Mother lover

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My mom Lacey she's 5ft 6 she's got an amazing body c36tits a bubble but pretty much what any guy could wish for, I recently turned 18 years old and got a birthday present of a life time. Brandon come down for dinner my mom yelled from downstairs," alright I'll be a minute" I was just trying to watch some porn and I'm yet again interrupted by her.

She had made me my favorite, steak dinner with sidekicks and corn. We soon moved into the living room to watch a movie "what movie would you like to watch honey,. "umm it doesn't matter to me mom , we sat down and turned on some romantic movie she liked, I didn't really pay much attention to it, more too her.

I sat there checking out her tits anytime I could every time she wasn't looking I couldn't help it, the movie ended and my mom said "I'm going for a shower I'll be out in a bit, I figured whatever I've got a chance to spy. I heard the shower start up and I went over to the bathroom door, I made sure she couldn't here anything and ran to her room. I hid my camera in some clothes on her Dresser so I could get something to whack off to later hoping she wouldn't find it.

I heard the shower stop and ran out of her room, I sat back down on the couch as if I never left. She left the bathroom and went to her room, I didn't know why but she sure seemed to be taking a while, I waited and waited until she left the room then made sure she didn't see me going in to get the camera. I was in and out in a hurry and ran up to my room to plug the camera into my laptop.

I started to watch the video, there she was sitting on her bed face the camera starting to rub her shaven pussy, she only did it for a couple seconds and then stopped , she walked up to the camera and picked it up. Five words came out of her mouth "you've been a bad boy. I immediately stopped the video as she came into my room. " so you tried filming your slutty mom?"

"I'm sorry mom" she cut me off in the middle "don't be sorry ,you get to fuck your mommy" she ripped her bathrobe off and started coming towards me. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen and now I just get to fuck her, she walked over to me and started to kiss me , she got up onto my lap and pushed my backward onto my bed. I was in shock about what was happening but apparently I was enjoying it, my 7 inch cock was harder than a rock.

Before I knew it she pulled my cock out of my pants and just stared at it. " damn my little boy has got the biggest dick I've seen" then she went down and started sucking and damn was he good at at , I was on the verge of cumming already and then my mom stopped, she got on top of she and guided my cock into her pussy.

She started riding me fast and hard ,begging me for more she kept going I screamed I'm going to cum, then cum inside me boy get your mommy pregnant, I started feeling it then I came deep inside her. She just randomly puked this morning, hopefully that's a good sign.

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