health problems" mail me at : sfeefflov@yahoo.in

I am ready to serve Your beautiful feet like Your Slave. I am very much pleasure to suck, Lick and Massage Your foot whatever You want, I am ready for Your enjoyment.

Please Mail me whatever is your reply at : sfeefflov@yahoo.in . kindly inform your friends who is having beautiful feet (only ladies).



Your FeetLover & Your Slave

Posted by Triton
Thanks.I love to masturbate with sexy feet. I dream about severed feet fantasy. Don't mind. I am Triton . India
Posted by Hornyfootsucker
Reading this story has made me horny as hell. My dick is about to explode from reading it. I would love to have been cleaning you load off their feet right there with you. Holy shit I'm about to cum, there it is, right in my mouth.
Posted by Tarcecomo
The minute i see you might have a new post i typically rush over here, although i haven't posted a comment to say thanks til now, i adore your posts. Thanks!
Posted by Chiara
I met my boyfriend on ciirglast personals; his ad was a height, weight, and that he was a smoker and was looking for someone at least tolerant of it. I was desperate for a chance at change (whether negative or positive), so emailed him demanding that there had to be more to a person that an height , weight, and bad habit.We instantly connected, and as I sit here not to terribly long after that bored email I sent late one night, I am changed for the better. He has helped me realize great self confidence. Although he has helped me many more ways than sexually, making me feel “sexy” (very positive word in our vocab) for the first time sincerely, was the first step I needed to push me in a direction of realizing my own sexual needs, desires, abilities.As I have been exploring this site tonight he has been eagerly texting me to hear more and offers the most support possible. As I know this adventure head of me of discovering my own orgasm is a very self directed progress, I still feel appreciative for the support, and offer to help (when necessary) from him.Thanks WWO its only been more than a few hours since I stumbled upon this site, and I feel hope, happiness, excitement for what is ahead of me.
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