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Hi my name is Heather this what happened to me last Thursday my Husband son came and stayed he is two years older than me my Husband is very old just sit in the chair all; daylong and sleeps he is in his eighty, well john came and stayed about seven o’clock he ask me to come to the pub with him I said what about your father to cut things short I put him to bed.

We got dressed and went to the pub john brought a bottle of red wine he had hardly anything to drink as he was driving so I drank most of the wine after three hours we left to go home as we went out of the door I stumbled he put his arm around me to steady me his hand cup my left breast and gave a small squeeze I never said a word as we walked to the car he kept squeezing my breast when we got to the car he opened the door and kissed me I like it, on the way home we hardly said a word we got down the driveway John help me out of the car again he cupped my left breast moving his fingers over it we then walked down the path to the down stairs door I opened it up walked in side and stumble this time he court me and kissed me his tongue going into my mouth not like a stepson at all.

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Then as he kissed me we moved over to the sorting table and sat me on it he then moved between my legs still kissing me and squeezing my breast, then he put his other hand under my blouse feeling my bra John then push my bra up and off my tit he then bent down and kissed it sucking my nipple right into his mouth I was on top of the world my pussy was getting very wet, John then placed his hand under my skirt and rubbed his hand along my knickers making me wetter some how he hook is finger under the edge of my knickers and straight up my cunt I went off, my bum jumping up and down when I came to my knickers were off and his cock was up me I was in heaven he must have fucked me a good twenty minuets , I said me must go upstairs now as I walk up the stairs his hand was between my legs the hole way up the stairs when we got to the top he asked if I wonted to put my knickers on o god yes ,he held them out as I got into them I was ringing wet .

When I got in john’s dad was still asleep so I change into my night attire, John went to bed I called out to say good night he did not hear me so I open the door and said good night he called me over and said what about a good night kiss so I kissed him he then pulled me on top of him kissing and squeezing next my night dress was up around my neck he was kissing and sucking my breasts john played with my cunt for some time then he rolled me on my back he pushed his cock in as far as it would go and road me like that for along time then he did some think I never thought possible he kissed down between my legs his tongue right up my cunt 
Licking backwards and forwards in and out I had to put my hand over my mouth to stop the noise he then came up and kissed on my lips I could taste my self salty and tangy a bit musty.

He asked me if I had ever kiss any one their on the cock which I have not so I started to kiss john balls one then the other then I licked up the shaft I could tasted my self on it I popped the end into my mouth and suck and suck on it I quite like it I put my legs on each side of his body so he good lick my cunt which he did, then he did some think way out he licked my bum it tickle and tickle, I wa well away I said would like to come in my mouth next I had all this gooey stuff in my mouth I gulped it all down my throat , that was the first time I tasted spunk very salty and a nutty tang to it. Hell I was soar in my cunt I got the hand mirror to look my cunt was beetroot red my lips were so red and tender I think I had well truly fucked.

Next day I went down stairs to do the washing john came in from the garden and run he hand up my dress finger my cunt we kissed for a while I maid he close and lock the door we went into the bottom bedroom my knickers in a flash he rubbed his cock up and down my cunt and arse quite a few times then he did some think none of two husband did he put the head of his cock into my bum he laugh and pushed it further in and started to fuck me I started to tingle it was like fucking my cunt but different I liked it he pulled it out and played with me then he pushed my head down to suck him off which I did I got dressed and john went to the airport I hope he comes again.

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